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Saturday 26 December 2020

The Toys - Ba Ba Badap (1981)

b/w - In My Car 

Great Beatlesque Powerpop on the 3rd and Final 45 from this Bath (Somerset) based band [1979-81]

Clete Stallbaumer (Voc Guitar)
Jerry Short (Guitar Voc) 
Phil Sudron (Bass Voc)
Dave Stallbaumer (Drums Voc)

July 1978 : American Born brothers Cletus F Stallbaumer Jr & Dave Stallbaumer (More Info in the download) recorded an LP with Mike Sparks (Bass Voc) & Mike Pryer (Guitar Keys Voc)
Clete Stallbaumer - My House Is Your House - Open Door Records [ODR-001) Chippenham UK
Me And The Boys/ Pride And Glory/ Grandma’s Rocker/ Speedway/ Do You Remember?// Motoring/ A Song For Rachel/ Here I Lie/ Black Limousine/ John’s Song

June 1979 : The Toys were Formed giving us 3 45's 
1979 The Natural Way/Go To The Police - Red Bus Records [1 A 006 - 63632] Holland only Release
1980 Go To The Police/Breakdown - Red Bus Records ‎[RBUS 54] UK
1980 Go To The Police/Breakdown - Red Bus Records [PB 5766] German Pressing
1980 Go To The Police/Breakdown - Carrere Records [49.647] French Pressing
1981 Ba Ba Babap/In My Car - Open Door Records  Chippenham UK
For the true completeists there is also:
1980 Go To The Police/I'm Alright - Red Bus Records ‎[RBUS 54] UK - The B-side is "Breakdown" Just mislabelled 

In 1981 Jerry Short & Mike Sparks teamed up In Bristol based band "Streets Ahead" 

Going by the Insert for the 45 it appears The Toys may have slimmed down to a Trio of  Clete, Phil & Dave. (Another clue to this would be that the dead wax reads "Where's Jerry?")

Monday 21 December 2020

Adrian Fuller - Everlasting Love (1980)

b/w Love Hurts

Nice Glammy Pop/Rock, 70's Powerpop on Love Hurts From these Yorkshire based boys. (I'm afraid their version of Everlasting Love doesn't do much for me)

Adrian Fuller (Voc)
Greg Ainsworth (Guitar Voc) Ex Christie 
Simon Albone (Bass) RIP Later in Dale Hargreaves' Flamingos 
David "Exciting" Albone (Drums) Ex Hobbies Of Today & The Vye
Lindsay Frost (Keys Voc) Ex The Out 

Producer Lindsay Frost
Engineer Bob Whiteley

Recorded September Sound Studios Golcar, Huddersfield, West Yorkshire, 

Both are Covers
Everlasting Love - Cason / Gayden [The Love Affair]
Love Hurts - Boudleaux / Bryant [Roy Orbison]

Saturday 5 December 2020

Auntie Pus - Half Way To Venezuela (1980)

b/w - Marmalade Freak

The London-based Band On this 45 were

Auntie Pus AKA Julian Isaacs (Voc Rhythm Guitar) 
Robin Bibi (Lead Guitar)
Jim Payne (Bass)  (The Stukas*)
Chris Millar AKA Rat Scabies (Drums) 

Julian Isaacs, was an enthusiastic solo Musician/Performer known as "The Public School Punk Rock Balladeer" - although he was kicked out of Kings College, Wimbledon 

Sounds Reviewer "...any man that sings like this must have something going for him, deafness for example"

How did this one-man old style rock ‘n’ roll guitar act score a support slot with the Damned?
He was Originally From Wimbledon South-West London & was best friends with 2 brothers who were in Chris Millar's (Rat Scabies of the Damned) 1st band. Julian was invited to support The Damned (due to his manager at the time David Scott promoting the gig) at the Hastings Pier in July '77, where he appeared on stage wearing his old public school blazer and cap

The 45 Recorded was in 1978 (at Pathway Studios) with production by Dick Taylor [Pretty Things] Yet it was released a year and a half later, in October 1980 by Septic [Spartan] Records, being specially created for this purpose by the Ruts Manager Andy Dayman (with whom he was touring extensively with at the time). 

Apparently a second 45 was recorded for Spartan but never released

As well as being a solo Live Performer He also gigged as Auntie Pus & The Men From Uncle
with at various times
Dick Taylor (Guitar)  Pretty Things
Mark Sullivan (Guitar)
Robin Bibi (Guitar ) also in John Dummer & Helen April's True Life Confessions 
Artyro Bassick (Bass) ex-Lurkers also in John Dummer & Helen April's True Life Confessions
Ed Case (Drums) Ex Hazel O'Conner, 999
Danny Heatley (Drums) Ex The Satellites 
Pete 'Esso' Haynes (Drums) ex-Lurkers also in John Dummer & Helen April's True Life Confessions 

Useless Info 1 - Early in 1977 he entered a Melody Maker talent contest being put into the folk music heat He played 4 songs in 10 mins [a Jerry Lee Lewis cover, a song about an abattoir + the 2 that eventually became this 45] - he didn't win!
Useless Info 2 - The sleeve was designed by Rachel Howard, who's father Oliver Howard designed the Ruts "Grin 'n' Bear" it sleeve 
Useless Info 3 - Stories are told that he was a tad "light fingered" relieving large department stores of their electrical goods & redistributing them to fund himself
Useless Info 4 - Marmalade Freak appears on Messthetics #102 [D.I.Y. 77-81 London 2]Messthetics #5 [UK D.I.Y. Post-Punk A 1978-81]

*Although Jim Payne was a member of The Stukas, he never recorded with them: this single turned out to be his sole credit: he died in a hang gliding accident aged 25. 

More info Here  & Here