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Saturday 2 December 2023

Zipper - Life Of Riley (1979)

b/w Treat Me Pretty

Zipper was a five piece band from Cardiff, Wales (1976-83)

Jon Calvin-Thomas (Voc)
Ray Sinclair (Guitar Voc) Replaced by Steve Wilson after the recording
Mike Gale (Guitar Voc)
Andy Brice (Bass)
Chris Brazier (Drums) Replaced by John Turner after the recording

The Record (Recorded/Engineered by the BBC's Des Bennett at the Stacey Road Studios Cardiff) had 2 outings.
03/1079 on Spanking Records S/79/CUS268 (SPANK 1) [500 Copies]
08/1979 on Virgin Records VS-283

The story goes Howard Marks "a record plugger" had heard the 45 on the John Peel Show so got in touch with the band & asked if he could promote it for them. He took it to Virgin Records which secured them a deal & also played it to Andy Peebles which led to it being Record Of The Week for his Radio1 Breakfast Show.

Zipper released a 2nd 45 in 1982 Tin Soldiers/Cuckoo In The Nest - Spanking Records (SPANK 2)

Useless Info 1
The bald headed man sat next to Jon Calvin-Thomas is the man that sat at the top of the stairs to the entrance of The Moon Club, The Hayes, Cardiff. where the band had a residency.

Useless info 2 Chris Brazier later played on the Spitfire Boys 7'' Funtime

Thanks to Cardiff Music History for the band pic

Saturday 4 November 2023

Sonic Tonix - Don't Go Away (1980)

b/w Telepathy

Great New Wave tunes from this Oxford University College based band [1980-81]

Dave Goldie (Guitar Voc)
Simon Mawby (Guitar Voc) later in The Woodentops   
John Silver (Bass Voc)
Owen Jones (Drums Voc) later in The Jazz Butcher   

Sleeve Design - Crispin Plaskitt
Producer – Pat Fish
Recorded - Duffys
label - Industrial Accident [SGS-114]

The band then shortened their name to The Tonix [1981-82]
Pat Fish AKA Patrick Huntrods (Vocals) later in The Jazz Butcher
Dave Goldie (Guitar)
Max Eider AKA Pete Millson (Guitar Vocals) later in The Jazz Butcher       
John Silver (Bass) 
Owen Jones (Drums)    

1981 7'' Strangers /Talk To Me - 109 Product [STEG 002]   
1981  Track (Sex Junk) on VA LP – The Wonderful World Of Glass Volume One - Glass Records [GLASS 010]

Useless Info - An earlier band Institution [1978-79] shows Pat & Max's shared history

1979 7'' Jane And Jon/Stephanie - Industrial Accident [SGS-112]

Full line-up of Institution was:
Patrick Huntrods AKA Pat Fish (Vocals) 
Rolo AKA Richard Ian McGinty (Bass)  later in The Innocents / The Upset / The Woodentops
Max Eider AKA Peter Millson (Guitar) 
Rob Wilford (Drums) later in Streets Ahead  
Other original members included Johnathan Stephenson [Synthesizers] and John Duvall on Drums. Both left before the record was cut. 

Sounds & Scans

Saturday 7 October 2023

You - The Night And Music EP (1980)

02 When You Cry
03 Autopsy
04 Thinking Of You
05 Your Face    

Interesting tunes from this Leeds based 5 piece

Simon Holmes (Voc)
Andy Clarke (Lead Guitar /Trumpet)    
Peter Master (Rhythm /Acoustic Guitar)  
Ken Brown (Bass) 
Bernie Gilmore (Drums & Keys)  

Songs Written By – Peter Master
Sleeve Design - Helen Master

Recorded At – RAM Recording Studios, 64 Ramley Rd, Leeds [the studios own label 2nd release after The Beans - No Boys for you 45]

Below is a review of the 45 in West Yorkshire's Rock Scene Monthly The Wool City Rocker #7 [June July 1980]

Useless Info : Other Songs played by the band included : No Reason / Sarah Makes Me Go / Psychopath / Crimson Spots / Mental Mess

