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Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Rye and the quarterboys - Fantasy (1982)

b/w - Private number

The band came from the London area & were

Kevin Williams (voc)
Martin Cunningham (guitar)
Nick Hayman (bass)
Howard Beck (drums)
Mike Tomin (keyboards)
Chris Lawrence (trombone)
Stewart Prosser (trumpet)
Greg Brown (Sax)

The b-side is a cover of the classic William Bell/Judy Clay track & "Fantasy" is an original.

You can also find a couple more of their tracks on the compilation LP's "A Sudden Surge Of Sound"(1980) & "Baby Don't Jump"(1982)

Whatever, if you're into a bit of soul with your mod revival sounds then this is for you!!

Sounds & scans below



  1. This Post has been updated !!!

  2. Actually, I played guitar on the single. I was with them until November 1982.

    1. Cool - Have you any more info so that I can update the post