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Saturday 31 March 2012

Turning Point - Wave Goodbye (1985)

b/w - The Thread

I'll be honest the A-side leaves me a bit cold (80's pop), the flip is why I've posted it (Nice 60's influenced psyche / beat)

The Essex (South Benfleet?) based band were

Phil Bartlett (voc)
Paul Rawlings (Lead Guitar / voc)
Tony Dawson (Rhythm Guitar)
Martin Dawson (Bass)
Steve Osmaston (Drums)

It was produced by Derek Martin & Recorded at Diploma Studios, Bicknacre in rural Essex, - a small 24-track analogue facility owned by Jim Woodford, whose step-son Darren was chief engineer [later the lead guitarist with Sunscreem]
& was released on Essex label Rambert Records (Jeff Merrifield's creation to primarily showcase the NWOBHM band Warrior)

RAM ONE - WARRIOR - Don't Let It Show / The Lord's Prayer / Silver Lady (10") 1980
RAM TWO - PICTURE MOVEMENT - Art Extravaganza / Still Life (7" p/s) 1981
RAM THREE - CAPLO BANAAL - Is This Love / She Loves My Money (7" no p/s) 1982
RAM FOUR - SHAKERS (Steve Hookers) - Prisoner Of Love / Poison (7" no p/s) 1983
RAM SIX - SPLIT GRASS - Far From Perfect /Wild Women of Wongo (7" no p/s) 1983
RAM7 - JUNGALOOS - Overactive / It's No Holiday (7" no p/s) 1983
RAM8 - TURNING POINT - Wave Goodbye / The Thread (7" p/s) 1985
RAM9 - INVASION - I Don't Wanna Lose You / Gathering (7" no p/s) 1985

(Extended Discography in the download - If anyone can fill in the blanks, leave a comment)

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Friday 23 March 2012

Zeebra - Anytime EP (1979)

A1 - Anytime
A2 - Sign Your Name
B1 - Lux Gud
B2 - Night

Nice examples of 60's influenced Mod / Powerpop from this Merseyside (Bootle) Trio (1976 - '81).

Billy Kelly (voc guitar)
Dave Johnson (Bass voc)
John Traynor (Drums)

Zeebra began life in 1974 as schoolboy band - Lux Gud which comprised of Billy & Dave with Paul Dunn (guitar) & Mark Cowley (drums). By '76 Paul & Mark had been replaced by drummers Joe Hickey & John Traynor, Joe leaving sometime before mid '78.

Jungle Records was the House label for Kirkby's Amazon Studios

There are apparently at least 3 lots of recorded but unreleased demos
1. 3 tracks recorded at Amazon Studios, April '78
2. Tracks recorded for an aborted 45 - Satisfy My Soul - at London's the Roundhouse Studios, April '78
3. Tracks recorded at the Open Eye Studios , Oct '80

I've put the band finished in '81 but they did carry on for a few months as The Clique (Good mod name)

Billy was also later in The Excitement. Other members included - Martin Dunbar (voc) Phil Stephenson (bass) Neil Campbell (drums) Steve Grimes (Guitar) - the Core Of The Farm

If you want to hear what Billy is doing now go here

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Saturday 10 March 2012

The Students - Sunday Afternoon (1980)

b/w - Somebody New Every Day

Cool sounds outta Cambridge (I guess they'd been to a few Soft Boys gigs)

Guy Rackham (voc guitar)
Jon Lewin RIP (voc guitar) - later in Perfect Vision
James Daniel (bass voc) - - later in Perfect Vision
Tony Shepherd (drums) - later in Telephone Bill and the Smooth Operators //Duncan & the Darts // The Wobbly Jellies & The Bible (keyboard / percussionist )

The 45 was produced by Marc Noel-Johnson at The Spaceward Studios (who incidentally was also a stalwart of the Cambridge scene being a member of many bands. Including - Cops // Telephone Bill and the Smooth Operators // Duncan & the Darts //Andy Goes Shopping // Rob Appleton Band // The Lonely // Rock Island Rebels // Radio cowboys & Now in the New Essex Bluegrass Band)

Useless fact - Whilst trying for stardom James Daniel never gave up his day job at the Cambridge Computer Store.

If you want to know a bit about the Cambridge Rock Family tree (late 60's - Early 80's) have a look here

If you're interested; I prefer the B-side but "Sunday Afternoon" grows on you after a few listens!

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Friday 2 March 2012

Joe Public - Champagne Charlie (1985)

b/w - Anti C.N.D.

Nice bit of Mod / powerpop that didn't get a proper release (only white labels seem to exist)

Joe Public was billed as Tony Feedback & Cindy Jackson [Pre plastic surgery days] but if you've followed the link you will know Tony Feedback was Tony Morrison AKA Tony Perfect. As Anti CND was an old unrecorded Long Tall Shorty track*, is it safe to assume he had help from at least some of the then disbanded group.

Steve B Moran (guitar) - ex-Reactions , also in The Rage
Derwent Jaconelli (drums/voc) - also in The Rage & Case briefly in Angelic Upstarts with Tony
Ian Jones (bass) - ex-Reactions
Mick Donnelly (sax) - also 1 of 2 sax players in Case ("wheat from the chaff" EP on SUS - 1982) pre Spear Of Destiny

*More on Long Tall Shorty here who have now recorded Anti CND - get it Here
Follow the links for some nice pics on You Tube of Champagne Charlie & Anti C.N.D

There was a 2nd 45 Joe Public presents Wild Thing (Limey Records) which seems to have been more of a vehicle for Cindy Jackson - tracks were Wild Thing (with Reg Presley) / Glad All Over (with Rick Hukley of DC5) // Talkin' About The Weather / Gudbuy T'Luv.

Sounds & scans below