Sunday 10 September 2023

Moonstruck - Promotional Release EP (1980)

Also Known as the "It's Just A Matter Of Time" EP

Most copies are blank white labels with a number (1-100) and the band name & Promotional Release although some seem to have no numbers

For a while it was thought the A-side was called "It's Just A Matter Of Time (Before They Drop The Bomb)" due to a seller giving the below info:

"I was given 2 copies by the band's Guitarist (who is now a Record Company Executive) He told me that the band pressed 100 copies only for Promotional purpose, sending them to radio stations and record companies in the hope of getting a deal and some airplay. He also told me that they played with The Lurkers and Protex in 1979 and 1980. The Guitarist only remembers the title of the A side as: "It's Just A Matter Of Time (Before They Drop The Bomb)" & did not remember the titles of the 2 great songs on the other side."

Since this was sold (around 2010) other copies have surfaced the most interesting 2 being:
In 2013 a copy appeared (#19) with a London Phone number 01-807-1581 meaning at least 1 of the band was from the Edmonton area  
In 2023 a copy appeared (#14) that had the labels written on in pen stating the song titles are 

A1 - If We Keep Going To Places That We've Never Been To Before We'll Never Get Bored
B1 - Mice In Plastic Macs 
B2 - The Last Straw

The Matrix run-outs are
OCC+3-1-1  'Where's My £2.50?'
OCC+3-1-2  'A Porkys Prime Cut'

Sadly I know nothing about the band so if anyone can add any info please leave a comment

Saturday 5 August 2023

Jimmy Edwards & The Profile - Nora's Diary (1979)

b/w Call Me A Fraud

James Arthur Edwards' (18 April '49 - 13 Jan '15 RIP) Music career was pretty impressive / extensive running from 1963 - 2015 but for the purpose of this post I'll focus (as best I can) on the years 1978-80.
If you want to know more I suggest you go here 
and also read the excellent interview he did with Stewart Home 

Noras Diary was recorded April '79 during the recording of the Sessions for "The Adventures of Hersham Boys" which were done at the Honky Chateau. (Château d'Hérouville) 20 miles North of Paris, France.

Jimmy Edwards & The Profile
began as
Jimmy Edwards (Voc)
Steve Wilkinson (Guitar) ex Masterswitch / Neo
Andy Prince (Bass) ex Rikki & The Last Days of Earth
Derek Quinton (Drums) ex Neo

However the Musicians on this 45 are
Jimmy Edwards (Voc)
Dave Parsons (Guitar) From Sham 69
Dave Treganna (Bass) From Sham 69
Mark Cain (Drums) From Sham 69

21 Apr 1978 Action Replay / Mass Media Meditation - Epic [S EPC 6259]

Jimmy Edwards And The Profile
29 Jun 1979 Nora's Diary / Call Me A Fraud - Warner Bros. [K 17415]
12 Oct 1979 Twentieth Century Time / Seven Hail Marys - Warner Bros.[K 17464]
02 May 1980 Toys / Hard Heart - Polydor [2059 240]

Jimmy Edwards
25 Jul 1980 Cabaret / Drag It Back - Polydor [2059 256]
10 Apr 1981 In The City / Five Minute Girl - Polydor [POSP 240 2059 338]

Other Credited / Uncredited Work
1978 During the dying days of Masterswitch Jimmy was the vocalist for Mean Street  
1978 After Masterswitch he was the singer for Flintlock with his Vocals (Uncredited due to his CBS contract) on the LP "Stand Alone" and the 45 "(Hey You) You're Like A Magnet",
1979 (March*) during the recording sessions for Twentieth Century Time The Public Pisstake track [My Own Creation] was recorded. This was a one-off studio project by Jimmy Pursey (Voc) Jimmy Edwards (Guitar) Jimmy Honeyman-Scott (Lead Guitar) Pete Farndon (Bass) Martin Chambers (Drums
1979 (July - Aug*) Jimmy Pursey briefly left "Sham 69" and Edwards was drafted in as the new singer. A single [Dare To Win / Just Ordinary] was recorded [but not released until 2011] as Pursey re-joined once The Sham Pistols fell through. 
1979 (Aug -Sept*) Jimmy Contributed Backing Vocals (along with Elvis Costello) for The Twist's LP "This Is Your Life"  His involvement was due to him sharing Twist's lead singer, Peter Marsh's then manager, Tony Gordon, Who also managed Sham 69. 

