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Thursday, 30 September 2010

Greg Bright - I'm a believer (1980)

b/w - The sweet in the Leyden jar

Interesting post punk cover of the Neil Diamond classic (don't be expecting anything like "the monkeys" version)

Some may like the b-side - It leaves me cold!

Greg Bright seems to be a Maze freak but he still had time to be the lead vocalist, play guitar, piano & the drums on this record
with help from
Andy Brown (bass) &
Paul Bliss (synth, vocoder, voc)

Sounds & scans below


Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Delusion - Pessimist's paradise (1979)

b/w - Desert Island

Delusion were

Ian Hughes (voc, lead guitar)
Tim Fowler (guitar, voc)
Patrick Poynton (bass voc)
Simon Hanson (drums, voc)

They seem to have come from the Eastern seaside town of Mablethorpe in Lincolnshire.

& they have left behind them a great piece of DIY indie/punk

Sounds & scans below


Tuesday, 28 September 2010

the Producers - On the Shelf (1980)

b/w - Talking about my baby

Here's one (Joe Jackson sound-a-like) for the lovely people over at KBD

I can't tell you much about this "5 piece" except the song writers were:

Steven St. Clair &
David Mathew

+ this was their 3rd & final (some say weakest) 45

The other 2 can be found here & here

Sounds & scans below


Monday, 27 September 2010

The Liberators - Liberators ep (1980)

A - I Robot
B1 - My Part Of Town
B2 - 24:24:26:

Cool bit of post punk/ska from this Falkirk area (Grangemouth) band, on the private sharko! label

My personal favourite is "my part of town" which dare I say it, reminds me of an earlier Edinburgh based band.

The band were

Mike Tonner (voc)
Robin Guthrie (guitar) pre Cocteau Twins
Billy Heggie (bass) pre Cocteau Twins
John Barrie (drums) pre Roseland
Jim Telford (keyboards)
Sparky (sax)
Anne Anderson (backing voc)

More Info here 

Apparently this 45 was also released as a cassette single in 1981 entitled Scream & Shout

Sounds & scans below


Sunday, 26 September 2010

Bill Mason Band - Out on the streets (1979)

b/w - Mr G

Well here's another of the records I promised I'd post

Both these tracks are on their LP (review of it here) - It's just had a CD release, so go & buy it to support the artist -

The Bill Mason Band are still going (I believe with the original line up)

Bill Mason (voc)
Si Hawthorne (guitar, voc)
Iain Beeston (bass)
Dave Rawding (drums)

There's not much point me giving you a band bio as the work has already been done at caustic fallout

Sounds & scans below


Saturday, 25 September 2010

the Blue Mist - Rozanna (1983)

b/w - The missing end

Nice bit of mod/powerpop from these 4 teenagers from the Huntingdon area in East Anglia.
(there's a press release in the download if you want to know the ages)

Adrian Radwell (voc guitar)
Mark Treadwell (guitar)
Robert Alexander (bass)
Adrian Paice (drums)

This is the first of 2, 45's for "the kids" (the 2nd being "Elijah [what have we done]/it's only make believe" - molesworth records [1984] with a slightly altered line up)

Sounds & scans below


Friday, 24 September 2010

Autobop - Secrets (1982)

b/w - Advertising

This is a 45 that always gets sold as powerpop (It's just good New wave) Personally I prefer the quirky (!) B- side - which fits more in to what I normally post

Still these Dublin boys make a great sound

Damien Callaghan (voc guitar)
Mick Casey (guitar, voc)
John Byrne (bass)
Sean Brennan (drums)

There's a brief history over at Irishrock.org

There's also some good studio/live footage here

Sounds & scan below


Thanks go to Dublin opinion for the sleeve scans

Thursday, 23 September 2010

the Ripchords - 4 track e.p. (1979)

A - Ringing in the streets
B1 - Music is...
B2 - Peace artist
B3 - Television television

Great garage/DIY punk from these 4 lads from the Bath area

Sean Dromgoole (voc)
Jonathan Jetlag (guitar)
Morris Gould (bass, guitar)
Michael Trei (drums)

Sounds & scans below

Sorry..... I've been asked to take this off. So you'll have to source it from somewhere else

Wednesday, 22 September 2010

the Reps - What you gonna do about it? (1984)

b/w - Back of my mind

Here's the 2nd & final 45 from this Rugby bunch (that's the place not the game)

If you want to know more about them see my earlier post

I have to admit to liking this more than the earlier one - some of the lyrics leave me a bit cold but the tunes are great!!

