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Friday 30 December 2011

The Same - I'm A Face (1980)

b/w - 1918

Canadian Only release for this U.K. South Coast (Bexhill / Eastbourne) Area Mod band.

Band members (1979 -'80) were

Mark Poole (voc)
David Blundell (guitar)
Rod Morrison (bass)
Alan Dickens (drums)

Not to be confused with these guys who were also active at this time.

In the UK, these tracks were only available on the Uppers On The South Coast - Various Artists LP (Both Versions). Both sides being produced by Ray Fenwick who at the time, was a member of another band on the LP ((The South Coast Ska Stars)

Coincidentally (or not!) this release (Gamma GA5055) followed The Teenbeats - I Can't Control Myself / I'll Never Win - Gamma GA 5054) both tracks also being from the afore mentioned VA LP & a minor hit on the Canadian billboard.

For the eagle eyed the labels say - From the Album : I Can't Control Myself - Again this is the same VA LP (Canadian name for the 1st press without the Purple Hearts - pics here [scroll a bit])

Sounds & scans Below


Saturday 24 December 2011

The Tigers - (Walk Tall) Do The Crawl (1980)

b/w - Go For It

The final offering from the Ska/New wave band The Tigers that got a promo release just before Christmas (I think it had a general release in Jan '81)

Tony Jacks (voc. guitar)
Ross McGeeney (guitar, voc)
Nic Potter (bass)
Pete Dobson (drums)
Nick Cola (keyboards, voc)

For a decent bio (which I refuse to plagiarize go here)

In an interview (Oct '80) Tony stated he (& Nick Cola) was working with a couple of young guys called "the Dynamites" (well in Feb '81 this same 45 got a release on the logo label under their name - it's in the download so you can compare & contrast)

Strike Records UK Releases (up to 1981)

STEP 1 - TONY JACKSUN - Night time Games EP - 7" June 1978
STING 1 - THE TIGERS - Savage Music / Jack It Up - 7" Nov 1979
STIK 2 - THE TIGERS - Big Expense, Small Income / Kidding Stops - 7" Dec 1979
STAB 1 - THE TIGERS - Savage Music - LP Jan 1980
KIK 1 - THE TIGERS - Kidding Stops / Big Expense, Small Income - 7" Feb 1980
KIK 2 - THE TIGERS - Ska Trekkin / Religion Fot The Hungary - 7" 1980
KIK 3 - THE TIGERS - Promises Promises / Ska Trekkin - 7" June 1980
KIK 4 -THE TIGERS - Savage Music / Ice Cold In Fulham - 7" Oct 1980
KIK 5 - THE TIGERS - (Walk Tall) Do The Crawl / Go For It - 7" - Dec 1980
KIK 6 -TONY JACKS - I Hear A Heartbeat / Wild & Free - 7" - Nov 1981

Logo Records (Strike Records Productions)

GO 396 THE Dynamites - (Walk Tall) Do The Crawl / Go For It - 7" - Feb 1981
GO 399 THE Dynamites - Let's Do It Tonight / The Way That I Feel - 7" April 1981

NON UK Releases

WEA 18159 (France) THE TIGERS - Kidding Stops / Big Expense, Small Income - 7" 1979
WEA 18159 ? (Japan) THE TIGERS - Kidding Stops / Big Expense, Small Income - 7" 1980
WEA 18260 (Italy) THE TIGERS - Ska Trekkin' / Religion Fot The Hungary - 7" 1980
WEA 18272 (Germany) THE TIGERS - Ska Trekkin' / Promises Promises - 7" 1980
WEA 18272 (France) THE TIGERS - Ska Trekkin' / Promises Promises - 7" 1980
WEA K 58163 (Italy) THE TIGERS - Savage Music - LP 1980
WEA WEA 58163 (Germany) THE TIGERS - Savage Music - LP 1980
A&M SP 4817 (USA / Canada) THE TIGERS - Savage Music - LP May 1980
A&M 2266 (USA) THE TIGERS - Make-Up Girl (Mono) / Make-Up Girl (Stereo) 7" July 1980

See the download for a more in-depth & extended Strike Records discography...... (if you can add to this please leave a comment)

Sounds & scans below


Wednesday 21 December 2011

The Kitchens - The Death Of Rock N Roll EP (1979)

A - The Death Of Rock 'N' Roll
B1 - Lies
B2 - 'A' Bomb

Duncan Fulton (voc guitar)
Andy "Sprog" Ford (guitar voc)
Ruth Jones (bass)
Andy Lovelock (drums)

Salisbury's first punk band was formed early 1977 with an original line up of Duncan Fulton (bass voc) Fred Philips (guitar) [both ex Shining Hearts Band] & Andy Lovelock (Drums) this was the augmented by Paul Kelly (guitar) & [briefly] Colin Holton (bass). Paul then left, Duncan switched to guitar & Gavin Lear (rhythm guitar) & Ian Stramm (bass) joined. These 2 then also left & with the addition of "Sprog" Ford, the band for a while became a trio. Ruth then joined on bass to make the classic line up that recorded this cool slice of New wave.
Sprog left the band in early 1980 to join the QT's & the remaining 3 continued for a few months (supporting the Martian Schoolgirls on a mini tour - who coincidently Ruth later played with) before calling it a day.

