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Monday 28 February 2011

The Sugar Glyders - Revenge (1984)

b/w - Free Your Heart

The Hemel Hempstead based band were
Martin Brown (voc guitar keyboard)
Paul Thomson (bass voc)
Keith Chapman (drums)

As well as this their debut 45 they contributed a track "Jericho" to the Lost Moment Records V/A LP - Colours Of The Bastard Art!

Before the Sugar Glyders Martin & Keith were in a "popular live band" called Spoils who supported Paul Young (when he still had a good voice)

I guess this would get sold as mod /indie on certain auction sites.

Sounds & scans below


Sunday 27 February 2011

The Finders - Calling Dr. Howard (1982)

b/w - Bad Food 

The band were from the San Francisco Area, California and began life, albeit with a few lineup changes as "The Rockers". They released a lone 45 which is available here Then in late 1980 after another personnel change they became The Finders 

John Rock (voc) 
Phil Schraub (guitar voc) 
John SanFilippo (bass voc) 
Bryan Allinsmith (drums voc) 

 They released 2 45's. The first being "Which Way/It's So Insane" - You can find that here & then; this, another excellent slice of powerpop (which originally due to it's sleeve, had to be withdrawn from sale under threat of legal action from Columbia Pictures & the daughter of Moe Howard. This was replaced with the less objectionable one available here) 

Both Sides of this 45 can be found on YouTube Here & Here There is a band website here with info on the availability of their aborted LP, subsequent releases & a more detailed bio. 

Saturday 26 February 2011

J.C.B. - (I Wish I Was A) Camera (1981)

b/w - Walk It (Like You Talk It)

Nice bit of New wave / powerpop from this Brighton band (who have proven hard to find information on)

What I have gleamed from trawling the letters pages on this site is that;

John Clay (J.C.B. = John Clay Band) was probably the lead singer/guitarist from Joe Cool & The Killers

The guitarist could have also been his old partner in Crime Tony Maybury RIP (ex the Vandells , DP's, Midnight & The Lemon Boys & of course Joe Cool & The Killers)

Also this was the first release on Red Rat records which was Brighton's 2nd independent record label (Attrix being the 1st)
The label's second (final?) release was Ska band The Ammonites with Big Eaters /Dressed To Kill

Sounds & scans below


Friday 25 February 2011

Iva Twydell - Resting In Your Love (1981)

b/w - Secret Service

I think this should have a pic sleeve but it's lacking in that department.

Iva (Ivor) Twydell was born in Luton & grew up in Dunstable. He was the drummer for After The Fire (1977 - 79) but quit due to personal reasons.

Iva Explains himself in an interview from 1982 here

Whilst working at the Brixton Dole office (anyone else remember that depressing buiding on Coldharbour lane?) he continued to write / record culminating in the release of 2 LP's

Secret Service - Banana Records 1981
Duel - Redsky Records 1982

The players on this 45 were
Iva Twydell (voc guitar keyboard) now can be found here (scroll a bit)
Andy Balmer (guitar)
Tony Hudson (bass) ex Alwyn Wall Band
Nick Brotherwood (drums) ex Alwyn Wall Band also Iva's successor in ATF
Graham Noon (keyboard)

Finally; Secret service is the better of the 2 tracks to these ears

Sounds & scans below


Thursday 24 February 2011

Driver - Like A Mirror (1979)

b/w - Here I Am

or "Hear I am" if you read the label

OK we are briefly drifting back into the Christian rock domain with this Lincoln based quartet who comprised of
Dave Albans (voc guitar)
Robin Vega (bass)
Roderick Williamson (drums)
Nigel Barlow (synth)

Both tunes on this, their debut 45 are above average New wave with the instrumental on the B-side being my pick of the two. - even though it can be a bit annoying at the start!!

Their recorded work (45 & LP) after this is more progressive rock.

