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Wednesday 30 June 2010

Bullseye - NO. 10,553 (1980)

double A side

b/w - why don't you let me know

If you can find it anywhere on the internet, it will flip the tracks.
The reason I've put it first is, I prefer "no. 10,553" + it's shown on the front of the sleeve

the (Reading) Berkshire boys were

Damian Clark (Voc guitar)
Ed Carter (guitar, Voc)
Lee Allwood (Bass)
Jonathan Kirby (drums)

& was recorded at Woodcray Studios

thanks to Bernd Granz for the band info & sending the scans

As far as the tune goes it is punk/powerpop at it's best......enjoy!!

sounds & scans below


Tuesday 29 June 2010

Jack Lee - hanging on the telephone (1982)

b/w - women

Here's one for all you Powerpop fans

I don't think Jack Lee needs any introduction (HE WROTE THIS & BLONDIE COVERED IT!!!!) it was first released in 1976 on a US 4 track e.p. by a band called the Nerves (which also included Paul Collins & Peter Case)

If you want to hear him talk about this song follow the link

This version is slightly faster than the original & has a little more production (it's not better - it's different but not much!!)

sounds & scans below


Monday 28 June 2010

B.G. and the mouse - Da doo ron ron (1982)

b/w - clever boy

I'm a sucker for punky/new wave cover versions (this one has been done a few time but the Crystals version from 1964 is still the most widely known)

There is a band biography on the inside of the fold-over sleeve (see the downloaded scans - if you choose to of course!)

This is the 2nd release on maestro for B.G. & The Mouse (the 1st being a 45 called "Breaker One Four / Channel Tunnel" - a synth-pop tune on CB radio usage with an instrumental on the flip)

Saying all of that I think most of you will prefer the B-side!!! (which according to Peter Malski was originally penned as "Belfast Boy" & was in his own words "a sort of homage" to George Best)

25/04/2011 - I've just received an e-mail from Peter Malski (Mouse - writer of the B.G. & the Mouse tunes) who has informed me of the sad news that Barry Gibbons (B.G.) has just passed away. My sympathy goes out to his friends & family.

Scans & sounds below


Sunday 27 June 2010

Chevrons - no more tears (Sally-Ann) (1980)

b/w - (Sindy's got an) Action Man

Great double B side powerpopper (requested a while back)

I could tell you all about them but they have a myspace which does it all for me!

there is also a web site

Which has a really strange story at the bottom "many a winding turn" - read at your peril

sounds & scans below


Saturday 26 June 2010

the Shares - Alice (1980)

b/w - Rollerskater disco

Nice bit of Mod/powerpop from Berlin (I think their only release)

(most copies came with an info sheet - unfortunately mine is without - so I know sweet f/a about them)

The label "Berlin rock news" was funded/sponsored by the local council in cahoots with a different record company every year to aid the launch of local acts. The records having a press run of 1000 & being distributed by the band themselves at gigs etc.

and that is all I have

sounds & scans below


Friday 25 June 2010

the Aliens - Confrontation (1979)

b/w - The boys in black

1st of 3, 45 releases (+ 1 LP)
I've been reliable informed that only the 1st 2 45's are worth getting hold of (I have them, I agree) as it's pretty much a different band for the final 45.

The Aliens were an Adelaide band who changed their name from "Riff Raff" donned some "black clothes & skinny ties" and moved to Melbourne to play some excellent Mod/powerpop

for more info & you-tube clips go here

sounds & scans below


Thursday 24 June 2010

The Legendary Luton Kippers - Fulham Court e.p. (1982)

4 track e.p.
A1 - The Sun says
A2 - No man's land
B1 - Fulham court
B2 - Sunday

This was requested a while ago - It's great Mod/punk

(from a pretty much unknown band - yeah right!)

Billy Franks - vocals, guitar & keyboards
Mark Hirons - guitar & backing vocals
Lee Hirons - Bass, guitar & backing vocals
Gusto Jennings - Drums, percussion & backing vocals

well the (not so well kept) secret is

Before the Legendary Luton Kippers,
Billy & Lee were in "Scruff" (a lone 45 on "track records" - get out of my way/rock n roll woman (1978))
Mark was a member of "straight up" (a split 45 on "rok records" - one out all out (1979) - in case you are wondering the other band was "Justin case")
Gusto ?