Fore more info on the many bands these guys were in, I suggest buying this:

Endless Beat - Voices Of the New Sarum Sound 1970-1999

BTW - Andy Lovelock is the son of James Lovelock (originator of the Gaia theory)

Here's a review of The Death Of Rock N Roll EP by Perry M, from Vague 3, 1980:
'Salisbury band the Kitchens recently got some money together and had this record pressed. The A side is one of their more recent songs ‘The Death of Rock’n’Roll’, and is quite a slow and vaguely blues song. The B side has two tracks, ‘Lies’ and ‘A Bomb’. The best track is ‘A Bomb’ which has a great introduction, Andy Ford - no longer with the band - plays guitar, and some good bass beats come through. The record was a good effort, but it doesn’t show the band’s full talent, as Andy Lovelock is a fantastic drummer, and Andy Ford is/was a better guitarist than can be heard on this record.
The Kitchens didn’t seem to have the production trouble that the QTs had with their EP, and of the two the Kitchens’ is the better record.

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Saturday 17 December 2011

Meadow Mist - Christmas Isn't Christmas (When You're Not There) (1981)

b/w - Love Your Neighbour

Well it's that time of year again & I've noticed my Xmas posts from last year are getting quite a few hits, so here's a new one.

For a decent new wave track really it's the B-side you'll want to listen to (Love that bass guitar)

I can't tell you much about the band except both sides were penned by possible siblings C. Laurent & T. Laurent

They could've been London based. This is due to the dead wax inscription - "Graeme - Sound Clinic" which means it was mastered by Graeme Durham at the Sound Clinic (based at 20A, British Grove, Chiswick, London W4 - an Island Records owned Mastering / cutting studio handling both "in-house" and "3rd-party" work until it's 1987 closure)

Sounds & scans below


Friday 9 December 2011

Naughty Boys - I Can't Explain (1981)

b/w - Nite Fight

I'm posting this more for the interest value than the sounds (It's more progressive / Folk than New wave - however I still like it!)

Tthe tracks are penned by Bilbo Birks & Martin Priester (who play all instruments except organ [see below] & the accoustic guitar [P Penfield])

Bill (Bilbo) Birks is Canadian born, moving to the UK in the 70's and seems to have worked with everyone & his dog.
What will interest most New wave collectors is the fact his co-producer (& keyboard player) is Glen Tommey & that both of them played together as session artists on the first Korgis LP.
I suspect this was recorded at The Crescent Recording Studios in Bath as Glen was an engineer there.
Around the time this 45 was released Bill was also commissioned by C.B.S Germany to write some music for a film soundtrack (Piratensender Powerplay) using the name "Contraband". Culminating in a Germany only 45 Radio Powerplay / Didn't Mean It - CBS 2108 [1981]

Check out what Bill is doing now here

BTW there is a slightly different pressing of this 45 having a different label style & comes in a pic sleeve

Sounds & scans below


Sunday 4 December 2011

Tony Koklin - Claude Monet (1980)

b/w - Lucky Man

Two New Wave / Powerpop tunes from Dublin based Tony (Coughlan) Koklin (R.I.P.) with Lucky Man being my pick of the two (Nice touches of Roxy Music).

Tony (voc guitar) was helped on this 45 by
Phillip Cullen (bass voc)
Ronnie Fitzpatrick (drums)
Brian Brady (keyboards)

This was the 2nd of 2 45's, released to, pretty much an uninterested "general public" in January 1981, the 1st was Cinderella / Living With The Times - Mulligan Records [1979]
If you want to read a biography of Mr Coughlan pop over to IrishRock.Org (This covers the recording of the LP & the aborted 3rd 45 pretty well)

Sounds & Scans below


Wednesday 30 November 2011

The Bodgers - Stutter (1982)

b/w - I Hate Phoning Girls

Firstly; I know this has been posted elsewhere but it's a great 45 (admittedly not very PC - but how many records do you know that rhyme sediment with impediment)
Secondly; I'm having trouble uploading to my mediafile account, so for a while I'll be pretty much only posting things that are already there.

The band (Comedy Troupe) were 4 student friends from George Watson's College, Edinburgh & were

They had a sketch show that performed every year (1980-'85) at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival & were then commisioned by BBC Radio 4 for a show (In Other Words....The Bodgers) that became Bodgers, Banks and Sparkes with the addition of Morwenna Banks and John Sparkes.
The team later became more famous for the Channel 4 Television sketch show Absolutely


Sunday 20 November 2011

V/A - Swindon, This Is Swindon EP (1980)

A1 - Narrow Feint :- Saturday Night
A2 - Wheelz :- I Can See Everything
B1 - Bantu :- This Time Around
B2 - The Early Bathers :- Impact Adhesive Man

Interesting EP from 4 (out of apparently around 30 hopefuls) New Wave / Post Punk Swindon Bands. (1000 pressed)

Narrow Feint
Jerome Travis (voc lead guitar) ex Justin Case band
Steve Degutis (guitar voc) ex Le Metro*
Malcolm Thorn (bass)
Anton Henley (drums) ex Justin Case band
Pete Morse (ex Justin Case Band) also helped out on bass but is not on this recording.