Useless Info - Nora's Diary Appeared on the 90's Comps Powerpearls Vol.1 & Teenage Treats Vol.2

* Approx Dates 

Sunday 2 July 2023

The Fence - Thinking That I Shouldn't (1980)

b/w  Thru With You / Hey Girl 

Cool New Wave / Powerpop from this Yorkshire Based Band (1979-81)

Oscar Viess AKA Ozzy RIP (Voc, Sax)
Keith R Garlick (Keys. Guitar)
Rick Bettley (Guitar)
Aris Trezins (Bass)
John Lee AKA Leo RIP (Drums)

They were Possibly From Rochdale but playing all around the Manchester - Leeds Area

BFD Records also released the excellent Shaddowfax 45 

There's some more info on the band here & as always if you can add any info please leave a comment.

Sounds & Scans

Sunday 4 June 2023

Vitus Dance - John Peel Session (25-09-1979)

01. Down At The Park 
02. Inter City Living
03. I'm In Control (I Think)
04. Disgusting
05. Problem Parade

Broadcast - 04/10/1979
Studio - Maida Vale Studio 4
Producer - John Sparrow
Engineer - Mike Robinson

Vitus Dance started off as "The Gods" & were a Mod Punk/Power Pop band from Bristol. 
They never released a record in their day but one song from this session [Down At The Park] was released on the Bristol Calling double CD in 2005.

The Band were
Kevin, Mark, Kearin, Malcolm

Kevin Mcfadden (Lead Guitar, Voc)
Mark Byrne AKA Sooty (Lead Guitar, Voc)
Malcolm Young (Bass, Voc)
Kearin Wright (Drums)
They were signed to the same management company as XTC & recorded an excellent session for John Peel. 

Kevin McFadden & Kearin Wright later formed Misdemeanor 
whilst Malcolm Young & Mark Bryne became Voice of Nature 

Useless Info - Mark Byrne AKA Sooty became Vice Squad’s manager, and occasional guitarist

Below; Founder member Mark Byrne shares his memories.

We formed in February 1979. I had returned to Bristol after a short spell living in London, trying to join or start up a new wave band. I got back in touch with drummer Kearin Wright and guitarist Kevin McFadden as the three of us had played in bands together on and off since school days. Bass player Malcolm Young had posted an advert in the NME looking for a band to join, so we asked him to audition and on hearing him play, knew that the foursome was complete.

After a few months spent song writing and rehearsing we felt tight as a band and ready to rock. A weekly residency was blagged at local hotspot The Crown Cellar Bar which we were soon packing out.
Meanwhile I’d grabbed the attention of Swindon band XTC’s management team, which led to them taking us on and getting us gigs at the Bristol Locarno concert venue as second on the bill to LA punk stars The Dickies [22/05/79] and soon after, UK power pop band The Records.

Studio time was booked at Sound Conception in Bristol with more local gigs played, including the well renowned Granary Club [11-08-79]. DJ John Peel got to know about us and after hearing our studio demos, a recording session was booked for September 25th at BBC’s Maida Vale complex, which was broadcast nine days later.

Tour dates soon followed:

October 1979
09 Reading Target Club
11 Weston Super Mare Sloopy’s Club
18 Weston Super Mare Sloopy’s Club
21 London Marquee Club (support act to Toyah Wilcox)
23 London Nashville (support act to Classix Nouveau)
24 London Music Machine (support act to Sore Throat)
27 Bristol Crown Cellar Bar
November 1979
01 London Fulham Greyhound
03 Birmingham Underworld (support act to UB40)
06 London Hope and Anchor
07 Bristol Stonehouse
13 Bristol Stonehouse
15 London Nashville (support act to The Screams)
21 Bristol Granary Club (support act to Generation X)
28 Twickenham West London College (support act to The Members)
January 1980
11 Exmouth Pavilion

