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Friday 4 November 2016

Pop-Tones - Wooden Heart (1980)

b/w (Rise Of The) Appliances

Nice Punk/Powerpop from this Dewsbury, West Yorkshire based Duo (1980-81)

Paul Metcalf, AKA Slick Vinex, AKA Victor Vendetta, AKA Paul Klein (Voc, Guitar, Keys)
Mick "MJ" Reed (Drums)

Prior to Pop-Tones they had been 1/2 of New Wave band Psykik Volts (1978-80). The other 2 being Nathan Teen AKA Norman Hormone (Rhythm Guitar) & Russ McDonald (Bass).
After releasing a 45 in 1979 (Totally Useless/Horror Stories #5 - Ellie Jay Records EJSP 9262) Psykik Volts signed to Graduate records & recorded 4 songs (2 of which were different versions of this 45) These were not available until the 2007 CD  Psykik Volts – Re-Volting 

In 1980 Victor Vendetta & MJ signed to Rockburgh Records, became Pop-Tones (After the P.I.L track) & released the re-recorded tracks Wooden Heart / (Rise Of The) Appliances as a 45 on Square records.

In '81 Paul joined Philip Walsh as Toy Shop (Synth Pop duo) releasing The Maze / Live Wires Kill - Clockface Records CLOCK 1 & Mick joined 1919

Square Records (A subsidary of Rockburgh?) had 5 7" Releases

SQS 1 - Viva - Radio Saviour/ Mr Mystery ....01/80 
SQS 2 - Horsepower - Outrageous!/ Highway Robbery....
SQS 3 - Aerial FX - So Hard/ It's About Time ...  12/12/80
SQS 4 - Pop-Tones - Wooden Heart/(Rise Of The) Appliances ... 19/12/80
SQS 5 - Airkraft - Move In Rhythm/ Pumping Iron  ...20/02/81 

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