* More Le Metro stuff here & here & a great interveiw with Jerome & Steve here

Kevin Packer (voc)
Derek Thomas (lead guitar voc)
Tony Gregg (bass voc)
Danny Archer (drums) now in Built For Comfort
Mike Durrant (synth guitar voc)

Clarry Bean (voc) now
Tony Knill (lead guitar voc)
Leigh Bruin (rhythm guitar)
Steve Long (bass)
Peter O'Driscoll (drums voc) now in The Pignose Band

The Early Bathers
Paul Burgess (voc bass) ex Jelly Tots
Mick Winning (guitars) ex Jelly Tots
with thanks to
Stratofortess (drum machine)
Johnny Stephens later in Meat Beat Manifesto
Kev Read

There's an interveiw with Mick, Paul & Mick (?) here

The tracks were recorded at the 4 Track "Redbrick Studio" [which was built in the basement of the Swindon Town Hall] during January 1980
The EP was produced by Dave James (You can see him being interviewed about the release here) & had its official release on April 1st with all four bands playing at the Brunel Rooms. (each having a 30 minute slot).

Sounds & scans below


Friday 18 November 2011

Dealer - On The Street (1981)

b/w - Give You My love

Nice, if not a little bit whimsical; 60's flavoured powerpop / pop rock from this (I'm guessing) Leeds based band.

Another 45 I know next to nothing about.

Both sides are credited to


were recorded at Leeds Ric Rac Studios & are on the Luggage Label (which to tell the truth is why I picked this up. See here for the reason)

If anyone has some info please leave a comment

Sounds & scans below


Monday 14 November 2011

Ada Wilson And Keeping Dark - Head In The Clouds (1980)

b/w - It Doesn't Have To Be

Great Mod /Powerpop from the Ex frontman of "Strangeways"

The lad from Wakefield was helped out on the record by

Steve Smith (Bass)
Pete Morton AKA Peter "Ringo" Higginbottom (Drums)
Ian Nelson (Alto Sax)

Both Steve & Pete were Ex "Just Frank" Pete also having been in Strangeways with Ada.

The 45 was produced by Gough Snape AKA Mike Switzerland AKA Rob Worby

If you like this, there was an earlier 45 (In The Quiet Of My Room / I'm In Control Here - Ellie Jay [1979] & re-released on Barn records [1980]) - Be warned this 45 is more experimental.

He had also been part of Tattoo Hosts Vision On who released quite an interesting LP in 1980

Head in the Clouds was also included on The Hicks From the Sticks Compilation (1980) - as was Gough Snapes (The Distributors) T.V. Me.

In The Quiet Of My Room was also re-recorded in 1984 & released on Thin Sliced Records

Useless Info - Ada Wilson claims that he inspired 'Brass in pocket' by the Pretenders.

Sounds & scans below

Sorry No Download - I've been "asked" to take it down

Friday 11 November 2011

Oenix - Ils Veulent Coucher Avec Sheila (1980)

b/w -Melodie Qui Sonne

1st of only 2 releases for this Rouen 4 piece.

Anne-Marie Monville (voc)
Richard Alexandre (guitar)
William Foyé
Alain Mercier

This is a cool punk / powerpop tune that was privately released on the Ponce Pilate label & was aledgedly so disgusting that it had to be censored & re-released on Virgin. (both versions are in the download) Depending on what you want to believe this could be true or just a bit of "Branson Hype"

Saying that, if your French is any good you will note that the lyrics are a bit risky for the early 80's

Sounds & scans below


BTW - I'm presuming as the tune has a 60's "ye ye" feel to it that they are refering to the 60's icon Sheila (Bit of A guilty pleasure this song)

Sunday 6 November 2011

Misspent Youth - 17 Forever EP (1979)

A1 - Optimistic
A2 - Ghost Of Peggy Sue
B1 - 17 Forever
B2 - Immortal Teenager

Great DIY Powerpop EP (gotta love those handclaps on Ghost Of Peggy Sue) from this West London based band (1976 -'80).Chis Ransome (Voc Guitar)
Ian "Mog" Hawkridge (Bass)
Bron Buick (Drums)
Dave Baby (Sax Voc)

The bands sole EP was recorded on June 23rd at Mike Kemp's Spaceward studio, Cambridge & released in September on the Sequel Record label.

At the same time, Ian Hawkridge & Dave Baby Along with the producer of this record (Michael Ikon) were also members of Missing Presumed Dead. - Michael Ikon also being in Fish Turned Human.

BTW - There was another band called Misspent Youth operating in the Birmingham area around the same time.

Info added 17/11/2012 - Chris Ransome has been in touch - After this 45 he breifly played with Andy Oppenheimer of Oppenheimer Analysis. He has since relocated to Austrailia (N.S.W.) were he played gypsy fiddle in a duo called Accelerando
BTW he'd like it known that; Michael Ikon: put up the money for the 45, organised the studio, designed the cover, even got it played on John Peel's radio show - For that he is most grateful (my words not his)

Sounds & Scans below


Friday 4 November 2011

The News - Spead The News EP (1978)

A - She's So Square
AA - The Kids Are Dancing

Cool Mod /Powerpop from this Rock Springs, Wyoming 3 peice.