Sounds & scans below


Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Q feel - Doctor on the radio (1982)

b/w - Red light zone

Nice mod/ska feel to the a-side of this 45

(To be honest the B-side is pretty awful & the 45's that follow this are pretty much the same but with added synth - still what do you expect from the Jive label)

the Band were

Brian Fairweather (voc guitar)
Martin Page (voc bass)
Trevor Thornton (drums)
Chris Richardson (keyboards voc)

Sounds & scans below


Monday, 20 September 2010

Starjets - Here she comes again (1978)

b/w Watch out

Here's the 1st 45 from the Belfast "Bay City Rollers" (A bit derogatory I know! but it sort of works)

The Band were

Terry Sharpe (voc guitar)
Paul Bowen (voc guitar)
Sean Martin (bass voc)
Liam L'Estrange (drums)

There a really good bio over at the modpunkpop site & an excellent discography at Irishrock.org

Sounds & scans below


Sunday, 19 September 2010

the Everready's - Don't do it again (1980)

b/w - Martian girl

I've just noticed you can't listen to this on deadbeats anymore so I think it deserves another outing...

The Band came from the Birmingham area & were

Janice Connolly (voc) ex surprises
Alan Brown (guitar voc)
Conrad Schwartz (guitar voc) also ex surprises
John Nester (bass)
Sergio Mendigo (drums)

Sounds & scans below


Saturday, 18 September 2010

Benny - Bin wieder frei (1978)

b/w - Ich sitz, auf einer kokosnuß

Anyone know the German for "Nice Jumper!!!!"

As you can see from the sleeve Benny is doing a great rendition of Plastic Bertrand's "Ca pane pour moi"

You can amuse yourselves by watching the German teenybopper/heartthrob performing/miming the track here

He has made a few interesting records (& quite a lot of no interest at all)
I do recommend "Du hast angst vor der wahrheit" - which is a version of Jimmy Pursey's "kids are united"-

Sounds & scans below


Friday, 17 September 2010

the Hussars - The charge of the light brigade (1982)

b/w - Your country needs you

& the award for the "record least likely to be picked off the shelf" goes to messers......

Brindle & Knight (songwriters) & band members - sorry, I know nothing about this band (they were probably from the Hatfield area)

Possibly, the lesson learned by this band was, taking the "Hussars" theme to far, is akin to committing commercial suicide.
The only reason I own a copy, is that it was played to me by the shop owner who knew I would be partial to the b-side (Skids, early Alarm sounding)

Sounds & scans below


Thursday, 16 September 2010

The Beans - No Boys For You (1980)

B1 - Pressure
B2 - Ravel it up

Great bit of mod/ska from this (Leeds Based) Yorkshire band.

Rob Standeven (Voc Guitar)
Mark Challinor (Bass)
Paul Granger (Drums)

with the aid of  Tony Rex on guitar for the recording of the 45 (around 750 pressed)

The record was recorded at the RAM studios, Leeds (Of which according to the Woolcity Rocker #7 Paul was an engineer

They also contributed two tracks to the Leeds Compilation "The Art Of Solving Problems"

This record also comes in a "green on white" sleeve & according to Rob there may have been other variations

Useless info:  Standeven (apparently a name that originates from the Norman conquest, mainly found in the Gloucestershire area - amazing what you can find out nowadays)

Thanks To Rob & his wife Kristina for the extra info

Sounds & scans below


Wednesday, 15 September 2010

the Reps - Rebel (1980)

b/w - No more yesterdays

1st of 2 45's & an LP for the Christian (yes, another one) New wave band
--If anyone can name me the other 3 interesting "christian new wave" bands I'll post them as well, otherwise this is the last one I'll post --

their other vinyl are
Bad boy at school (LP - also on kingsway music 1983)
what you gonna do about it?/back of my mind (7" - ramp records 1984)

The band were originally called Dunamis but once they'd relocated from the channel Islands to Rugby they became "the Reps"

John Ritter (voc, guitar)
Sue Ritter (voc, keyboard)
Andy Clark (guitar, voc)
Paul Raper (Bass, voc)
Jo Stephens (drums, voc)

Hmm.... I have 5 names yet there are 6 people. The other could be the songwriter/musician P. Nichole or Jay Clark - who knows!!

sounds & scans below


Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Tony Jackson - Night time games ep (1978)

A1 - Come again
A2 - Whatcha tryin' t' do to me
B1 - Nightime games
B2 - Give it a try

More 60's tinged powerpop for you!

