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Thursday, 18 October 2012

Shakedown - F.B.I. (1978)

b/w - Wish You Could See Me Now

2 pop/rock tunes from this short lived Lewes band* (although they have reformed with 2 original members)

The band started life as Oakenlode & then morphed into Shakedown

Graham Frost -(Voc, Bass)
Jez Bird - (Guitar, Voc) R.I.P.
Doug Sanders - (Lead Guitar, Voc)
Nick Patching - (Guitar)
Mike Whippy - (Drums)

I'm posting this as I quite like the B-side although the keyboards ruin it slightly for me. Another reason to listen to this is that 2 of the members jumped ship & became half of the Mod Revival band The Lambrettas.

* I say from the band but the tunes appear to have been written by non-members
FBI - Nossel
Wish You Could See Me Now - Lacey

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Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Gangster - Go (1979)

b/w - Gangster

I've just noticed that GFT has posted the 1st 45 by this Dutch (Amsterdam) band & is after a copy (hope an mp3 will surfice for a while!)

Cool glam/New wave sounds with more than a hint of Jonathan Richman's "Roadrunner" [or is that just my ears?]

The songs were penned by Jerry Putter (Voc) & Jhon Weeder.(typo on the label?)
I guess this is the same Jerry Putter who was earlier in The cool glam/powerpop band Melody (to my eyes it looks like the same band*) & later in Blackout

*so again as a guess I would say the Bass Guitarist could have been Ed Evers (ex- Rain)

whatever!!  (as always if anyone can put me straight with some facts - leave a comment)

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Thursday, 4 October 2012

Ryder-Desmond - Visions (1981)

b/w - Nobody's Gonna Get My Girl

Great New Wave/Powerpop from the pens of Kris Ryder (see my earlier post for more information on him) & Andy Desmond AKA Miten

To my ears Visions is a bit of a slow starter which gains momentum and becomes a fairly decent pop song (albeit with handclaps). 

It's actually  Nobody's Gonna Get My Girl that deserves a place on one of the many Powerpearls / Shake Some Action type compilations.

If you want to know what Miten is doing Now pop over to his web site

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