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Sunday, 8 July 2018

Eryr Wen - Dyffryn Tywi EP (1982)

A       Dyffryn Tywi    
B1     Rocyrs Owain Glyndwr    
B2     City Boi Sam

Cool Powerpop from this Welsh [Carmarthen] band [Eryr Wen means White Eagle in English)

Nigel Williams (Voc)
Geraint Evans (Guitar)
Rhys Mansel Jones (Rhythm Guitar)
Aled Sion (Bass, Voc)
Gareth Lewis & Richard Morris (Shared the Drum Stool)
Ioan "Yogi" Hefin (Trumpet, Voc)

Other members Past & Future include:
Rhys Powys (Drums) / Andrew ? (Drums) / Dewi Rhisiart (Guitar) / Mark Wenden (Drums) / Einion Dafydd (Saxophone) / Euros Jones (Voc) / Llion Jones (Voc, Guitar)


1982    Efo Mi on VA - Untitled 7" EP - Fflach Records (RF AS 004)
1982    Dyffryn Tywi 7" EP - Fflach Records (RF AS 008)
1983    Siop Dillad Bala / Bywyd Annabela 7" - Recordiau Calimero (RC 001)
1984     Hwre / Llais Cilmeri 7" - Recordiau Calimero (RC 002)
1985    Cenhedlaeth Goll / Marinas 7" - Recordiau Calimero (RC 003)
1987    Manamanamwnci LP - Sain (SAIN 1401M)    [Dai i Gerdded / Gloria, Tyrd Adre'/ Ceridewen / Cleisiau'r Clown / Y Cynghorwyr //  Y Felin /  Heno, Heno / Yr Alcoholic Lion / Marathon / Y Bridodas]

Useless info - In 1987 Eryr Wen won S4C's prestigious singing competition Cân i Gymru (A Song for Wales) with Gloria Tyrd Adre

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