This is the sole release for Mr Jackson.
As, soon after this recording he shortened his surname to Jacks & formed "The Tigers" (ska/new wave band who released 7 45's & 1 LP on Strike (UK)/WEA (Europe)/A&M records (Rest of world))
He then released a 45 as "Tony Jacks" in 1980 ("I hear a heartbeat" again on Strike records - This is good if you are partial to a bit of synth)
Following on from this He then played in "the Dynamites" (2, 45's on logo records in 1981 - more like the Tigers output)

If you want to know more (including, what he did after this) , you can read an interview with Tony here

sounds & scans below


Monday, 13 September 2010

the Leftovers - Killing time (1980)

b/w - Trudy vasiline

Another excursion from our tiny Island this time to a slightly larger Island.

This is the sole release for these boys from Bendigo, Victoria (Although the 2 brothers went on to join Little Murders in 1981)

The Band were

Chis Harrington (voc guitar)
Kim Holmberg (guitar voc)
Tony Spizzica (bass, voc sax)
Paul Holmberg (drums voc)

The A-side can be found on powerpearls 2

sounds & scans below


Sunday, 12 September 2010

Cuba - Furtive winks (1980)

b/w - Valkyrie of love

For those of you that regularly visit Shotgun solution you will already have read the sad news that David Parkinson has passed away.

You may say who! but this man has left some great music behind (be it in his writing, producing or playing keyboards)

Cuba were

Josie Kennington (voc)
Basil Snaith (guitar voc)
Bob Marsden (bass voc)
Phil Parkin (drums)
Dave Parkinson (keyboard)

If you want to know more about cuba & the proposed 2nd 45 (Wireless World / Frankie - recorded for Ariola, but was it ever released) see Wool City Rocker #8

Sounds & scans below


Saturday, 11 September 2010

the Predators - Don't mess around ep (1981)

A - Don't mess around
B1 - Do you wanna dance
B2 - Plastic Surgeon

I'm not sure about the A side but the 2 tracks on the flip (1 cover & 1 original) make this a worthwhile listen

(the Predators were a christian new wave/rock band from 'up North (Stockport), but don't let that put you off)

If you want to read some more about them - including an interview with some of them go here

If you want to hear some more then go here to their website

the band were

Kev Smith (voc)
Paul Trustwell (guitar)
Kelvin Allwood (guitar)
Chris Thompson (bass)
Fran Johnson (drums)

sounds & scans below


Friday, 10 September 2010

Second to none - Stop thinking (1982)

b/w - I don't understand

Nice 60's flavoured sounds from this bunch of scallies from (Sefton area) Liverpool

The band were only around for a short period (1982 -83) but left us with this little Gem.

they were

Paul Marsters (voc, Gutiar)
Steve Swinnerton (guitar voc)
Dave Deevey (bass)
Mick Clark (drums)

thanks go to link2wales for the band info (hit the link if you want to know other bands the above have been in)

sounds & scans below


Thursday, 9 September 2010

the Von Trap Family - Brand new thrill ep (1980)

A - No Reflexes
B1 - Brand new thrill
B2 - Dreaming again

These Walthamstow lads billed themselves as a psychedelic punk band ("dreaming again" should definitely be on one of those KBD compilations)

The band were

Kevin Rogers (voc)
Nick Saloman (guitar, harmonium) later in the Bevis Frond (short discography here)
Chris Whitaker (guitar, voc)
Mark Finn (bass)
Ray Flores (drums)
Cyke Bancroft (alto sax)

If you like this then go here to get more

sounds & scans below


Wednesday, 8 September 2010

the Spikes - Tell it on (1980)

b/w - Face the crime

Nice mod/ska cross over from this Dutch band

I can't tell you much about them apart from the song writer was

B. Van der Tol

& their record was produced by the great Peter Koelewijn for his own Born Free production company.

Pop over to Purepop blogspot to hear some of his great tunes

sounds & scans below


Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Twist and shout - Twist and shout (1983)

b/w - No other girl

Yes this is a cover of the Isley Brothers classic but the B-side (the better track anyway!) seems to be an original.

It's credited to Lundquist & it looks like it could be Marc (?) that's signed the sleeve (as well as Graham giving all his love to someone!)

Whatever it's a really pleasant 60's sounding slice of Mod/powerpop, that deserves a second chance to reach some ears.