Sounds & scans below


Wednesday 23 February 2011

Dockx Brothers - A Million Dollar Bonus Prize (1977)

b/w - Mama's Gonna Dance

Nice mix of R&B /glam from this Dutch band who seem to have something to do with Jeff Dockx 60's Antwerp (Hoboken) band but I can't work out what!! --- I suspect the song was written by them---

The B-side was penned by
P. Natte

Sounds & scans below


Tuesday 22 February 2011

Chequers - In The Midnight Hour (1980)

b/w - Move Up

Yet another great Mod/Ska version of this Pickett / Cropper tune. This time from a very unlikely source;
Essex boy, Mr Johnny "the razor" Matthias & his 70's disco/ funk band Chequers

Pop over to You Tube if you want to hear some of his funky bass playing. (it's not really my thing but worth a listen)

Sounds & scans below


Monday 21 February 2011

Sir Douglas Quintet - Sheila Tequila (1981)

b/w - Woolly Bully (live at The Whiskey L.A. 02/02/81)

Cool Double sider from the S.D.Q. jumping on the New Wave train. (gotta love that Vox organ)

This is a UK DJ only promo pressing - hence no p/s - for the 12" release [which added 2 more tracks "Who'll Be The next In Line" & "She's About A Mover"]

If you want to know more about Texans' (San Antonio) Doug Sham R.I.P. & Augie Meyers many side projects (running from 1965 -99) then go here

You Tube video here

Sounds & scans below


Sunday 20 February 2011

The Machines - Money In My Wallet (1980)

b/w - Second Hand Hamburgers

Debut 45 from this pretty good Belgium (Ghent) new wave / modpop band, originally called Nestormartin.

They recorded for various divisions of the EMI group this one being on Harvest (recorded at the London Matrix studios in July)

The Band were
Paul Despieghelaere AKA Paul Mellow (voc, guitar) later a very successful producer
Joris Angenon (guitar) later in the Dinky Toys
S. Woodman (bass) replaced by Barry McNesse
Jan De Vos (drums)
& later (circa 1985) they were joined by Jeroen Ravesloot (keyboards) ex - Van Lukas Orchestra

More info here

Sounds & scans below


Saturday 19 February 2011

Plus Support - Boogey Men EP (1983)

A - Boogey Men
B1 - House Of Horrors
B2 - Suzie

Here's a Swindon Band that came to my attention due to seeing an old gig poster for 80's Mod band Small World (they were the support - there is a scan of this in the download)

The Trio were
Fran (voc guitar)
Noff (bass voc)
Sandro (Drums)

With Help from
Mick Gavaghan (Sax)
Michael Wakelin (piano)

Sounds & scans below


Friday 18 February 2011

Nigel Stonier Band - Still Not Over You (1981)

b/w - In The Paperbacks

Cheshire lad Nigel Stonier was probably more into his Folk Clubs (earlier bands being The Providence Jug Band & Wanderlust amongst others) than the New Wave scene.
Although he still managed to write these 2 pleasant 60's sounding tunes (In the Paperbacks being more to my liking)

His Band (helpers really) were
Nigel Stonier (voc, guitars, bass, keyboards, synths)
Martin Brooke (guitars synth)
Mell Allen (drums)
Tina Hughes (backing vocals)
Joyce Linsley (backing vocals)
Adrian Peever (backing vocals) - Now a lecturer at Miami University

Sounds & scans below


Thursday 17 February 2011

Tins - There Is No Steel (1979)

b/w - Working For The Corporation

Nice bit of Cor Blimey guv Cockney from this Epson based band.
The A side's a bit like Small ads (not quite as irritating though) or early Leyton Buzzards whilst the B is pretty good post punk.

The Band were
Graeme Tarrant (voc)
Phil Dyson (guitar)
Dave Rotherham (bass)
Phil Champion (drums)

Sounds & scans below


Wednesday 16 February 2011

The Jerks - Come Back Bogart EP (1980)

A - Come Back Bogart (I Wish You Would)
B1 - Are You Strong Enough?
B2 - The Strangest Man

Here's the 3rd & final (unless you include the reissues etc) 45 from this Mirfield Bunch.

