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Saturday 21 February 2015

China Dolls - One Hit Wonder (1982)

 b/w Ain't Love Ain't Bad

James Whild Lea (Lead Vocs, All Instruments)
Frank Whild Lea (Drums)
Louise Lea (Vocs)

Originally released as the Dummies "didn't you use to use to be you". Here's the second outing for this 45 - Due to the fact that both Frank and Jim Lea felt the song deserved another attempt. However, the re-release was agian a commercial failure due to distribution problems.

I Could plagiarize but this page explains better.

Non Slade Jim Lea 45's (up to 1982)
1979 The Dummies – "When The Lights Are Out / She's The Only Woman" (Cheapskate Records FWL 001)
1980 The Dummies – "When The Lights Are Out / She's The Only Woman" (Pye Records 7P 163)
1980 The Dummies – "Didn't You Use To Use To Be You / Miles Out To Sea" (Cheapskate Records CHEAP 003)
1981 The Dummies – "Maybe Tonite / When I'm Dancin' I Ain't Fightin'" (Cheapskate Records CHEAP 014)
1982 The China Dolls – "One Hit Wonder / Ain't Love Ain't Bad" (Speed Records FIRED 1)
1982 Greenfields of Tong – "Poland Poland" (Instrumental) (Speed Records FIRED 2)
*Both the labels (Speed & Cheapskate) were owned by Frank Lea - I've included  a Speed discography in the download - if anyone can fill in the gaps please leave a comment

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