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Saturday 8 October 2022

Revolver - One & One Is Two (1979)

b/w Nobody I Know

Cool Beatles Sounding Powerpop from

Brian Doran (Voc Guitar) 
Keith Gunson (Voc Bass) later in The Cherry Boys 
Derek Barlow (Guitar Voc)
Paul Scrutton (Drums Voc)

Revolver was a side project for Black Maria [A Beatles Cover band popular on the Merseyside circuit throughout the 70' & early 80's]

September 1979 saw the release of this 45 & an LP [Northern Songs (The Lennon & McCartney Compositions the Beatles Never Issued)] on Rox Records

LP Tracklist  [with the original Artists that released them]
01 One And One Is Two [Mike Shannon & The Strangers]
02 Bad To Me [Billy J. Kramer With The Dakotas]
03 World Without Love [Peter & Gordon]
04 Love Of The Loved [Cilla Black]
05 I'll Keep You Satisfied [Billy J. Kramer]
06 That Means A Lot [P.J. Proby]
07 I'll Be On My Way [Billy J. Kramer With The Dakotas]
08 I Don't Want To See You Again [Peter & Gordon]
09 Hello Little Girl [The Fourmost]
10 Tip Of My Tongue [Tommy Quickly]
11 Nobody I Know [Peter & Gordon]
12 From A Window [Billy J. Kramer With The Dakotas]
13 Step Inside Love [Cilla Black]
14 Like Dreamers Do [The Applejacks]
15 Goodbye [Mary Hopkin]
16 It's For You [Cilla Black]
17 I'm In Love [The Fourmost]

Useless Info 1 - One & One is Two was composed in Jan 1964 @ The George V Hotel, Paris.

Useless Info 2 - One & One is Two also had an outing in the USA in 1979 courtesy of The Badbeats 

Useless Info 3 - The LP [Trio Records – AW-1053] & another 45 [Goodbye/World Without Love - Trio Records – AW-124] were released in Japan as a tribute/obituary to John Lennon in early '81.