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Saturday 13 October 2018

Room 101 - One By One (1983)

b/w Life Is So Easy [Dance Mix]

Good mix of New Wave & Synth-pop from this Dewsbury, West Yorkshire duo

Mae Fortune (Voc, Keyboards, Synthesiser)
Danny Senninger (Keyboards, Guitar, Bass, Voc)

With help from
David O'Higgins (Sax)

Even though this and their second indie label 45 were unsuccessful it was thanks to John Peel playing One By One numerous times on his show & asking them in to record a Session [101 / I've Got Your Number / Rivers / I'm Not Your Kind - 21-09-83]. that "One by One" was picked up by a major? re-recorded & given a second life in May 1985.


1983 7" One By One/Life Is So Easy (Dance-Mix) - Norwood Records NRW S101
1984 7" Tokyo Nights/I'm Not Your Kind - Nowood Records NRW ERL S102
1985 7" One By One/Tokyo Nights - Red Bus Records RBUS 2200
1985 12"One By One//Tokyo Nights/I'm Not Your Kind - Red Bus Records RBUSL 2200

Danny Senninger
Mae Fortune

Useless Info - Billy Bragg gave the 45 a Review of "Unexpectedly Poppy With A Neat Hook - Good One"

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