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Sunday 3 February 2019

Type - Bright Green Angels (1980)

A  - Bright Green Angels
B1- Won't You Be Mine
B2 - Fast

Great Sole release from this Loughborough Based Female Fronted Post-Punk/New Wave Band [Lene Lovich eat yer heart out]

Jacqui Hamlyn - Voc 
Martyn Davies - Guitar
Phil Mulhaire - Bass
Chris Cresswell - Drums 

Unfortunately I have no solid info on them,  [See the comments below]

The 45 was engineered by Tom Nordon; Guitar, Voc for The Broughtons [1978-1982] & Doll By Doll [1982]

As always if anyone can "shed any light" please leave a comment

Thanks to Chris & James for the extra info