After the tour, we decided to take some time out to write more songs. 1979 had been a great year and we felt that we’d achieved a lot in a short period of time. 
The gigs had been so full of energy and excitement. Generation X were awesome to watch and hang out with. The UB40 gig was promoted as a Punky Reggae Party and it truly was. The John Peel session was ace! All the recordings were done in one or two takes. We were booked in for a whole day at Maida Vale but were finished in a few hours and left the Sound Engineer to it. The band Madness, who like us were just starting out, happened to be in the next studio along the corridor and we enjoyed chatting together over cups of tea in the canteen.

As a bunch of guys, with our crew, we clowned around a lot and had wild times and fun. As far as I know there are only three surviving photographs of the band and they’re here in this archive. We travelled to Birmingham to do the shoot and after getting bored with the ‘all stand in a line’ format, started to mess around as usual, which then led to the chaotic photo being taken that typified us. Standing left to right in the more standard photograph is Kevin, Mark, Kearin and Malcolm.

It turned out that Vitus Dance never did get back together after our break. Kevin and I had both shared the lead vocal roles yet there was a vibe emerging that a single frontman would better suit the line-up. Also, I was of the opinion that we were too late on the scene. Chrysalis, Virgin, CBS and Island records had passed on us and the Synth Pop bands as well as the New Romantics were just about to take off big time. As I write this, I’m thinking back to a time forty years ago and to be honest I can’t really remember why? We were young and moved on without too much deep thought.

Kevin and Kearin formed Misdemeanour and later on Malcolm and I became Voice of Nature.

Tuesday 2 May 2023

Dalmatians - What Has Love Taught You (1980)

 b/w She's Got To go

Cool New Wave / Powerpop from this Leigh-on-Sea, Essex 4 Piece

Chris Ward (Voc, Guitar, Keys) RIP
Mark Dowdeswell (Bass)
Angus Cox (Drums)
Ian Cox (Saxophone)

1980 7'' What Has Love Taught You/ She's Got To Go - Dogrock Vinyl Corporation – SD101 (Released in blue, black & red vinyl)
1982 VA 12"MLP Dogrock EP Supermarche/ It's No Fun Anymore - Dogrock Vinyl Corporation – SD102
1982 7'' Colourful World/ Women Against The World - Dogrock Vinyl Corporation – SD103

Useless Info 1 - Ian Cox was the owner of the Dogrock Vinyl Corporation label

Useless Info 2 - I found these snippets on a forum (Thanks to the commenter!)
Ian Cox is now a painter and spends his time either here or his house in Gozo (off Malta)
Chris Ward was running a deli in Leigh called Gusto for some time, but that's now shut down.
Ian Cox's brother Angus was their drummer and the last time I saw him he tried to persuade me to join hands with Jesus. 
Mark Dowdeswell was on bass, & was still playing in a band The Po'crackers. 

Sunday 2 April 2023

The Cartel Rebels - Washington Guns (198X)

b/w The Industry

Adam Cole (Voc Guitar)
Chris Coombes (Guitar Voc)
Pete Clarke (Bass)
Phil Yorke (Drums)   
Colin Bodenham (Keys)

Nice "Late Clash" sounding tunes, released in an oversized sleeve on their own Bullet Records. Presumably they were Bristol Based as its recorded at SAM Studios (Backfields Place Stokes Croft) & my guess would be released sometime between 1985-88

Useless Info - The SAM name was derived from Steve Street, Andy Davis and Martin/Merv Woolford’s names. Usually Murv and Steve would’ve shared instrument, engineering and production duties.
Andy was never really part of the studio set up as he was busy with The Korgis and touring/recording with Tears For Fears.