Eddy Delbridge (Voc Guitar).
Mike Fitzgerald (Bass)
Billy Dolence (Drums)

Their other release was a track (Bring On The Night) on the 1981 Compilation LP Declaration Of Independents - This is included in the download.
The band also recorded (but unfortunately it remains unreleased) a 2nd 45 "Trying To Ride The New Wave / Stereo Generation" which utilised the talent of a new drummer Dan Postma.*

"The Kids Are Dancing" can also be found on Powerpearls Vol 1

Various Press Reveiws

Proof positive fanzines are spreading the good news. How else could he have created such promising pop tunes?

Trouser Press
The singing's good and the songs are promising.

New York Rocker
From Rock Springs Wyoming, the nation's most violent municipality, The News deliver an irresistable rocker.

* Thanks to Mr E Delbridge for the extra info

Sounds & scans below


Sunday 30 October 2011

Date-X - Trappuppgång (1981)

b/w - Blinda Romanser

Great Pop-punk form this Swedish (Eskilstuna) Band (1981-'83).

Bengt Eklund (Voc, Guitar)
Benny Eriksson (Guitar)
Magnus Adolfsson (Bass)
Mats "Masken" Jonsson (Drums) Masken = Worm

When Schoolband Råttgift disbanded in 1980, two bands formed from the ashes Memento Mori and Date-X (apparently they wanted to be Melody but the name was taken)

From what I've read (press clippings* in the download) it seems the band had a couple of lucky breaks.
1. They came to the attention of & were contacted by Billy Madden (owner of Adventure Records) &
2. They scored an appearance on top Swedish TV show "Måndagsbörsen" (28/09/81) - other bands to do this included Gyllene & Noice. (tracks played included ; Trappuppgång , Ce Soir & Svärd Och Rosor ).

Unfortunatly in the fall of '82 Swedish Army National Service called for Bengt, Benny & Magnus.

*clippings from Punktjafs


- Let It Out Vol.2 Compilation LP (Adventure Records ADV LP 101 - 1981) 2 tracks - "Room 21 / Crying Girl"
- Trappuppgång / Blinda romanser 7" (Adventure Records ADV SP 102 - 1981)
- Date-X LP (Adventure Records ADV LP 103 - 1981)
- Brinnande Liv / Simmar lätt 7" (Adventure Records ADV SP 105 - 1982)

Sounds & scans below


Friday 28 October 2011

Lucky Numbers - Bring It On Home To Me (1980)

b/w - Back To Rock And Roll

Great Pop Rock / powerpop cover of a Sam Cooke classic from this Limerick band (1978 - ?). Led by Shay Fyfe & managed by Noel Carty

This was possibly the bands 6th release for Play Records (Back To Rock And Roll had already graced vinyl by being a B-side for their 1st 45 (Hey Rock 'n' Roll - Play Records PLAY 109 - 1978)

For more info pop over to Irish Rock.Org

N.B. - Mike "Doc" Horan was the Drummer in this band before moving to The Conquerers in 1979.

Sound & scans below


Sunday 23 October 2011

Reasonable Man - Public Army Policeman (1981)

B1 - Snakebite
B2 - Economic Sense

Nice 45 full of socially aware New wave / Ska with a bass line that screams of listening to too much Dub (this was recorded at the now defunct Starforce Studios, Clapham South London.)

The London based 4 Peice that went into the studio on 9 & 10/05/1981 were;

Tony Payne (voc, Tambourine)
Steve Pugh (guitar voc)
Kev Taylor (bass & lead Guitar)
Colin Hakin (drums, voc)

Have to admit to having a preference for Snakebite - that's the tune & not the beverage. Unfortuately, I'm afraid to admit there was many a lost teenage night on that stuff (1/2 a pint of strong cider, 1/2 pint of strong lager & a dash of blackcurrent juice, if we were feeling posh).

Sounds & scans below


Thursday 20 October 2011

Jim Power And Taurus - Only Yesterday (1978)

b/w - Night Has The Habit Of Dragging On

Double A side, with Only Yesterday being a nice slice of 60's influenced powerpop & the flip being a bit too Country for my taste (An unfortunate drawback of buying these private pressings does mean that you unwittingly end up with a large amount of Folk/C&W on the shelves).

Both Sides were penned by Norman Teeling / recorded at Dublin's Trend Studios & released on Jim's Self funded Power label.