The band began life in late '76 as Simon Snakke & The Amputated Leg Band but soon changed their name to Jerks.
They had a few line up changes before this 45 (pop over to Bored teenagers for these..... other members not mentioned there were (in order of appearance) Mark Jackson (guitar), Deadleg Dave (drums), Barry Firth (drums - apparently the drummer on "Cool" not Kelv Issue), Veronica Newt (keyboards), Phil Parkin (drums), Terry Smith (drums), Martin (drums))

The line-up for this recording was
Simon Snake (voc)
Jean Paul Gilbert AKA Paul Insanity (guitar, voc)
Pete Van Rental (guitar, voc, piano) ex The Issue
Chas Menotti AKA Charles Acid AKA Charles Chaos (bass)
Keith Hurt (drums)

Sounds & scans below


Tuesday 15 February 2011

The Bumpers - Georgie Taught Us (1979)

b/w - Love You Till Tomorrow

Great lone powerpop release from this London based band [1976-1980]
(apparently there is a bundle of unreleased tracks that were taped in the band's home-studio around the same time just waiting to be heard)

The Band were
Tony Seaman (guitar voc)
Dave Joyner (guitar voc)
Steve Street (bass voc) later in BIM & yes he is that Stephen Street
Tony Cook (drums voc)
Pete Ware (keyboard voc)

Sounds & Scans below


Monday 14 February 2011

Automatic Slim - Julie B. (1983)

b/w - Tame Man

Here's the debut 45 from these self confessed "Dr Feelgood nuts" from Essex.
As you would expect this is full on rhythm & blues in the style of the above.

The Band began life in 1982 and were
Tim Aves (voc harmonica)
Ian Cundy (guitar voc)
Howard J. Bills (bass voc)
Chris Love (drums)

They split up in '99 after a few line-up changes but still do the occasional gig (see their website for info, bio & discography)

Sounds & scans below


Friday 11 February 2011

The Gross Club - Second Chance (1981)

b/w - Look Away

OK back to the sounds we all love the most; Mod / powerpop with a hint of punk.

This 45 doesn't come with a pic sleeve, just a photocopied pic stuck onto a plain white or card sleeve.

It was recorded at the 8 track Cave Studios which was in the St Pauls area of Bristol & appears to be the first release on their label.

Thanks to Max in the comments section : band info is

Adrian P Smith (Voc & song writer)
Mick (rhythm guitar & "sleeve" model)
Nick (bass)
Beejan (drums)

(At least 3 of them are now Dentists)

Sounds & scans below


Thursday 10 February 2011

Conquerors - Baby Come Back (1979)

b/w - Hey Girl

Nice couple of cover versions (Equals & Small Faces) from this Irish (Galway) pop/rock band who were active from 1971 & are still playing today. (albeit in a different line-up)

The Band were (photo of this line-up here)
Tommy Flynn (voc)
Senan Davis (guitar)
Willy Carty (guitar)
Brendon Hogan (bass)
Mike "Doc" Horan (drums voc)
Tony Maher (keyboards)

If you want to know more about their recordings (not many are worth having, believe me) pop over to Irishrock.org & there is a good amount of band info here

Sounds & scans below


Wednesday 9 February 2011

Blue - Don't Wanna Make You Cry (1982)

b/w - Moonlight

Since I mentioned Blue in yesterdays post I thought I'd give you a chance to listen to them!

