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Thursday, 3 June 2010

The Way out - Time Moves Us On (1984)

b/w Do I have to be here?
I've posted this as someone has been asking for it over at the "Tone And wave" & "deadbeats & no-ones" blogspots. I have to admit to not really liking it that much! - don't get me wrong it ticks all the right boxes but something is just not right -
This is the self-funded release before the "diamond records" 45 so still has the original drummer (Mark Turner) along with the 2 Wiles brothers. [if you are interested the drummer on the 2nd 45 is Derwent of "long tall shorty"/"the rage"
Also can anyone tell me why a band from Kent had a fan club in northern Ireland

sounds & sleeves below


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  1. I only have two songs from The Way Out, that appears on "This is mod volume 3", This Working Way and Just The Girl (the other single I suppose), but this single is hard to find.Thanks a lot.