There's more Info on Norman Teeling here

Sounds & scans below


Sunday 16 October 2011

Gaffa - Normal Service Will Never Be Resumed EP (1977)

A1 - Normal Service Will Never Be Resumed
A2 - Married Men
B1 - Several Grabs (At The Empty Holdall)
B2 - Stage Gear (Live)

Here's the 1st 7" from this Nottingham Band (1973*-80) - their only previous recording is "Playing At Love" on the compilation "Nottingham Castle Rock" - PRIVATE FEST 002 (1973 - 500 pressed)

The EP's a mixed bag, but good enough for NME to make it "single of the week" & call them "Art college clever dicks who have earned their precocity"

The Band began life as
Wayne Evans (voc bass)
Paul Cronk (guitar)
John Herod (guitar)
Mick Baratt (drums)

But by now were
Wayne Evans (voc bass)
John Maslen (guitar)
Clive "Myph" Smith (guitar)
Mick Barratt (drums)
Brendan Kidulis (keyboards) left the band early '79 & made a pretty good 45 in 1980


-Normal Service Will Never Be Resumed EP - Cleverly Bros CBM-002 (1978)*
-Hearts Of Stone/ You Know I Love You (But I Don't Know How I Know) - Gaffa'n' Product ZZZZ-S001 (1979)*
-Attitude Dancing (Land of 1000 Dunces)/ Long Weekend - Gaffa'n' Product ZZZZ-S002 (1979)*
-Man With A Motive/ Your Side My Side -Gaffa'n' Product ZZZZ-S003 (1980)
* these recordings have many sleeve variations, many hand made by the band
-According to 45 Revs there was also a recorded but unreleased 4 track 7" EP, (working title of "Firm Favourites" - Use Your Imagination / Feeble Without A Pause / Parish / The Raver) that was due to be their 2nd release in early '78 on the Croydon based Next Records.

Neither Use Nor Ornament - Gaffa'n' Product ZZZZ-001 (1979)

Peel session (unreleased)
Baby Sitting / Anna Nervosa / White But Not Quite / The Rota / Gangster Tendencies - (produced/engineered by Trevor Dann & Mike Robinson in Madia Vale studio 4 - recorded 20.03.1979 & aired 04.04.1979)

Wayne Evans played in many Nottingham based bands after the band demise, the latest being The Last Pedestrians

Gaffa It seems have returned go here for some footage of the gig (Review here) or follow the links to hear their Peel Session & LP

Sounds & scans below


Friday 14 October 2011

Roquivários - Totobola (1981)

b/w - Ela Controla

Rock & Various (Roquivários) were a Portuguese (Lisbon) Pub Rock band (1981-83) who embraced the New Wave & Ska sound (Seemingly Totobola is the most Ska sounding)

Mario Gramaço (Voc Sax )
Jorge Luis Loução (Guitar)
Midus (Bass Voc)
Paul Corval (Bass)
Rabanal (Drums) ex Aranha

(Midus plays the Bass on the EMI recordings as Paul Corval leaves)

Pronto a Curtir - RT (1981) LP*
Totobola/Ela Controla - RT (1981) 7"
Cristina (Beleza É Fundamental)/Disc-Jockey - Valentim De Carvalho (EMI) (1982) 7"
Roquivários - Valentim De Carvalho (EMI) (1982) LP

* All the reveiws I've read have said this LP was very rushed & has very poor production

More tracks Here

Sounds & Scans below


Sunday 2 October 2011

Stevie Sharp And The Clean Cuts - We Are The Mods (1980)

b/w - He Wants To Be A Mod

Was this a genuine calling or just cashing in on the Mod Revival?

I prefer the B-side as I find "We Are.." a bit annoying. However, it's a rarity that doen't turn up that often (300 - 500 pressed) & as I've had it requested you can make up your own minds!

Released on Happy Face (& recorded at The Old Smithy) so I'm assuming the band were from the Worcester Area.

It has been reputed (& refuted) that Stevie Sharp was the ex guitarist of Satan's Rats & The Rowdies
(As they were from Evesham I can see why the link was made but the band's title is more than likely just echoing the "Mod ethos")

"We Are The Mods" can also be found on the awful We Are The Mods! LP (most of the tracks are low budget live recordings of admittedly mainly otherwise unavailable great tracks)

Sounds & scans below


Sunday 25 September 2011

The Flames - Your Love Is Slippin' Away (1982)

b/w - That's What You Told Me

Once again I direct you to the catchy as hell B-side. Not that there is anything wrong with "Your Love..." it's just a bit too cutsey in an Everly Brothers sort of way!!

The 4 Piece were from the West London area & had this record written/produced for them by Eric David Holland
(who in the...
- 70's was a recording engineer in London at Recorded Sound Studios and Nova Sound Studios, Responsible for many of The Sweet 45's
-80's amongst other things worked in A&R at RSO Records. Was a singer songwriter at Jet Music for Don Arden & wrote / performed jingles for Radio 1's Mike Read Breakfast Show)

The 45 was released twice in a matter of months (1st on Thrust Records, RUFF 3; then on Masquerade, MASQ 2 - both subsidiaries of Chiswick records) - scans for both are in the download
The Massquerade disc has DICE 13 scratched in the dead wax which was also a catalogue prefix used by Chiswick

Sounds & scans below


Friday 23 September 2011

Nattkräm -Trampa På (1980)

b/w - Varför Gör Ni Så Här

Another great punk / powerpop 45 from Sweden. This time from Åkersberga.