The 3 original members of this Scottish (Glasgow) powerpop/pop rock band began life as the poets

Hugh Nicholson (voc guitar keyboard '73-)
Ian MacMillan (bass voc '73-)
Timmy Donald (drums voc '73 - '77)

In 1973 they obtained a Badfinger / Raspberries obsession & began churning out some pleasant sounds whilst having a few line up changes

Robert "Smiggy" Smith (guitar voc '74-'76)
Charlie Smith (drums 77- )
David Nicholson (bass - moving Ian MacMillan to guitar '77-)

Their heyday was in 1977 with a hit single (capture your heart) for Elton John's label "Rocket"
In 1979 they decamped over to L.A. & began recording at the Shangri-la Studios, Zuma beach (I guess that explains the label name!) returning home in early '83

Blue are still recording

If anyone is interested here's a discography of their 45's

Red light song/Look around – (UK) RSO 2090 109 (1973)
Little Jody/The Way Things are - (UK) RSO 2090 114 (US) RSO 4o5 (1973)
Lonesome/Max Byraves - RSO 2090 130 (1974)
Sad Sunday (Blue Flexi disc) (1974)
Cookie In A Jar/Don't Let This Feeling Go – (UK) RSO 2090 154 (US) RSO 508 (1975)
Round and Round/ I Know How It Feels - RSO 2090 163 (1975)
On Rocket Record Company
(gonna) Capture Your Heart/The Shepherd – (UK) ROKN 522 (US) R40706 (1977)
Capture your heart/Capture your heart – rocket/mca PIG- 40706 (US promo on blue vinyl)(1977)
Another Night Time Flight/Tired of loving you - ROKN 527 (1977)
Bring back the love/Tired of loving you – ROKN 531 (1977)
Women/I'm Alone - ROKN 534 (1977)
How Beautiful/Loves On fire - Xpress 7 (1979) As" Hugh Nicholson"
Stranger's Town/Change in the weather - Xpres 8 (1979)
Love Sings/I'll Get You Back - XPRES 10 (1979)
Danger Sign/Cellar Floor - XPRESS 16 (1979)
on Zuma Records
Don't Wanna Make You Cry/Moonlight (ZOOM 1) (1982)
I wanna go to New York/Love, you made a fool of me (ZOOM 3) (1984)

Sounds & scans below


Tuesday 8 February 2011

Sandy Beach And The Deckchairs - EP (1980)

A1 - Get It Into Your Heart
A2 - Victory
B1 - Working All The Way
B2 - Ropetrick

I can't tell you much about this London based* band except the tunes are very much in the Badfinger / Blue vein of powerpop / pop rock & the record is on the Ace records label

The band were
Richard Fowle (voc guitar)
Dave Steytler (lead guitar)
J.B. Burrows (rhythm guitar)
Peter Kirke (bass voc) - also played bass with the Rats
Steve Isaacs R.I.P (drums)

*Most of the band came from the Canterbury area except Steve Isaacs who was from Sandwich in Kent.

Sounds & scans below


Monday 7 February 2011

the Notations - In The Midnight Hour (1986)

b/w - Setbacks

"In the midnight hour" is a very good Mod cover of the Wilson Picket/Steve Cropper number in the same style as the Mustard Club/Sets etc.
Personally the B-side is the stand out track.
If you like your mod revival to sound like a lost Purple Hearts track (who doesn't?) then this is also for you.

I can't give you much background on this Sydney Mod band (the 45 was recorded at the Earth Media Studios in Artarmon)

The band were
Stuart Dickie (voc guitar)
Adrian Lee (guitar)
Tim Bosschieter (bass)
Mark Bevan (drums)

with help from

Jennifer Aarts (voc)
Gary Stephenson (sax) later in Sydney band people (1988) - who won 5 heats of star search (!!!)

If you're interested in Aussie mod from this era treat yourself & go here

Sounds & scans below


Sunday 6 February 2011

Ail Symudiad / Angylion Stanli Split 45 (1982)

A - Ail Symudiad - Edrych Trwy Y Camerau
B - Angylion Stanli - Emyn Roc A Rol

Here's the split 45 that I mentioned on the post for Angylion Stanli's 1st 45 - the band line up remains the same for this track as well
As to Ail Symudiad, looking through the cameras is their 5th 45 outing with their line up now being
Richard Jones (guitar, voc)
Robin Davies (guitar)
Wyn Jones (bass, voc)
Robert Newbold (drums) - the only non native Welshman, being from West Bromwich
+ backing vocals (Harmonies?!) were courtesy of "Hubert" the soundman from Rocyn

