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Sunday 1 December 2013

The Cartoons - Beep Beep Love (1981)

b/w - Thomas Cadillac

2nd 45 from this London based band (I posted their 1st a while back)

Again the players on this 45 were
Laurence Cane-Honeysett (Voc)
Tony Cane-Honeysett (Guitar Voc)
Phillip Scragg (Bass)
Chris Blackwell (Drums)
Paul Feldwick (Keys)
Nigel Scragg (Sax)

The Cartoons began life at the tail end of 1978 after the disintergration of The Stingrays (yes, another band named The Stingrays) The line up then was Laurence Cane-Honeysett (Voc), Tony Cane-Honeysett (Guitar Voc) Martin Coyler (Bass) & Stuart Silver (Drums). This incarnation lasted until Mid '79 when the recorded line-up came into being.
Martin Coyler later went on to form a band called Hothouse with Mark Pringle [also ex Stingrays] & Heather Small
The Cartoons lasted until early 1981 were upon they split up.

If you followed the links you'll know what the Cane- Honeysett brothers are doing now but what of the others?.......  Nigel Scragg, Philip Scragg & Chris Blackwell are all in-demand session players & Paul Feldwick became an advertising executive.

In 1989 the Cane-Honeysett brothers reunited to record another 45 - Even Cowgirls Get The Blues/Ride That Train - Texas Music TX001 (As T.Cane Honey with Laurence using the alias of Laurence Black)

If you're interested I prefer Thomas Cadillac

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Sunday 3 November 2013

Akela And The Cubs - Modern Girl (1983)

B1 - How Could You Do It
B2 - Who's Taking You Home

Above average Pop Rock / Powerpop 45 from this Manchester based band.

Modern Girl falters slightly from poor production but is still quality to my ears & Who's Taking You Home could be favoured by NWOBHM fans. I suspect How Could You Do It will be disliked by all.

The Players on the 45 were

Ian Fryer (Voc)
Brian Clayton ( Lead Guitar, Piano, Voc)
Pete Fairclough (Bass, Voc) R.I.P.
Barry Jones (Drums)

Live At The Gallery, Manchester
The Band ran roughly from 1978-85 with the original line-up being

Ian Fryer  (Voc)
Brian Clayton  (Lead Guitar, Voc)
John Rothwell  (Guitar, Voc) - Left due to Work Commitments
Pete Fairclough (Bass, Voc)
Paul Bains (Drums) - Left due to "Musical Differences"

They went into the studio twice, once in '82 as a five piece and Recorded/Released an 11 Track Cassette (in two days on a very dodgy 4 track....playing mostly live) and finally as a four piece in an 8 track studio, again for 2 days and producing this 45.

* Thanks To Ian F for the band Info & Photo

BTW  - Akela (Indian Wolf) was a character (leader of the wolf pack) that appeared in Rudyard Kipling's Jungle Book.

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Sunday 13 October 2013

The Kraze - Boys With Toys (1981)

b/w - We All Wear Black

2nd (& final) 45 for these London SE8 boys & it's sporting a cool Mod/New Wave sound. Personally I prefer "We All Wear Black" with it's swirling keys & chant-a-long chorus.

If you're wondering what their 1st 45 was, it was a re-recorded version of this

Say Hello to My Girl / Friday Night - Double D Records 
(D Dee 6 - Oct1980) - Alledgedly this was blacklisted by the BBC for having ambiguous lyrics [Decide for yourselves as I've included it in the download]

Mike Gorman - Bass
Steve Little - Rhythm Guitar
Lee Dallon - Keys
 Alan Hourihane - Lead Guitar
Tony Toole - Voc
Steve Dolman - Drums

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Sunday 8 September 2013

The Conspirators - When You Walk In The Room (1980)

b/w - Cross My Heart

Another cover & again it's great 60's styled mod pop more in the style of The Searchers than it's writer Jackie Deshannon

Mid 60's Line-up
The-Conspirators were formed as a 5 piece in 1963 by Kevin Dulson and Joe Eardley in Stoke on Trent. Although by the time this 45 was released they had slimmed down to a trio.& have stayed that way (although around 1986 they were a duo)

Kevin Dulson RIP (Voc Guitar)
1980 Line-up
Glyn Davies (Bass Voc)   
Dave Hughes (Drums Voc)

An LP was later released in 1981 on the same label (ZER-19028) "Caught In The Act: Live At The Hempstalls"

You can also find 2 Compilations of Stoke Bands (again available on Teford based Zero Records) with tracks by The Conspirators.

Potteries Pop - Just One Look & Here I Go Again (1979/80)
Made In Stoke - Hippy Hippy Shake (1981?)