This was the band's 3rd & final 45 & the players on it were

Martin Wallström (Voc guitar keyboard) replaced Michael Enlund after 1st 45
Henrik Möller (guitar voc) replaced Jan Eriksson after 1st 45
Magnus Sverke (bass voc)
Johan Sverke (drums voc)


1979 - Håll Mej Hårt/Tåget/För stressigt 7" EP - (AMG) BG Records öR-S23
1980 - Romantiska Pojkar/Det Blåser På Månen 7" - Sound of Scandinavia SOS 10-76
1980 - Trampa På/Varför Gör Ni Så Här 7" - Marilla Ma-s 172
1981 - Romantiska Pojkar LP - Sound of Scandinavia SOS 81

BTW - Nattkräm = Night Cream in English (??)

I did read that the band had another reshuffle in '81 & became Hemliga Armem (Secret Army) but I don't know how true that is..........

Sounds & scans Below


Wednesday 21 September 2011

En Route - Wasting My Time 12" EP (1980)

A1 - Wasting My Time
A2 - I've Got That Feeling
A3 - I Wanna Talk To You
B1 - Do it The French Way
B2 - It Don't Make You A Woman
B3 - Liar

Here's the second release from this pop/rock band (1977-'80) from the Sevenoaks area. Their 1st being Break Down Your Defences/ Rusty Capri - Barn Records (BARN 006 - 1979)

Ian Sprange (voc piano guitar)
Paul Green (guitar)
Tony Saxton (bass)
Steve Boorer (drums) later in the Drivers
Laurie A'Court (sax)

This was also the 1st release for the Barn offshoot "Six Of The Best Records" (more info here)

Sounds & scans below


Sunday 18 September 2011

Famous Names - Modern Mums (1980)

b/w - Blind Date

Great Mod/powerpopper on the B-side & another Police type white reggae track on the A.

The 5 piece came from the Shrewsbury area & were


I've no idea who played what or even if this 45 had a p/s (if anyone can help - leave a comment)

The songs were produced by the infamous Tony Wilson at the London, DJM studio in November 1979.

Both sides can be heard on You-tube (with a pic of them)

Modern Mums

Blind Date

Before any one leaves a comment

Sounds & scans below


Thursday 15 September 2011

The Escalatorz - Escalatorz 10" EP (1981)

A1 - Depression
A2 - Goin' Bananas
B1 - On The Scene
B2 - Split

Cool New Wave/Garage Rock debut from This West Berlin 4 Peice.
The Band Ran in name from 1981 -91 although the nucleus of the band Daniels had been a duo With Bauer for a few years prior to this.

The 1st line up was
H.P. Daniels (voc guitar)
Mario 'Bibi' Schulz (guitar voc)
Dietrer Bauer (bass voc)
Hans Wallbaum (drums voc)

Due to internal strife & other commitments (Schulz & Wallbaum being in another band at the same time) the above line up pretty much dissolved after this recording.
later members being:
H.P. Daniels (voc, guitar)
Udo Modin?(guitar, voc) Replaced by Andreas Roemer ('82) ex - Odessa RIP
Rene Engelman (bass' voc) ex Naasti replaced by Hans Moser ('89)
Hans Jurgen 'Otto' Schneider (drums, voc) ex - Odessa replaced by Harry Malloy ('84)
Wolfgang Mueller (guitar voc - Making them a 5 piece in '83) ex - Rozz
with the aid of
Thomas Pflanz replaced by Chris Ashburn (sax)
Bruno Zimmer (trumpet)
Skip Reinhardt (trumpet)
Soren Fisher (trombone)
Danny 'Deutschmark' Dzuik (keyboards)


5 track demo cassette -
Sordid Collection - Smanx (1983)
(studio side) - No panic, You Can Stop Me, Depression
(live side) -White Shirt & Black Tie, So Fragile .

7" Releases
Rough Stuff/Back On my Feet Again - Berlin Rock News 66.11 477-01 [1000 copies] (1982)
So Fragile/No Panic - SmAnx 12345678 (1982)*
Too Bad/Season Ticket - SmAnx 191157 (1982)*
From The Garage Straight To Your Heart/Commuter Love - SmAnx 87654321 (1983)*
Movin On/ Small Talk - smAnx 3802-391 (1984)*
Contaminated Memories/No Crime - SmAnx 25-485 (1985)*
*private press 300 copies each

LP -
Straight To Your Heart - SmAnx Vielklang Efa 04241-08 (1987) (with re-recorded versions of...)
From The Garage Straight To Your Heart/ Rough Stuff/ So Fragile/ White Shirt & Black Tie/ No Panic/ Movin’ On/ I Need You/ Commuter Love/ Small Talk/ Too Bad

Video -
Recorded 20.10.84 Live at the Latin Quarter

BTW...as well as Roemer & Schneider,the band Odesaa also included Helmut Hirt (voc), Bernd Däumichen (guitar sax), Jürgen Dehmel (bass) Jörn-Uwe Fahrenkog-Petersen (keyboards) - They Recorded 1 LP (Odessa [Good Noise - 1980])

Sounds & scans below


Sunday 11 September 2011

Tot Taylor And His Orchestra - The Choclolate Song (1981)

b/w - You Little Unidentified Flying Object
(As, Tot Taylor And The Group)

The A-side is typical Tot from this time but I'll direct you to the flip for a cool slice of powerpop.

