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Saturday, 3 September 2011

Lip Sevice - Ruby (1980)

b/w - Jimmy Brown

Lip Service began mid 1980 as the working name for 2 friends Gary Holton & Stein Groven (Casino Steel) as they gigged around London.

Ruby (produced by Matt Dangerfield, which had already been issued by Safari Records under Gary's Name earlier in the year) is a great cover of the Mel Tillis country classic.
However the Casino Steel penned B-side is the real winner for me. (for an alternative version go here)

The Pair soon relocated to Stein's homeland Denmark & started a sucessful recording partnership as Gary Holton & Casino Steel even releasing Ruby again.

I've included the other 2 mentioned versions in the download so you can compare & contrast (not that there in any difference except the Holton & Steel version [produced by Bjorn Nessjo] is a little clearer) You can hear a 2010 remix of the song here

Sounds & Scans below



  1. Cool!
    I love how much The Lurkers/Boys guys enjoyed old country (see also "L'il Ole Wine Drinker Me", "He'll Have To Go" as well as the A-side here).

  2. Great,i love all these Boys-Lurkers_Heavy Metal Kids incestuos releases,i have the Holton Steele Ruby backed with Good Ol' Gary,was thinking to rip & send to Jeffen in the next days...thanks for this!

  3. The Boys also recorded 'Jimmy Brown' but it wasn't released 'til years later. The Boys version being my favourite.

  4. Didn't know about this one. I bought and still have She's No Angel from the early 70's and I always liked Gary Holton. Thanks for this.