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Tuesday 24 October 2017

Cheek - Powerpop Purveyors EP (1980)

A1 - Do You Have A Soul   
A2 - Take Me For What I'm Worth 
B1 - So Much In Love   
B2 - Still In love

Cool 60's styled Powerpop EP from this Sydney based (Covers) band (1976-78) post-humously released through Greg Shaw's Bomp/Voxx Records

Original line-up:
Lee (Peter) Emmett (Voc) ex Jasper 
Robin Jackson (Guitar) ex Hush, Ricochet
Randy Hall (lead guitar)
Felix Maslin RIP (Bass Voc) ex Jasper
Bud Mangion (Drums) ex Jasper

Lee Emmett, Felix Maslin and Bud Mangion first joined forces in 1974 as Jasper, who issued one 45 [Lola], in early 1976 before calling it a day. (The other member being Steve Hall - Guitar)
The 3 then became Punkz with the addition of Robin Jackson (original lead guitarist with Hush) and Randy Hall, who was quickly replaced by Ray Goodwin (ex-Dragon, John Paul Young and the All Stars).
Punkz came to the attention of Ol'55 manager, pop guru Glenn A. Baker, who helped mould their 1960s revivalist image. With Mushroom Records issuing the singles `Anyway You Want It' and `Take Me for What I'm Worth' Unfortunately though, the band's name was to count against them.
[Being named after the "Nuggets" US 60's punk movement, instead they found themselves being  compared to the punk bands in the UK with whom they had nothing in common. The disconnect between the band's name and their image effectively doomed their records to the deletion racks.]
Goodwin left soon after and the band responded by changing its name to Cheek.
A cover of the Mighty Avengers’ "So Much In Love" was Cheek’s debut single for Mushroom in  December 77. Around this time they also began recording an album, with the addition of Troy Richards on keyboards and guitar.
Unfortunately the album was never finished, and their final single, the Rubinoos' "Leave My Heart Alone", was again unsuccessful, the band split in August 1978.

Jackson and Mangion joined the 'Chris Turner Band' and Maslin joined Adelaide's 'Fat Lip'.

Maslin died as a result of an asthma attack in 1988.

45's Discography
Punkz - Anyway You Want It / I Can't Control Myself - Mushroom K-6631 12/1976
Punkz - Take Me For What I'm Worth / Good Times - Mushroom K-6815 06/1977
Cheek - So Much In Love / Do You Have A Soul - Mushroom K-6998 12/1977
Cheek - Leave My Heart Alone / Still In Love - Mushroom K-7169 06/1978

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