(These tracks are also all available on their 2004 CD "The Conspirators")

Dave Glyn & Kevin 1982

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Monday 12 August 2013

The Absolute Beginners - Dream In A Haze (1984)

b/w - Southern Beat

Two sides of decent Mod Pop from these 4 Dartford area (Sutton-at-hone / Hawley) teenagers.

Sean Ludlow (Rhythm Guitar)
David Bryan (Bass Guitar)
Mark Philpott (Drums)
Gary Pullinger (Keyboards)

[Southern Beat would have been a better choice for the lead song to these ears]

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Friday 2 August 2013

Gloo's Cap - Gloo's Lullaby (1977)

B1 - Like Gloo
B2 - Meanwhile Back In Reality

I've had this for a while & knew nothing about it [Not even the release date] Fortunately a few days ago I was flicking through an old N.M.E. & came across an interveiw (Included in the download)

So here are some Folky Punk tunes for your listening pleasure. (Think the missing link between Woody Guthrie & Billy Bragg)

The tunes are penned & played by J. J. Quinn who was an Alias for London based but Durham bred Jimmy Red. 

According to the interview (& the label) Jimmy recorded these tunes in various Basements & had 10,000 privately pressed up (hard to believe he could afford to have that many from busking around town)

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Sunday 7 July 2013

Four-May-Shun - Looking For A Girl Like You (1983)

b/w - Mystery Man

Nice 60's flavoured modpop from these 4 Essex (Tillingham) brothers

Julian May (Voc on Looking For A Girl Like You, Lead Guitar)
Peter May (Rhythm Guitar, Voc)
David May (Voc on Mystery Man, Bass)
Michael May (Drums, Voc)

The A side has a Manfred Mann sound but lend an ear to Mystery Man. To theese ears I'm pretty sure this is what The Troggs would have sounded like if Wreckless Eric had taken over vocal duties.

Although the band had been together since the 70's already having a couple of LP's under their belt
Just Four-May-Shun - Broadway MJPD268 (1980)
1977 Line-Up
Four-May-Shun Plus - Broadway (1982)
(Both having been recorded at Spectrum Sound Studios, Westcliff-on-Sea with Studio Engineer Warwick Kemp)
It wasn't until 1983 that this, their 1st 45 was released. Both tracks being penned by Julian and David May & recorded at Diploma Studios, Bicknacre with Studio Engineer/Owner Jim Woodford.

Four-May-Shun are now known as The Mays, The current line up being three of the brothers Julian, Michael and David with recently recruited brother-in-law, Steve Houghton on rhythm guitar (go here to see them), they continue to gig and are currently writing an album to celebrate 40 years as a band!

    7" Discography As Four-May-Shun (All on Broadway Recs)
Looking For A Girl Like You/Mystery Man (May 001 1983) 
I'm Not Alone/I Wanna Be A Musician (May 002 1984)
There’s Something About You That I Like/Autumn Leaves (May 003 1984)
Come Back Soon/I Don’t Know Why (May 004 1984)
Dancing On The Floor Tonight/The Gateway (May 005 1985)
The next 2 45's have A-sides credited to Julian May but the B's are Four-May-Shun (Taken from the 1985 Cassette The Gigs) 
Boogiein’ By The Sea/Night Life Disco (J001 1986) 
I Think That It’s Nice/Then You’re Gonna Make It (J002 1986)
2012 Line-Up

Thanks To Julian May for the info (If you fancy their 45's go here) - All the 1984 recordings are well worth a listen
Coincidentallly Julian's 3rd 45 I'll Never Find Another You/Don't Go Away (J003 1987) features Wendy Roberts as backing vocalist who has had an outing on this blog before

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Friday 28 June 2013

Kaleidoscope - Let Me Love You (1980)

b/w - What's On T.V.

Something slightly different for you from this London based label.

The A side is bubblegum / pop that will appeal to the powerpop fans out there (well I like it anyway!) wheras the flip is a fun / lightweight New Wave track.

The nucleus of the band were singer/songwriter's Charles McMiram (owner of the label) and Richard Mathews; who as a duo had already recorded 2 earlier 45's

Penny Black/Sooner Or Later - Miramar MIR 1 1978 as Charles McMiram & Richard Mathews

The Dictator/Snoggin At The Roxy - MIR 69 1979 (reissued Laser LAS-10 1979) as Your Hero

Charles McMiram
Richard Mathews
Coincidentally the Miramar pressing of The Dictator (credited to Your Hero) has Snoggin At The Roxy credited to Kaleidoscope, whilst Let Me Love You & What's On TV are both "Featuring" Your Hero - (was it simply different psuedonyms or were they joined by different session musicians?)