OK. the thing about Mr Taylor is he's been around the block a few times (always making some wondeful music if sometimes a bit to theatrical for my taste) but my internet searches seem to have come up with some pretty sketchy stuff - so against my better judgement I'm going to try & recify this.
He was born in Cambridgeshire & his first (school) band A Special Moment was signed to Island Records (1975) [one unreleased 45 ‘Let’s Socialize’]. Then we move on to his next band Advertising (1976-'79 more info here). Mid 1979 see's him in "Tot & the Girls From Room 419" (see my earlier posts here & here for info). He's then picked up by GTO records (Tot Taylor And His Orchestra - 4, 45's of which this is the 3rd & an LP which was taken with him when the label drops him).
He then begins his own label (Compact Organization - probably most famous for Mari Wilson {also let go from GTO at the same time & for whom he wrote for under the pseudenym Teddy Johns }) & carries on recording under his own name as well as a stint with The Sound Barrier.
Several film and Theatre assignments followed including ‘Absolute Beginners’ (1986), and the National Theatre production of ‘Picasso’s Women’ (1992, soundtrack released 2001). He also compiled the soundtracks for Mike Leigh’s ‘Career Girls’ (1988), and Mike Newell’s ‘Dance with A Stranger’ (1986), as well as the Italian cult mafia movie ‘Shatterer’ (1986) & Shakespeare's ‘The Tempest’ (1996), & ‘Macbeth (1998).
Taylor stopped recording in 2004 to found an art space - Riflemaker - in the West End of London.

Members who have aided Tot (Voc, Keyboards) 1980 -86
Jimi Barber (Guitar, bass)
Johnny Asquith, Guss Goad (bass)
Paul Bultitude (drums)
Carke Mono, Mick Bass (piano)
Rex Dazzle, Edwin Twist, Dave Winthrop, John Wallace (Sax)
Theodore Dreck, Trent L'amour, Chris Smith (trumpet)
Freddie Triangle, Icelyn Terry, Gini Ball, Anne Stevenson, Noel Bradshaw (strings)
Thorpe Cheer (comb)
Sugar Ray (chimes)
Mario Stanza, David Nivea, Talcum O'Neal, Candy Floss (backing chorus)


Offbeat/Hotel Lux/The Man With The Gong - (GTO GT 281) 1980
The Girl with Everything/Main Title From The Paris Man/Love Theme From The Paris Man/Black & white interludes/My Modern Wife - (GTO GT 287) 1981
The Chocolate song/You Little Unidentified Flying Object - (GTO GT292) 1981
I Wanna Play the Drums Tonight/Girls Never Got Me Anywhere/An Appointment With You - (GTO GT301) 1981 Promo Only?

Playtime (Easy Listeners) 1981, re-released (London Popular Arts) 1988

Don't Spy On Me/Something For The Home - (Easy Listeners TOT1) 1981
I Wanna Play Drum Tonight/An Appointment With You - (Easy Listeners TOT2) 1982
Poptown/Richard Rodgers - (Easy Listeners TOT3) 1984
Australia/Inside Story - (London Popular Arts TOT4) 1986
Arise Sir Tot/Mr Strings/People Will Talk/The ballard Of Jackie & Ivy - (London Popular Arts TOT5) 1986 (12" only)
It's Good For You/I'll Miss The Lads - (London Popular Arts TOT6) 1987

The Inside Story - (Easy Listeners) 1984, re-released (London Popular Arts) 1988
Box-Office Poison - (London Popular Arts) 1986
Jumble Soul - (London Popular Arts) 1986
Menswear - (London Popular Arts) 1987
My Blue Period - (London Popular Arts) 1987
Scrapbook - (London Popular Arts) 1988
Encyclopedia Totannica - (Wave) 1990
Treble Tousers - (Sony) 1995
Instumental LP's........
Music For The Left-Handed (with Mick Bass) - (Sony) 1996
Waterland - (Tweed) 1997
PopFolkJazz - (Tweed) 1998
The Early Travellers - (Tweed) 1999 (BBC2 series Early Travellers In North America. The story of the journeys undertaken by British writers to the new world. The series featured candid reactions to America from Charles Dickens, Oscar Wilde, Rudyard Kipling, Robert Louis Stevenson and others.)

Excerpts From the Suburbia Suite Mornington Cresent/Bank Holiday - (Compact Organization ACT 11) 1983
Fasten Your Seatbelts were Off to Suburbia/Car Scribbles- (Compact Organization ACTX 17) 1984 (12" only)

The Suburbia Suite - (Compact Organization PACT10) 1984

If I've missed anything (I'm Sure I Have) - leave a comment & I'll add it!!!!!!!

