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Saturday 16 January 2016

Van Onderen - De Russen (1983)

b/w - José

1st of 2 45's from this Utrecht Band (1983-84) which is Cool New Wave / Pop

Hans Keizer (Guitar Voc) Now in Pub n Lodging Band
Fred Jenner (Guitar Voc) Ex De Jenner Band / Pre Kadanz
Gerard Snijdelaar (Guitar Voc) Ex De Jenner Band
Tammo Heikens (Bass) Pre The Bombay Connection
Ad de Jong (Drums) Pre All The Kings Men/ The Phones

7" Discography
De Russen /José - Sky 4047 (1983)
De Vlag/Eigen Krant - Sky 4112 (1984)

De Russen also appears on the 1984 Sky Compilation LP "Zwart Wit En 13 Andere Stukken" (although I think José is the far better track - More of a Powerpop/Ska feel to it)

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