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Tuesday 21 May 2013

The System - 60 Watt Pearl (1981)

UK / Dutch Sleeve

b/w Fergie

Cool New Wave / (Power) Pop from 3 Ex Steve Gibbons Band members (1975 - 1980)

Dave Carroll (Guitar, Keys, Voc)
Bob Wilson (Bass, Keys, Voc)
Robert Lamb (Drums, Voc)

60 Watt Pearl had a July release in the UK & was also released in Holland (MCA Records) & France (Romantic Records*)  & was later on their 1983 (French Only) LP Logic (Romantic Records)

French Sleeve
The flip was onlly available on the 45 possibly because it's not that great (to these ears anyway)

*Romantic Records seems to have been a subsidary of MCA with Bob Lamb taking the Production chair on more than one occasion

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Friday 3 May 2013

Grace Poole - Innocent (1980)

B1 - Lost For Words
B2 - Me With My Hands In The Air

Here's another Great 45 from The Doncaster based "Future Earth Records"

The band were from South Yorkshire (Possibly, Sheffield but I'm not sure). From the Info I've manged to find the 2 song writers/band members were  Karen Finney (voc) & Charles Finney (Bass) who along with J. Marsden were in an earlier band Mother Nature's Children whose 7" release was due to winning thier (1977) heat of the then game/talent show New Faces some time later (possibly as Sheffield Poly)  the band changed their name/members/musical style to the Grace Poole Five & then to the shorter Grace Poole.
1980 Gig Flyer For The Limit
Again this, their sole 45 release could have been due to them winning their heat of the Sheffield Star / Radio Hallam "Battle of the Bands" - It looks like this band had some luck but never the breaks!!

As this is again a bit light on info here's The Future Earth Records Discography until the end of 1983 (there is an extended one in the Download & as always if anyone can fill in the missing 3 I'd be etternally grateful)

FER 001    Helsinki 5 Below - Jennifer Darling / Women In Love (Sept 1979)
FER 002    Deemus Mint -     Beam Me Up / Love Don't Come Easy (1980)
FER 003    Various Artists - Logical Steps (1980) LP
FER 004    Richard & the Taxmen - Now We're Through / Honey Please Don't Go (June 1980)
FER 005    BTP Folders - Radio / All Of A Sudden (June 1980)
FER 006    Limelight - Metal Man / Hold Me, Touch Me (June 1980)
FER 007    Back Seat Romeos - Zero Ambition / In the Night (Oct 1980)
FER 008    Limelight - Limelight (1980) LP
FER 009    Grace Pool - Innocent//Lost For Words / Me With My Hands In The Air (Oct 1980)
FER 010    Limelight - Ashes to Ashes / Knife in Your Back (Oct 1982)
FER 011    Factory - You Are the Music / The History of the Turkey (March 1983)
FER 012    The Jeff Carline Group - Americana (1982 - Portugal only) LP
FER 013    Pat & Roger Johns - Country Friends Vol 3 (May 1983) LP
FER 014    Chinawite - Blood on the Streets / Ready to Testify (April 1983)
FER 015    The Gatekrashers - Too Short For A Quiff (June 1983) LP
FER 016    The Nerve - I'll Give You Up / Lifting Me Higher (July 1983)
FER 017    Lion John Pickles - What's The Matter With The World / what A beautiful Dream (Oct 1983)

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Monday 29 April 2013


OK - Now my Divshare account has been Deactivated. The only word I can think of is "Boring"

Thursday 11 April 2013

The Kut - Can't Sleep At Night (1980)

b/w - Faithful

2 New Wave tracks from this Scottish (Inverness) Band that are very much in The Police style. Faithful being the better track to my ears.

Unfortunatly I don't know much about the band, the Drummer was Kevin Mcloughlin & another member was Donnie 'Kenya' Fraser (unless he was their manager)

The band aparently began life as The Kick before changing their name to Kut (I guess because there was already at least 2 bands of that name around at the time) Again I can't be sure if they managed a full UK tour but they did venture South to play London's The Marquee Club.

