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Sunday 3 October 2021

Zen Alligators - Call Me Lucky (1981)

 b/w The Ticket

Great R&B / Powerpop from this Dublin based quartet (1980-83) although they dropped to a trio mid '83 when Philip Fay left.

Johnny Fean (Guitar Voc) 
Philip Fay (Guitar)  
Gary Eglington (Bass Voc)
Eamon Carr (Drums)

Johnny Fean spent his childhood in the city of Limerick and in Shannon, County Clare, Ireland. 
In Groups:
Horslips, The Defenders (1979), The Zen Alligators (1980-83), Host (1983-85), The Saints & Scholars (1984), He is currently half of the duo Fean & Travers.

Philip Fay
In Groups:
Vultures, The Zen Alligators (1980-83)

Gary Eglington
In Groups:
Arthur Phybes Band (1974-77), Noise Boys (1978-79), The Defenders (1979), The Zen Alligators (1980-83) Recorded with the Fontaines (1984) on the VA LP Hip City Boogaloo 

Eamon Carr is from Kells, County Meath, Ireland. He was one of the founding members of the poetry and beat performance group called Tara Telephone in Dublin in the late 60s that also published the quarterly literary journal Capella. 
In Groups:
Horslips, The Defenders (1979), The Zen Alligators (1980-83), Host (1983-85), The Saints & Scholars (1984)

Discography [All 7"]
1980 - Thrill Power/Having A Party / Just A Little Bit [AFG Records – AFG 001]
1981 - Who Can That Someone Be? / The Berlin Wall [Spider Records – WEB 045]
1981 - Call Me Lucky / The Ticket [Auric Records – AU 79005]
1982 - The Invisible Man / The Scorpio Function [Zodiac – ZZA 82001]
1982 - You Make My Day / People Who Make People's Day [Zodiac – ZZA 82002]
1983 - I Never Forget A Face (Split Live EP With Side 1) [Hotwire / Crashed Records – HSW-831]
          {I Never Forget A Face / Caught In The Crossfire / Diary Of A Forgotten War (Side 1)} 

Useless Info 1 - To distance themselves from the Horslips era The Alligators only played 'When Night Comes' (B-side of Horslips last studio single) from the earlier repertoire. 

Useless Info 2 - The final 45 was dedicated to then recently deceased Pete Byrne [Guitar Vocalist of Side1]