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Saturday 3 July 2021

23 Jewels - Playing Bogart (1979)

 b/w You Don't Know Me

DIY New Wave/Powerpop from this Nottingham Based band (1978-1982)

Led by Manchester Born Nick Simpson (Guitar, Voc) with
Neil Roberts (Guitar) 
Paddy Russell (Bass)
Geoff Powers (Drums)

23 Jewels started out as "Sneak and the Previews" Nick Simpson (Guitar, Voc) /Simon Harris (Guitar) /Mark Buckle (Bass, Voc) /Geoff Powers (Drums) but owing to a "falling out" they became the above for the recording of the song.  

Playing Bogart was recorded mid 79 with Paddy Russell, (A friend of Nick's from school learning the two songs of the 45 the night before the recording) & with Clive Gregson [Any Trouble] in the Producers chair (As he was for all of their recordings).
It was released Nov 79 (1000 Copies) on their own "Let's Call It Temporary Records" Label.
"I had been working at WH Smiths in Manchester, it struck me for the first time, going in and out of town on the bus, how people geared themselves up for a Friday night out; 
I was single, probably a bit lonely, and saw the whole thing as a bit of a charade". - Nick Simpson

In 1980 the Weltschmerz A Go-Go! EP was released with Russell's replacement being Mark Buckle
Nick Simpson (Guitar, Voc)

Neil Roberts (guitar) 
Mark Buckle (Bass, Voc)
Geoff Powers (Drums)
Roberts then quit being replaced by Frank McCarthy

So the line-up for their final 45 (I'll Pay For This) in 1981 was
Nick Simpson (Guitar, Voc)
Frank McCarthy (guitar) 
Mark Buckle (Bass, Voc)
Geoff Powers (Drums)

1979 7'' Playing Bogart/You Don't Know Me - Lets Call It Temporary Records [TEMP 1]
1980 7'' EP Weltschmerz A Go-Go! [ It's Not For Me/This Could Be Agony//The Starting Line/Love And Convenience] Lets Call It Temporary Records [TEMP 2]
1981 7'' I'll Pay For This/Down To Minimum - Lets Call It Temporary Records [TEMP 3]
1982 VA DLP Journey Without Maps [2 tracks - The Bomb Party / Can't Think Of More Than One Thing At Once] 101 International Records [WREK 101]

Useless info 1 - Nick Simpson originally wrote Playing Bogart when he was in Stockport group Idiot Rouge who regularly played with (pre-Stiff records) Any Trouble. Hence the Gregson link and cover of Playing Bogart on their debut album "Where Are All The Nice Girls?"
Idiot Rouge disbanded with Simpson going to Nottingham University and drummer John Doyle joining Howard Devoto's Magazine. Other members Neil Cossar (Guitar Voc) & John Martin (Bass) were later in The Cheaters    
Useless info 2 - In 2019 The unreleased 2nd LP from Billy Karloff and the Extremes "The Vinyl Solution" (1981) was made available via Bandcamp which has a pretty good cover of Playing Bogart on it.
Useless info 3 - Playing Bogart was also featured on the 1999 released VA LP Powerpearls Vol.4  
Simpson later turned to classical music, studying for four years with the reclusive John Tavener. Forging a career as an "unusual and uncompromising" composer, widely performing in Britain and abroad. 
In 2005 he released a solo-album "Lashings Of Pop" Featuring twelve songs, containing "economical pop stylings, trenchant guitar work and a darkly mordant wit" 

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