Sounds & scans below


Friday 9 September 2011

Arrogant Adams - You Need Me 12" (1980)

A1 - I'm Good Looking
A2 - I'm Number One
A3 - Good Company
B1 - You Got Me
B2 - Just Talk About Me
B3 - I'm Arrogant

Here's "a bit of fun" for the weekend - I guess this is what happens when a bunch of in demand session players are brought together & told to play some New Wave (with a dash of pub-rock)

The boys behind
Dave Arrogant Adams (voc) were
Chester Kamen (guitar)
Mart Jenner (left handed guitar) RIP
Paul Westwood (bass)
Dave Mattacks (drums)

Unfortunately I couldn't find out both the ladies names but here's a photo of them! (Cheryl Powling is on the right - see comments)

This was the 2nd, of I think only 3, 12" releases for Chas Chandler's "Six Of The Best Records"* (a Barn Records offshoot) There was also a RCA promo only 7" released -I'm Good Looking / I'm Number One- to ( I suspect - unsuccessfully) gain radio play.

* the other 2 releases were
Super 45 no.1 - En Route (Wasting My Time/ I Got That Feeling/ Talk To You/ Do It The French Way/ It Don't Make You A Woman/ Lar)
Super 45 no.3 - Slade (Night Starvation/ When I'm Dancin I Ain't Fightin/ I'm A Rocka/ Don't Waste Your Time/ The Wheels Ain't Coming Down/ 9 to 5
(this also had a promo 7" Night Starvation/ When I'm Dancin I Ain't Fightin)

Sounds & scans below


Monday 5 September 2011

The Exits - Yodelling EP (1978)

A1 - Apathy
A2 - Glandular Angela
B1 - Going Places
B2 - The Weekend Song
B3 - I Love The Dole

Time For some D.I.Y.

Formed in late 1977 & Split by the end of the school year the Band were all students at the Keele University

Rich Potter (voc guitar)
Gilchrist Reed (bass voc)
Jules "leperd' Smith (drums voc)
David De Mentoid (Violin voc)
Hans Heap (Sax Stylophone voc)

The EP was released on their own Way Out label in a press run of 500 (each individually numbered) & was only available from a few selected outlets - This copy has a Rumbelows, Hounslow stamp on the inner sleeve. Other places were the Beggars Banquet shops (London), Mike Lloyd's Record shop (Hanley, Stoke-on-Trent) or by mail From Way Out Records (Richmond, Surrrey)

Sounds & Scans Below


Saturday 3 September 2011

Lip Sevice - Ruby (1980)

b/w - Jimmy Brown

Lip Service began mid 1980 as the working name for 2 friends Gary Holton & Stein Groven (Casino Steel) as they gigged around London.

Ruby (produced by Matt Dangerfield, which had already been issued by Safari Records under Gary's Name earlier in the year) is a great cover of the Mel Tillis country classic.
However the Casino Steel penned B-side is the real winner for me. (for an alternative version go here)

The Pair soon relocated to Stein's homeland Denmark & started a sucessful recording partnership as Gary Holton & Casino Steel even releasing Ruby again.

I've included the other 2 mentioned versions in the download so you can compare & contrast (not that there in any difference except the Holton & Steel version [produced by Bjorn Nessjo] is a little clearer) You can hear a 2010 remix of the song here

Sounds & Scans below


Thursday 1 September 2011

Telegrama - Chica Del Metro (1982)

b/w - Juando Sucio (Playing Dirty)

Great lone 45 from this Catalonian (Llefià in Badalona) Mod /powerpop band

Berto Rodriguez (voc bass)
José Belmonte (lead guitar)
Juan Antonio (rhythm guitar)
Jordi Miró (drums)

The band began in 1980 (all members being 18 & at the Institute of Eugeni D'Ors, Badalona). They gigged constantly though 1981 with the likes of The Sprays, Brighton 64 & Los Rápidos

March '82 : the record was the 1st release for the independent record label Flor Y Nata (initially a 1000 print run) although the video clip wasn't recorded for "Pista Libre de TVE" until May in Madrid.
July saw them begining their Mandatory Army sevice with a short time together in December to record some demos & then a drift in musical taste led them to disband.

The Sleeve was designed by Manolo Garcia from Los Rápidos

Chica Del Metro can be found on Powerpearls 2

Sounds & scans Below (also included in the download are photos & lyrics [English & Spanish])


Sunday 28 August 2011

Husky - Lay Back (1978)

b/w - if Dreams Were Made

Well played 60's inspired Modpop with some hints of freakbeat in Lay Back.

This grows on you with playing

Pressing run of 2,000 with only 50 having the "too expensive to print" p/s shown below (alas, mine is one of the 1,950 - apparently most of the 50 were sold during a two night stint at Reculver Caravan Park)

The band were from Herne Bay
Andy Shilling AKA Andy Ferguson (voc bass)
Dave Offredi (guitar voc)
Keith Lambert (drums) R.I.P.
Andy Richardson (keyboard voc)
However the sleeve does credits Jerry Kelk as guitarist. He replaced Dave temporarily after the disc was recorded.

MHA Records was set up by Melvin Harrison (AKA Mel Harris) & Malcolm Anderson & the "Studio" was "Melvin's Mum's House" (Alma Rd, Beltinge) where the band recorded downstairs & the Control Room was upstairs.

Long term friends Andy Ferguson & Dave Offredi met "pre-teen" at an open air gig watching the Rock-a-beats & still perform together (with Andy's Girlfriend Leah) as The Swinging 60's Band

Sounds & scans below