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Saturday 10 September 2022

Hot Snax - Theme From A Movie (1980)


b/w Thinking Of You

2 New Wave tracks from this Newcastle Area Band (1976 - 1980)

Steven Foley (Voc Guitar)
Mike Procter (Bass)  
Jimmy Bulloch (Drums) ex Deep Freeze   
Paul Newman (Keys) ex Deep Freeze

Ken Black (Producer)

1977 VA LP  Kansas City [All Together - Bedrock  IS/BED/123]
1977 12''     Pressure Drop/Treat Me Right, Tonight [Munch Records Inc. MR1 MR2]
1980 7"       Theme From A Movie/Thinking Of You [Zuppé Parese Records]

This above line-up is almost completely different to the earlier incarnation that released the 12" & Track on the LP 

Louise Jabb AKA Miss Funky Nightingale (Voc)
Steven Foley AKA Max Liquid Silicon (Guitar Voc)
Robert Longstaff AKA Mr Magic Fingers (Guitar)
Keith Tulip AKA Professor Cord En Bleu (Bass Voc)
Paul McGonnell AKA Mr Arthur Crab Nebula (Drums)

Useless info
- As you can see the sleeve has 2 colour variants