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A Place To Find Some Rarer Tunes (Mod, PowerPop, Punk, Ska) ripped from my vinyl collection. If it sounds good I'll post it. The idea being that now you know about them, you can seek them out! If anyone is unhappy about any of these posts please contact me & I will take them off.

Monday 12 August 2013

The Absolute Beginners - Dream In A Haze (1984)

b/w - Southern Beat

Two sides of decent Mod Pop from these 4 Dartford area (Sutton-at-hone / Hawley) teenagers.

Sean Ludlow (Rhythm Guitar)
David Bryan (Bass Guitar)
Mark Philpott (Drums)
Gary Pullinger (Keyboards)

[Southern Beat would have been a better choice for the lead song to these ears]

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Friday 2 August 2013

Gloo's Cap - Gloo's Lullaby (1977)

B1 - Like Gloo
B2 - Meanwhile Back In Reality

I've had this for a while & knew nothing about it [Not even the release date] Fortunately a few days ago I was flicking through an old N.M.E. & came across an interveiw (Included in the download)

So here are some Folky Punk tunes for your listening pleasure. (Think the missing link between Woody Guthrie & Billy Bragg)

The tunes are penned & played by J. J. Quinn who was an Alias for London based but Durham bred Jimmy Red. 

According to the interview (& the label) Jimmy recorded these tunes in various Basements & had 10,000 privately pressed up (hard to believe he could afford to have that many from busking around town)

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