The Private Toucan records (TOU 010) has a Lyn cat # of - 13344 - IUT if anyone cares!

sounds & scans below


Monday, 6 September 2010

The Russians - No title (1980)

b/w - Anything she wants

Great "Female vocal" new wave / powerpop on the Laser records label (usually you would expect rock or reggae on this label)

The Sole release for this Northampton band
(1979 - 1982)

Who were

Julie Rebelowitchz (voc)
Dusty Miller (guitar voc)
John Brassett (bass voc) ex Left hand drive
John Lucibello (drums)

They did record a Peel session 09/7/79 which was "Can't explain / Meet me after school tonight / Manic depression / stop, you're killing me" (broadcast 19/7/79)

Sounds & scans below


Sunday, 5 September 2010

Approved men - Quite like you (1980)

1. - So sad
2. - somewhere to run

Great 3 track mod/powerpop ep

There are between 100 & 500 copies of this little rarity floating around (Colin Short sent a note to John Peel saying 500 but later said 100 so believe what you will)

The band were from the Guilford area (Shalford)
& all I can tell you is that
Colin Short (bass) seemed to do all their promotional work & another of the band was
Julian Robinson
+ my copy says it was produced by Nod Harris

This has come up for sale on e-bay a few times with the handwritten labels all looking different - Here's my favourite (which misspells Short as Shaw)

Sounds & scans below


Saturday, 4 September 2010

Squeeler - Breaking out ep (1979)

A1 - Jennifer Broadhurst
A2 - Menace
B1 - I just want to be me
B2 - Framed

2 originals & 2 covers from this Yorkshire band

"Jennifer Broadhurst" (sounds like Ed ball & the times)
"I just want to be me" (cool new wave/powerpop with an excellent bass line)
The 2 covers are blues rock, which remind me of early Bon Scott era AC/DC

The band were*

Kevin Staniland (voc)
Pete Goddard (guitar voc)
Roy Lowbridge (guitar)
Brian Bingham (bass)
Tony Topham (drums)

*thanks to Mario's 45 revs for the band info & steve @ LDK for the use of the photo

Sounds & scans below


Friday, 3 September 2010

The Starlings - New Blood ep (1982)

A1 - Plastic Cards
A2 - Birds of a feather
B1 - Don't call us
B2 - There must be more

Here's an EP that will make you "stand up & listen" if you like the Mod/punk sound (my personal fav is "Don't call us" which if you look at the dead wax has A scratched out & B in it's place so maybe it was due to be the leading track - sort of garage/freakbeat sound to it)

There is no date on the record but if I'm correct in reading my Lyn cat #'s this is 1982

Updated 03.01.11

I've now seen a b/w sleeve, that states the running order for the ep was Don't Call Us / Plastic Cards / Birds Of A Feather / There Must Be More.

The Band were also a trio of brothers originally from Southend-On-Sea who moved to the Midlands because "you couldn't get cheese pies in the South" or to be more central for giging - You chose!

Lee Rayner (Guitar voc)
Jon Rayner (Bass voc)
Nick Rayner (Drums voc)

The record was also recorded at "Sound Sense Studios" by Pete Fisher & distributed by Staffod based Neon Records Ltd

sounds & scans below


Thursday, 2 September 2010

the Meanies - Waiting for you (1979)

b/w - it's true

Great double sider of mod powerpop on the Vendetta label (follow up to the Seventeen (Alarm) 45 bank holiday weekend/don't let go)

There was a time when this was almost impossible to get your paws on but then it got a re-release on 1977 records
(pah! give me an original every time - it's worth the hunt - no disrespect meant to all the wonderful people out there bringing long lost music to the masses)

The band were

Steve Gray (voc, guitar)
Keef Purkis (guitar)
Dave Jenkins (bass , voc)
Malcolm Oldham (drums)

If you want to know more about this Bracknell band pop over to bored teenagers (where there's also a great history of the vendetta label)

sounds & scans below


Wednesday, 1 September 2010

the Dollops - Nobody loves you like the Dollops do (1981)

b/w - We've got a lot of work to do

It's the b-side that you will want to (?) hear

This was pretty much a record made with designs on the infant market (which has inadvertently crossed over into powerpop land)

I suspect the tune was for a aborted radio show (of cassette recordings) of the 1980's book series by Alan & Katie Goldsmith

If you'd care to do a search on the writers John McLeod & Tat Meager you can speculate on their pedigree!!!

sounds & scans below