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Saturday 10 June 2017

The Prefects - I Wanna Make Love (1982)

b/w Up All Night

"Percolated Pop dressed in Scraggy Schoolboy Uniforms" (M. Jarrett) Or "Cool Powerpop" from this Perth 4 piece (1979-82)

Doug Allmark - Voc Bass
Tom Matthews - Guitar Voc
Michael Wiltshire - Guitar Voc
Brad Mack - Drums

Discography (2 45's)
L To R Tom, Brad, Doug & Michael
Wait Until Midnight / Little Boys -Infinity K-8487 - 1981
I Wanna Make Love / Up All Night -Infinity K-8682 - 04-1982
both being recorded at the "AAV"  Recording Studios in Melbourne,

There are 2 earlier unreleased tracks recorded Live on Shirl's Neighbourhood (1980) available on You-Tube Restless Nights & Breaking The Rules
The Band then being : Douglas Stehelin Allmark [Voc Bass], Leo Glass [Lead Guitar Voc- later in attcha], Michael Wiltshire [Rhythm Guitar Voc], Brad Mack [Drums],  John Nyman [Keys - later in Geisha]

Wait Until Midnight is Comped on the Pop Power From The Garage (Australian Power Pop 74-86) CD 2014

Useless Info - Drums on The Wait Until Midnight 45 were allegedly played by Rick Evans (I guess [if true] Brad couldn't be bothered to make the journey over to Melbourne?)

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