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Sunday 21 December 2014

City Limits - Dancing In The Heat (1980 Unreleased)

b/w - No Regrets

Special Xmas treat time - some cool power pop.

This was to be the 2nd 45 but unfortunately it only got to promotional cassette release stage.

I posted the City Limits 45 a while back (see here) which as luck would have it was seen by the bands singer, Ted Waite, who got in touch & furnished me with some extra info.

The Leeds band were (as stated before)

Ted Waite (Voc, and occasional Guitar)
Anthony Peart (Guitar, BV)
Jonathan Beardsworth (Guitar, BV)
Paul Hart-Woods (Bass)
Colin McCaig (Drums)

Now here's some more info:

73/74 Ted & Jonathan were school friends & formed their first band (possibly called Gypsy - memories are sketchy things at best) playing covers of tracks like Radar Love.
75/76 Ted is asked to join a band that already comprises of Jonathan, Paul & Colin (calling themselves Orion - playing more original material plus covers including Black Magic Woman & Smoke on the Water...)
76/77 Anthony who had played in another band with Colin joined & although still rock orientated, New Wave was seeping into their writing thanks to hearing XTC & Elvis Costello
78/79 Ted, after a brief time away at Sheffield Poly, returned and the band honed their sound playing venues in and around Leeds including Haddon Hall, The Staging Post, The Royal Park,The Fforde Green, Brannigans and Vivas around the same time as bands such The Sneakers, The Vye, Agony Column, Shake Appeal, Knife Edge, The Neat, The Alwoodley Jets and The Expelaires
1979 2 demo tapes were recorded prior to the recording of the single, Morse Code Messages.

1- Ordinary Girl / Hawaiian Paradise / Hole In Your Sole - Recorded at the Legendary Ric Rac studio in Leeds
2- Career Girls / Riviera Touch / Stop Press - Recorded at Radio Leeds
3- Morse Code Messages / Just Can’t Say Goodbye / If I Had The Time - Again recorded at Ric Rac studio

1980 Jonathan left the band to get married (although he continued playing in a band called Not In Colour)
The other 4 changed their name to The Fierce Volleys, re-wrote their set (including covers of S.O.S and Statue Of Liberty) and recorded Dancing In The Heat / No Regrets at Ric Rac. They then bolstered their sound with the addition of uber fan / keyboard player Richard Bradney. Although they played live regularly there are no studio recordings of this line-up.
1981 The band were no more....

2007 The original members reformed the band to revive old times see their myspace for photos

If you want to hear what Anthony & Ted have done since go to The Blue Light myspace page

Big thanks to Ted Waite for all the photos / info and sounds he's sent me.

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