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Saturday 5 March 2016

V/A - Backlash! (1981)

Scotland's (Edinburugh) Playlist Records follow up to Mint Sauce For The Masses 7" EP that has 5 tracks from 5 bands, all in the Punk / Post-Punk vein.

Significant Zeros (Edinburgh).  (Stiff Citizens - Recorded @ Palladium Studios 20-04-81)

Andy Merry (Voc, Bass)
Gillian 'Dill' Unwin (Voc, Alto Sax)
Iain Mackechnie (Guitar, Voc)
Steve Hill (Drums, Voc) RiP 2006

Formed while the four members were studying at Crew & Alsager college, Cheshire circa 1979/80.
The band emerged from two other bands - Rocky Atomic and the Sub Particles (Andy & Iain, both from Edinburgh) and Small Mammals (Dill from Skipton & Steve from Liverpool).
7" Jungle/Stiff Citizens - Dingy Toons Records (Dinge 1) - August 1981

Factory Poems (Glasgow)  (Passion Dance - Recorded @ Wilf's Planet 12-05-81)

Jack Reilly (Voc, Guitar)
Sander Lee (Bass)
Stephen Baillie (Drums)

7" Infant Soldiers/Up And Rise - Ryme Time(WRS 803) - Nov 1981

Threats (Dalkeith & Woodburn - Edinburgh) (Pacivity - Re-Recorded @ Wilf's Planet 15-03-81)

Jim Smith (Voc, Guitar)
Gogs (Guitar)
Ian Simpson (Bass) Replaced by Martin (Tin) Tucker-Bass
Joe Amos (Drums) Replaced by Mick Amos?
Spider (Backing Voc)

 This is their First release chosen from a 1979 6 track demo tape. (Pacivity / Afghanistan / State Of Shock / Spider / Underground Army / Iron Maiden) All the songs can be found on their Demo's & Rarities CD
Can be found here

Victims Of What? (Penicuik, Edinburgh) (Anybody's Baby - Recorded @ Wilf's Planet 02-06-81)

Stephen Farrell (Voc)
Colin Moxey (Guitar) later in Twisted Nerve
Martin Archibald (Bass)
Graeme Radin (Drums) Ex-The Freeze

 End Result  (Airdrie) (Last Chance - Recorded @ Emblem Studios Strathaven 01-05-81)

David Russell (Voc Bass)
Joe Whyte (Guitar Voc)
Stewart Reid (Drums)

For more info/extras about the bands download the Sounds & Scans

Useless Info - Stiff Citizens, Last Chance & Anybody's Baby can all be found on the Kilt By Death (Sound Of Old Scotland 1977-84) 3 CD compilation

Finally -- If you want to while away a few hours visit the Edinburgh Gig Archive site.