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Saturday 6 January 2024

Freelance - The Writing On The Wall (1983)

b/w Elinor / One More Time

The A-side is not really to my taste (a bit to "Progressive Rock") but the 2 tracks on the B-side are right up my street.

I'm presuming this 5 piece were Nottingham Based due to the record being recorded at Sin City Studios (div of Nohponex Ltd). 228 Forest Rd W Nottingham NG7

According to the Labels the Band were:
Phil Cragg
Rick Stoker
& it was Produced / Engineered by Peter Walters (Sin City's Studio Manager)

Useless Info - The Owner/Chief Engineer of Sin City was Byron Sacorafos, who was the First Manager of Plummet Airlines.
(Sin City was advertised in the Press as having Two 16Track Studios, a Recreation Room and a 4Track Rehearsal Studio)

As always if anyone can add any info, please leave a comment.