After the Legendary Luton Kippers,
75% of this band became "the Faith Brothers" (they left Gusto Jennings behind & added a new drummer also an ex "straight up" member)

If you want to hear another great version on "Fulham court" go to the faith brothers myspace page Make sure you checkout the intro/bio video it's pretty informative.

sounds & scans below


Wednesday 23 June 2010

I've just read the sad news that Chris Sievey has died - I've nothing fancy to say, just "there goes someone who made some damn fine music!"
read more here

the Relatives - As a child (1980)

b/w - Say goodbye to your body

Excellent punk/powerpop coming in a lovely over sized stapled sleeve (a couple of which are starting to rust)

I'm led to believe that this four piece where from Oldham (Dave, please keep sending the Peel clips they're really helpful for information - there's nothing on the net! or in books (yes some of us still use them!))

they were (& probably/hopefully, still are)

Shaun Carter - vocals/guitar
Raymond Lyness - bass
Dave Brown - Drums
Ian Cameron - guitar

If this whets your appetite, pop over to Low Down Kids I believe they may have one for sale (S - I'll call later for my commission - I wish!)

sounds & scans below


Tuesday 22 June 2010

Private sector - just wanna stay free (1979)

1. - things get worse
2. - don't wanna hear no more

Manchester band "Private Sector" sole release is this great 3 track 45, mod/punk at it's best !

produced by Steve Garvey (bass player for the Buzzcocks) & recorded at cargo studios.

the band were

Mark McStea (lead guitar/vocals) & song writer
Eric Waters (bass/backing vocals)
John McStea (drums)

the A-side has been comped on "every one a classic vol4" go here for that

sounds & scans below


Monday 21 June 2010

the Jump -Shake up (1980)

b/w - All in Vain

Here's the 1st of 2 releases (the 2nd was released on "rewind records" a few months later, also in 1980)

All (most! - not quite all yet) "new wave related" release date information can be found at the worthless trash website)

It's damn fine mod/punk from (I'm led to believe) South London ("caveman records" was Bath/Bristol based though)

- If Anyone knows any better leave a comment -

Mic Wayland (Voc)
Kevin Peters (guitar)
Peter Fenton (guitar)
Brian Early (bass)
Rory Lyons (drums)

sounds & scans below


Sunday 20 June 2010

the Untochables - keep on walking (1980)

b/w - keep your distance

Excellent R&B in the "Dr feelgood" way (even being produced by Wilko Johnson (incidentally I was at a Wilko Johnson gig a couple of weeks ago [the Thunderbolt] & met the singer "Jerry Tremaine" - thoroughly nice bloke )

For a more detailed biography & info on their record label (fried egg) go to the Bristol records archive site

Have a good look around their site & buy something from them (loads of unreleased Bristol punk stuff)

sounds & scans below


Friday 18 June 2010

public skool - baby come back (1980)

b/w - walking the rat

Yup it's an "equals" cover in a mockney accent - I don't care, I still like it!!

Really it's the b-side most people want this for (it's been on a few "buy your Dad a dodgy punk C.D. for his Birth 'Day/Fathers 'Day /what ever commercial selling day it is 'Day)

Sorry don't know anything about the band (one-off 45 for the mostly great Logo label) As you can see my copy is a demo which came in a RCA promotion sleeve - So It was likely RCA distributed.
If you want a copy try searching here there are quite a few cheap ones

sounds & scans below


X-effects - 19 (French gymnastics) (1980)

b/w (there is no flip - both tracks are on the same side with the other being blank)
the other track is Female Pulse

Another request from Dave.
Again I've seen this sold on e-bay as powerpop & again it's not!
What we have is 2 above average post-punk tunes (like most tunes on this label [pre-fab]
(I think they may have been listening to "Talking heads" for inspiration)

anyway, choose for yourself ! they're really not that bad

(If you like it "google it" as there are a few copies for sale out there on various sites)

sounds & scans below


Thursday 17 June 2010

Boys - Hurt me babe (1981)

b/w coming home

OK I like this band (powerpop that the Aussies seem to do so well) admittedly after this (the 2nd of 5 45's releases) they get steadily worse (only my opinion - find out for yourself)

This has been comped on powerpoppers vol1 (was there ever a vol2?) - these come up for sale on e-bay every so often

More info here & here

& there is a Facebook Page as well

sounds & scans below

Sorry, I've been asked to remove this link as their LP's are now available on CD - Buy them, you will not be disappointed!!

