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Monday 2 January 2023

Disco Students - South Africa House (1979)

b/w - Kafkaesque

Nice DIY/Post Punk from this Aylesbury based band (1978-81)

Vocals, Guitar, Keys - Simon Cheetham (1978-81) ex The Haircuts & Heartbeat
Guitar  - Simon Clark (1978-79) ex-Tower Of Power. Replaced by Karl Perkins (1979-80), Jon Greenough (1980-81)
Bass - Richard Coles (1978-81) ex-Iona. Replaced by Spencer Harris (1980) 
Drums - Graham Hocking RIP (1978-80) ex-Heartbeat. Replaced by Matt Donovan (1980) 

1978 - The Haircuts -VA LP Aylesbury Goes Flaccid [Do You Remember L-L-Longwick] - Flaccid Records [FLAC 1]
1979 - Disco Students 7'' South Africa House/ Kafkaesque - Yeah!Yeah!Yeah! Records [UH,HUH 1]
1980 - Disco Students 7'' A Boy With A Penchant For Open-Neck Shirts/ Pink Triangles/ Credit - Yeah!Yeah!Yeah! Records [UH,HUH 2]
1981 - The Kindergarten 12'' But/ Red Flowers/ Boxes - Yeah!Yeah!Yeah! Records – UH,HUH 3

Useless Info - Simon Cheetham has also written many books & is a massive Watford FC fan.