As always if anyone has any info please leave a comment

Saturday 4 March 2023

Scarlet Downs - Windows (1983)

b/w - Turning Around

Post-Punk /Indie Band from Sherborne Dorset starting off life as "Exit" (1981-83)

Nick Ayling (Bass, Voc)
Simon Barber (Drums Voc)  ex  The Wait / The Act / Burning Garden    
Mark Barber (Lead Voc, Guitar, Trumpet)   
Martin Beresford AKA Bastie (Saxophone)

Recorded at Spacewood Studios Cambridge 

Pre 45 Players
Bass - Adrian Leppard then Brendan (Sacked for being a prat just prior to the recording of the 45)  
Drums - Nick Manley then Ian Davis
Post 45 Players
Bass - Mathew Cornish (then Nick Ayling again)
Drums - Martin Herring (with Simon Barber taking over lead Vocal duties)
Saxophone - Dobson

1982  Cassette VA - What's Goin' On? [RAPP Records RAPP 12345] Scarlet Downs/ Kickin' The Bench/ Tell Me/ Kama 
1983 7" - Windows/ Turning Around [Rum Records RUM 059]
1984 Cassette VA - A Taste Of Rum [Rum Records RUM 002] You'll Never/ Rum Rap/Scarlet Rap

Simon Barber & Mark Barber are probably best known for being in the Yeovil band The Chesterfields (1984-89)

Useless info - Together with Alan Flint, Simon was responsible for the Excellent ‘Feeding The Fish’ Fanzine

Sunday 5 February 2023

Johnny Solo - Yellow Dinghy (1981)


b/w On The Rebound

Hull based band active from the Late 70s to Early 80s

Johnny Solo AKA Johnny Richardson (Voc)
Chris Brown (Guitar)
Ian "Ralph" McWalter (Bass)
Steve Jessop (Drums) Also played with Nyam Nyam 
Steve Marshall (Keyboards)

(Also included on the Recording Session)
Dave Gambi (Trumpet Voc)
Paul Tiffany (Congas Voc)
Jane Hutchison (Saxophone Voc)

(Ex Members Include)
Dave Ellis (Double Bass)
Thurstan Binns (Drums)
Tom Cotton (Bass)
Professor Arthur Smee (Drums)

Johnny Richardson and Chris Brown were at Art College together meeting Steve Marshall along the way. Initially the band also comprised of Tom Cotton and Professor Arthur Smee. As both Smee and Cotton had their own projects, replacements (Steve Jessop and Ralph McWalter) were gleaned. 
1981, the band (Johnny Solo & the Escalators) were renowned for their lively performances in local venues and around the university / college circuit. 
Winning a music paper competition, they recorded “Rebound” at Pathway Studios with Nick Lowe however the master tape went missing, so the band produced a new version plus “Yellow Dinghy” at Fairview Studios in Hull.

Around the same time the Hull compilation LP Mrs Wilson’s Children was released which included their track “Special Stuff” 
There is also a promo video of “Fluff on the Needle” made that year on YouTube.  

Monday 2 January 2023

Disco Students - South Africa House (1979)

b/w - Kafkaesque

Nice DIY/Post Punk from this Aylesbury based band (1978-81)

Vocals, Guitar, Keys - Simon Cheetham (1978-81) ex The Haircuts & Heartbeat
Guitar  - Simon Clark (1978-79) ex-Tower Of Power. Replaced by Karl Perkins (1979-80), Jon Greenough (1980-81)
Bass - Richard Coles (1978-81) ex-Iona. Replaced by Spencer Harris (1980) 
Drums - Graham Hocking RIP (1978-80) ex-Heartbeat. Replaced by Matt Donovan (1980) 

1978 - The Haircuts -VA LP Aylesbury Goes Flaccid [Do You Remember L-L-Longwick] - Flaccid Records [FLAC 1]
1979 - Disco Students 7'' South Africa House/ Kafkaesque - Yeah!Yeah!Yeah! Records [UH,HUH 1]
1980 - Disco Students 7'' A Boy With A Penchant For Open-Neck Shirts/ Pink Triangles/ Credit - Yeah!Yeah!Yeah! Records [UH,HUH 2]
1981 - The Kindergarten 12'' But/ Red Flowers/ Boxes - Yeah!Yeah!Yeah! Records – UH,HUH 3

Useless Info - Simon Cheetham has also written many books & is a massive Watford FC fan.