Wednesday 16 June 2010

Terminal - Hold on (1980)

b/w we're only human

1st of 2, 45's (the 2nd being released in '82 on their own termite records (srts custom press)
This is often labeled as powerpop - It's really "post punk" with the last 1 1/2 minutes of "hold on" qualifying for the punk/powerpop label (admittedly the last part is well worth the wait!!)

the only extra thing I can add that isn't on the sleeve scans is that the "N" in N. Peters stands for Nigel (who says I give no information!)

anyway find out for yourself what it sounds like

sounds & scans below


Tuesday 15 June 2010

Mermelada - Coge el train (1979)

double 7"
1 A - coge el tren [take the train]
B - dime cual es tu comision
2 A - es mejor asi (down the road apice)
B - O.M.

This was their second release (1st under their shortened name )

Musically they are a Spanish "Dr Feelgood" giving some great R&B

From what I could gleam from other sites they are from Madrid & began in 1977 as "Mermelada de Lentejas" [lentil jam]
the band were

Javier Teixidor (guitar)
Daniel Montemayor (bass)
Antonio yen (drums)
Javier Encinas 'the Moor'(tenor sax

Javier Teixidor also produced & played bass on the 1st "los elegantes" 45 for the same label (chapa discos) - great Spanish Mod/new wave band

if you like this you can download their 1st LP here

sounds & scans below


Monday 14 June 2010

Mirror Boys - At Tiffanys EP (1980)

A - At Tiffanys
B1- Jumble Sale Suit
B2- Captain Scott

A nice e.p. on their own wortley road label.

Graham Cardy (voc bass)
Geoff Clout (guitar bass)
Junior (tenor / alto sax voc)
with the aid of
Phil Parkin (drums on this recording)
D.P Gog (keyboards for the record)

Jumble sale suit is the mod/powerpop track that is more to my taste.

Don't really know much about this band from Leeds except their later drummer*(Tim Mills) was also the drummer for"the neat" (who released an excellent 45 "Hormones in action"in '79) & "Tiffany's" was a dodgy nightclub/venue at the Merrion Centre, Leeds.

The record does come with a wraparound sleeve, unfortunately mine hasn't got one - If anyone can send me a scan - I'd be eternally grateful

*info from Mario Panciera' 45 Revolutions - thanks

sounds & scans below


Sunday 13 June 2010

The Odeons - Maybe today (1980)

b/w 8.30 Anthem

Here's the 1st of 2, 45 releases for this 4 piece.

It was their only UK release (the 2nd was a Holland only release on polydor - if you look carefully at deadbeats & no-ones wallpaper you will see the sleeve)

A good slice of mod/punk from:

Mark Adams - Vocals
Will Hill - Guitar
Jon Hayes - Bass (& song writer for all tunes)
Andy "Gypo" Rogers - Drums

sounds & scans below

Saturday 12 June 2010

recession - what recession ?

was anyone else watching this

Precious little - Give it to me now (1981)

b/w Clean living boy

On listening to my last post it reminded me of this little gem, so you get the benefit of another mod/powerpop double sider.
As the story goes this was to be "the Banned"(yes them with 2 45's on the harvest label) third 45. Unfortunately for them they got dropped like a hot coal. So the writer took the song formed a new band & released it him self on his own label.
very few sleeves exist (I'm a lucky boy!)
bollocks, I've just googled the band & found LDK has already posted this a few years back - too late I've done the work so it's going out (pop over to the page, he gives more info than you were gonna get from me)

sounds & scans below


Friday 11 June 2010

The Vamps - Triple "A" e.p. (1979)

A side - She exudes sexuality
B side - Love letters / I only saw you

This is my first requested 45, so Dave I hope you like it!
I hadn't listened to this for a while, so it was a welcome pleasure to give it a spin (Excellent mod/powerpop if you're wondering)
As you can see from the insert, the band were a three piece (from the Gloucester area)

They are named on the labels as

Simon Plent guitar/voc
Trevor Clark bass
Brian McIlvenny drums/voc

more info is available here

sounds & scans below


Thursday 10 June 2010

Elfi Graf - Sunday Girl (deutche originalaufnahme) (1979)

b/w noch funf minuten

Well you've all heard Debbie Harry singing this is English & French (some may have heard it in Spanish) Here's a 27 year old Elfi (trying to look younger on the sleeve) singing it in German.
I've included the B-side, as I'm sure people would ask me about it, if I didn't. Personally I'm not going to listen to it again for one second (let alone five minutes)
There are sites to go to if you wish. I'm not going to link to any as I don't think you'll want to hear any thing else by her!