The 45 was recorded at the (24 track)  Highland Recording Studios in Gollanfield, Inverness & produced/mixed by the band with help from David Balfe

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Sunday 24 March 2013

Steppin' Sideways - No One Needs You (1983)

b/w Still The Same

Possibly a London based band on their own private "Crab Records" label (I guess this is a moving sideways joke) with a lyntone cat # LYN 13401*

The A is good mod/pop whereas the flip is psychedelic pop/Mood Six type music; which if they had been earlier would have easily fitted on the various LP A Splash Of Colour

Apart from, the record was mastered at the Utopia studios, the only info I can give is both songs were penned by Cooke & along with the band it was produced by Dave Haydon 

*This leads me to the release date of 1983 

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Sunday 10 March 2013

Roxette - UnReleased LP Tracks (1982)

Here's a post that makes doing this blog worthwhile,

On seeing my earlier posts of their 2 45's (see here & here) Paul Waghorn got in touch & offered 5 more tracks that were recorded in the same session as the 2nd 45 & along with them were to make up a planned LP.

Blue Lady
Come Back Anytime
One Lost Love
Only Thirteen
Take My Advce

To Tie Up all the info he has provided here's a potted history

The band were all schoolfriends at Sandown Court, Tunbridge Wells* & took thier name from the Dr Feelgood track

1980 saw the release of their 1st EP The line up on that being

Paul (Wag) Waghorn (Voc Guitar)
Kevin Fowler (Electric Guitar)
Steve Wright (Bass)
Barry Dence (Drums)

Between the recording of these 45's Wag moved from Singer to the Producers chair (seemingly not his choice)
Even though they had been rehearsing the songs together the rest of the band went off & recorded an earlier version Of Another Girl without him. Luckily the tunes didn't cut-it so he was brought back in to produce.

1982 Another Girl 7" was released

Kevin Fowler (Voc [Another Girl & I Keep Knocking] Accoustic Guitar)
Tarquin Chatfield (Lead Guitar)
Steve Wright (Bass)
Nobby Skilton (Drums) who incidently took the photo of the band for the EP sleeve
Paul (Wag) Waghorn (Voc on Man and Boy)

Jeremy Chatfield also gets a writing credit for Another Girl

Wag later went on to play in Chapter One & can now be found in Insane Society

* Useless info - apparently Sid Vicious went to this school (1971) before moving to Hackney

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Sunday 24 February 2013

Vain Aims - You (1980)

b/w - Count

2 Great post-punk tracks from this Welsh (Cardiff) based band

Members were

Caroline R Persen
Chris Eccles
Richard Smith
Mark Kiff

If you like bands like The Chefs, Mo-dettes & Dolly Mixture then you'll want to give this a listen!

The only other info I can give is

1. The 45 was self produced on their own We Practice In A Garage Records

2. Brother Paul Persen gets a writing credit along with Chris Eccles on You

3. A Smith (sibling?) also gets a credit along with Richard Smith on Count

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Monday 4 February 2013

Hounds - Under My Thumb (1979)

b/w - The Moth And The Fire

Nice Stones cover from this Chicago Bar band (think a poor man's J.Geils band & you wont be far off)

As you can see from the scan this is the UK demo release of the US band (stating it was released a week ahead of schedule on 22-02-1980)
Both tracks were lifted from their 2nd LP "Puttin' On The Dog" 

The band on this 45 were

John Hunter (Voc, Keys) 
Donald Griffin (Guitar) ex Tyrone Davis band
Glen Richard Rupp (Guitar) ex Paul Bogush Band
Joe Cuttone (Bass) ex Paul Bogush Band
Michael Jay Neff RIP (Drums) ex Beowulf, Off Broadway

If you want a decent Bio of the band here's their Myspace (here you can find many of their line-ups/incarnations from 1975)

The Hounds - Unleashed  - Columbia Records (1978)
Putting On The Dog - Columbia Records (1979)
Do wah Diddy Diddy on the Various Artist Now Wave Sampler - Columbia (1979)
Under My Thumb/The Moth and The Fire (1979)

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Thursday 17 January 2013

Apostrophe - I'm The Happy One (1978)

b/w - Three Arms To Hold You

Nice Beatle-esque sounds on the debut 45 from this Barkingside band (1976-79)

Graham Dye (voc, guitar har)
Steven Dye (voc, bass, keys)
Terry Warner (guitar) who had replaced David Fundell
Simon Tomkins (drums) who had replaced Steven Bloom

Even though this & their 2nd/final 45 (Sad & Blue / I'm A Clown) were only released in Germany they were actually with the UK based Solid Gold agency team, who also managed The Pleasers 
After a few more line-up changes, Warner & Tomkins giving way to Simon King (Keys) & Sean Heaphy (drums) the band re-emerged as Scarlet Party & had a minor chart hit with 101 Dam-Nations

Tomkins went onto play with Air-Race

If you want to see the Dye brothers "doing what they do best" you should keep an eye out for their Beatles Tribute band "Music and Words By Lennon and McCartney"

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