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Sunday 24 March 2013

Steppin' Sideways - No One Needs You (1983)

b/w Still The Same

Possibly a London based band on their own private "Crab Records" label (I guess this is a moving sideways joke) with a lyntone cat # LYN 13401*

The A is good mod/pop whereas the flip is psychedelic pop/Mood Six type music; which if they had been earlier would have easily fitted on the various LP A Splash Of Colour

Apart from, the record was mastered at the Utopia studios, the only info I can give is both songs were penned by Cooke & along with the band it was produced by Dave Haydon 

*This leads me to the release date of 1983 

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Sunday 10 March 2013

Roxette - UnReleased LP Tracks (1982)

Here's a post that makes doing this blog worthwhile,

On seeing my earlier posts of their 2 45's (see here & here) Paul Waghorn got in touch & offered 5 more tracks that were recorded in the same session as the 2nd 45 & along with them were to make up a planned LP.

Blue Lady
Come Back Anytime
One Lost Love
Only Thirteen
Take My Advce

To Tie Up all the info he has provided here's a potted history

The band were all schoolfriends at Sandown Court, Tunbridge Wells* & took thier name from the Dr Feelgood track

1980 saw the release of their 1st EP The line up on that being

Paul (Wag) Waghorn (Voc Guitar)
Kevin Fowler (Electric Guitar)
Steve Wright (Bass)
Barry Dence (Drums)

Between the recording of these 45's Wag moved from Singer to the Producers chair (seemingly not his choice)
Even though they had been rehearsing the songs together the rest of the band went off & recorded an earlier version Of Another Girl without him. Luckily the tunes didn't cut-it so he was brought back in to produce.

1982 Another Girl 7" was released

Kevin Fowler (Voc [Another Girl & I Keep Knocking] Accoustic Guitar)
Tarquin Chatfield (Lead Guitar)
Steve Wright (Bass)
Nobby Skilton (Drums) who incidently took the photo of the band for the EP sleeve
Paul (Wag) Waghorn (Voc on Man and Boy)

Jeremy Chatfield also gets a writing credit for Another Girl

Wag later went on to play in Chapter One & can now be found in Insane Society

* Useless info - apparently Sid Vicious went to this school (1971) before moving to Hackney

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