Having said all of that; I like this version & I'm sure you will you!! ---- gotta love the handclaps

sounds & sleeves below


Tuesday 8 June 2010

Odds - Fool In The Crowd (1981)

b/w nails and knives

4th (Swedish only- probably to coincide with their tour) 45 release for this Hull, Mod/ska band. Once again it's the b-side that is the better track to these ears.
According to the info page that came with this release, Kieron Moses has moved from backing vocals to lead vocal & Sam Leyland (lead singer on the first 2 - not sure about the 3rd) seems to have left, being replaced by johnny "twig" Leafe . All the other members seem unchanged. - if you want to know their names just download below.

a link to their 1st 45 is available here (they seem to still work) or you can go here to just hear it (loads of classic cool mod revival tracks here)
I can't find the 2nd 45 "yesterday man/so you think" any where so I'll post it in the future
the b-side of the 3rd 45 "spare rib" can be heard here

this is courtesy of http://punkmodpop.free.fr/ (make sure you visit Roger's site - it's been around forever & will hopefully be of help to you in your quest for knowledge)

sounds & info sheet below


Monday 7 June 2010

Cheap Cinema - Fade Away (1983)

b/w a loan again

another great 2 sider - although "a loan again" is the powerpop winner for me.
I have to admit, (once again) to knowing nothing about this quartet.
By, the pressing, the label design & the sound, I would have guessed this was an American 45 but it has a Warrington phone number on the label & it's the correct area code for the Cheshire "new town"
- so it's another lost classic in the vein of all the "bomp" label female vocal bands.
If anyone knows anything about this band especially the release year, I'd appreciate the info.

sounds & sleeves below


Saturday 5 June 2010

The Bitter Lemmings - Bombing The Russians (1980)

b/w Pocket Billiards

It's a 45 of 2 sides "bombing the Russians" is a nice slice of mod/powerpop (which deserves to have been comped on at least the "Shake some action" C.D's). Whereas the other "A" side is white reggae (still good though)

The 2 sides were (apparently) penned by D Single & B Hind (joke names I believe)

There is a p/s for this 45 - thanks to Frank
for sending me the scans

sounds & label scans below


Kamenbert - Sha La La La (1987)

b/w Voces

This is the 3rd & final 45 (I know there is a later LP from 1988 but not sure about any more singles) by this Spanish Mod band.
They apparently are from Castelldefels (Barcelona) their 1st 45 being released in 1983
All 3 of the 45's are worth trying to get your hands on. I've chosen this one coz it's the one I can always remember (it has a bit of a "dolly mixtures" sound to it! + gotta love the round sleeve)

there is a myspace where you can hear the 1st & 2nd 45's - another reason to post the 3rd -


If you're a fan of mod/powerpop music there is a plethora of it from Spain - I will be posting more in the future . I may not understand the words but the sounds get me every time!!

sounds & sleeves below


Friday 4 June 2010

OK firstly I think I've sorted a few things out & the downloads should be easier & better - comments would be appreciated!!

All posts below have been re-ripped today so they should all sound better (I hope!)

Red Baron - Antwerp (1980/81)

b/w speak for yourself

here's a neat little double sider from Belgium on the "twinkle"label. I'm not even sure of the release date, it is definitely no later than 1981 (as I have seen another twinkle 45 ALCAZAR: Days of torture b/w Born to be a beggar that is dated 1981 & the cat# is 1 digit higher than this one.

Cool mod/ska powerpop cross, well worth a listen

sounds & covers below


Thursday 3 June 2010

The Way out - Time Moves Us On (1984)

b/w Do I have to be here?
I've posted this as someone has been asking for it over at the "Tone And wave" & "deadbeats & no-ones" blogspots. I have to admit to not really liking it that much! - don't get me wrong it ticks all the right boxes but something is just not right -
This is the self-funded release before the "diamond records" 45 so still has the original drummer (Mark Turner) along with the 2 Wiles brothers. [if you are interested the drummer on the 2nd 45 is Derwent of "long tall shorty"/"the rage"
Also can anyone tell me why a band from Kent had a fan club in northern Ireland

sounds & sleeves below


Tuesday 1 June 2010

Singrays - Never Do (1981)

B/w Satellites
this was the follow up to the excellent "countdown" 45
must admit it took me a long time to get my hands on a copy of this (even thinking for a while that it might not exist) but it was worth it. They were/are a Bristol band - Russ Mainwearing being Welsh, may dispute this but hey! -
anyway both sides are winners (even if "never do" does show a slight fascination with Mark Bolan.)

there is a myspace for them

& as it says they have reformed as a 3 piece (I've seen them at the Thunderbolt 3 times - great venue if you're ever in Bristol) & their playing has got tighter every time
check out the c.d. "back across the rubicon" if you can get your hands on it - You will not be disappointed.

sleeves & sounds below