I have to say this is one of my favourite Ail Symudiad tracks

Sounds & scans below


Saturday 5 February 2011

Kru-pops - Yummy Yummy Yummy (1982)

b/w - Gimmie One More Dance

Another record that I know little about - I'm led to believe they were from the Barnsley area & were fronted by J.B Kidgell

It's an interesting romp through the Ohio Express track, albeit with a little too much synth but hey that's the charm! (I even quite like the flip which is throw away synth-pop)

The Electric Bubblegum label was owned by Dennis McGinley who was also instrumental in setting up Streetlife Recording Studios at Heelis Street & later, a gig agency with a view to finding new venues.

Here's the original

Sounds & Scans below


Friday 4 February 2011

Those Naughty Lumps - Down At The Zoo EP (1980)

A1 - Ice Cream
A2 - Down At The Zoo
B1 - I'm Gonna Die
B2 - Love Is A Reflex

This is the 2nd 45 by These lovable scousers (the 1st being Iggy Pop's Jacket)

These recordings (dating back to June '78) didn't see the light of day until 1980 (a few months after the demise of the band)
who were
Pete M Hart (voc)
Gordon "Bream" Anderson (guitar)
Bobby Carr (guitar)
Martin "Armadillo" Cooper (bass voc)
Kevin Wilkinson (drums)

Check out their facebook for loads of interesting stuff

To my ears "love is a reflex" wins out but they're all pretty good post punk/garage tracks

Sounds & scans below


Thursday 3 February 2011

6ix - Working Man (1984)

b/w - The Sun Says

As promised he's the follow up 45 to the "Banned From Devon" EP

This has my favourite track by them, on the flip of a polished up version of Working Man

Have any of them moved from Devon to London by now I wonder?

I'm not sure if the Band line up is still the same but for the 1st 45 it was
Peter S Jones (voc guitar)
Pete Hughes (rhythm guitar)
Alan Jones (bass)
Ross Kingsford (drums)
Sandra Jones (keyboards)
Phoebe Laing (backing voc)

Sounds & Scans below


Wednesday 2 February 2011

Dayshift - Living In The U.K. EP (1980)

A - Living In The U.K.
B1 - Cedric Wazza, Superstar
B2 - Yeah Eh Oh Yeah Oh!

Nice D.I.Y. Ep

It's Spring 1980 & the last 3 members of The Desperate Bicycles are in the process up splitting up;
with Danny Wigley (voc -only remaining member of the original DB's ) & Geoffrey Titley (drums) forming The Lusty Ghosts
Whilst the Guitarist (probably with the DB's since the New Cross, new Cross EP)
Dan Electro AKA Dan Driscoll formed Dayshift & released this little Gem of an EP
I'm not sure of the full line up but the drums were courtesy of Kiff Kaff AKA Keith Dobson (ex Here & Now / The Sell-outs & 012)

Personally I like the shambolic folksy sounds of "Living In The U.K."

Sounds & scans below


Tuesday 1 February 2011

The Stripes - Tell Me Your Name (1980)

b/w -Weekend Love

Great Powerpop from this Hagen, Germany combo who began life in the summer of 1979

Gabriele Susanne "Nena" Kerner (voc)
Rainer Kitzman (guitar)
Frank Rohler (bass)
Rolf Brendel (drums)
with help from
Frank Becking (guitar) see the YouTube clip below

As most will know Ms Kerner & her drummer boyfriend Rolf moved to West Berlin in 1981 & met some others to become Nena (although she'd been known by her nickname Nena since the age of 3 [Nina is Spanish for little girl]

The band Released 1 Lp & 4 45's (this being the 3rd, both tracks were lifted from the LP)
Tell Me Your Name is one of only a few tracks that is not written/co written by Rainer. Instead it's by Michael Munder (who had a track "Bänke Für Den Park" on the 1981 -VA LP Alles Aus Hagen)

Sounds & Scans below