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Sunday 1 December 2013

The Cartoons - Beep Beep Love (1981)

b/w - Thomas Cadillac

2nd 45 from this London based band (I posted their 1st a while back)

Again the players on this 45 were
Laurence Cane-Honeysett (Voc)
Tony Cane-Honeysett (Guitar Voc)
Phillip Scragg (Bass)
Chris Blackwell (Drums)
Paul Feldwick (Keys)
Nigel Scragg (Sax)

The Cartoons began life at the tail end of 1978 after the disintergration of The Stingrays (yes, another band named The Stingrays) The line up then was Laurence Cane-Honeysett (Voc), Tony Cane-Honeysett (Guitar Voc) Martin Coyler (Bass) & Stuart Silver (Drums). This incarnation lasted until Mid '79 when the recorded line-up came into being.
Martin Coyler later went on to form a band called Hothouse with Mark Pringle [also ex Stingrays] & Heather Small
The Cartoons lasted until early 1981 were upon they split up.

If you followed the links you'll know what the Cane- Honeysett brothers are doing now but what of the others?.......  Nigel Scragg, Philip Scragg & Chris Blackwell are all in-demand session players & Paul Feldwick became an advertising executive.

In 1989 the Cane-Honeysett brothers reunited to record another 45 - Even Cowgirls Get The Blues/Ride That Train - Texas Music TX001 (As T.Cane Honey with Laurence using the alias of Laurence Black)

If you're interested I prefer Thomas Cadillac

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