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Thursday, 27 January 2011

6ix - The Banned From Devon EP (1982)

A1 - Suburbia
A2 - Working Man
B1 - Authority
B2 - Dogs-Body

Cool Ep of D.I.Y. mod/punk from this Devon (Hatherleigh) bunch. (there's 6 of them - can you see how their name came about!?)

Peter S Jones (voc guitar)
Pete Hughes (rhythm guitar)
Alan Jones (bass)
Ross Kingsford (drums)
Sandra Jones (keyboards)
Phoebe Laing (backing voc)

If you like this there is a later 45 (1984) that re-records Working Man & has an even better B-side The Sun Says on "President Records".- [want to hear this, just leave a comment!]

Need more information?
Then read the (slightly larger than A4) info sheet that came with the record (neither of their 45's have pic sleeves)

Finally, my personal favourite from the e.p. is Dogs-body - gotta love the sloppy surf riffs

Sounds & scans below



  1. Fantastic post! Would be great to hear the second! Thanks!

  2. Love the lo-fi amateurism. Yup, would be grateful to hear the second one too!

  3. Great discovery for me!! A little gem. Thanks a lot.

  4. Hey! Blimey I’m Pete Jones founder of the 6ix and singer etc... just doing a bit of random googling and found this! Thought I’d post. That was a great time, we were of the John Peel ilk kicking back against the system back then (and I am still). The band went on in a different form to tour Germany, but kinda broke up after that. I went on to invent an electronic instrument (www.thejamma.com) met U2, taught Michael Jackson to play it (he used it on History) and all kinds of stuff. I miss the band days tho, and some friends I lost 