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Saturday 3 December 2022

Bombay Ducks - Sympathy For The Devil (1980)


b/w 1-0-6-9

Everyone loves a cover. How about a DIY Post-Punk Minimal one?

The Bombay Ducks were a duo of recording engineers Nicky Rogers (AKA Nicky Patriachaeos) and Vic Ball. [AKA Paul Hamilton & Joseph Duarte] with the "ooh ooh's " courtesy of Mike Whittall 

1980 7''  Sympathy For The Devil/1-0-6-9 - Complete Control [CON 1]
1980 VA CASS ~ A Bagful Of Angst - Not on Label [005] [Croonin' 'bout My Baby]
1981 LP Dance Music - United Dairies [UD 05] [Life For Christine /The New Remorse/ There She Goes (Again)/ Glass Piano// The Trial Of Mr. Grey/ Danzmusik 667/ Carnival Courtesy Of A Daughter]
1981 VA LP  ~ Hoisting The Black Flag - United Dairies [UD 06] [Dance Music]

Useless info 1 - The Bombay Ducks are possibly better known for Engineering early works by Nurse With Wound

Useless info 2 - I would hazard a guess that the artwork for the Press Ad, as it is similar to the LP, is by Danielle Dax.

If You want to hear the 2 comps they can be found here