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Thursday 31 March 2011

Brian Kramer - Brian Kramer EP (1980)

A1 - This Years Fashion Parade
A2 - Pearl
B - Watching The Changes

Great EP that encompasses New wave / White Reggae / Ska & powerpop reminding me at times of a "packet of three" era Squeeze.

The London Based Brian Kramer (voc guitar) was aided & abetted on this ep by

Steve Carroll (guitars) ex Little Bo Bitch
Tony Watson (bass) ex Little Bo Bitch
Mik Sweeney (bass) ex Little Bo Bitch & later Classix Nouveaux
Terry Reece (drums) ex Little Bo Bitch
Graham Broad (drums) session drummer

I'm guessing this was before Steve Carroll joined Praying Mantis

Sounds & scans below


Wednesday 30 March 2011

Apartment - We'll Have A Holiday (1981)

b/w - Weekend

Only 45 from this Northern Irish (Belfast) bunch
& 3rd (final) 45 for the Good vibrations [more mod / R&B / soul] subsidiary label "Strong Records" (the other 2 being "Mighty Shamrocks" & Rob Strong & The Rockets)

The band were

Hugh Matier (guitar voc)
Kenny Briggs (bass)
Joe Hanratty (drums) ex Allykatz
Jim Sisk (organ)
Mervyn Crawford (Saxophone) ex Soul Foundation
Alastair Wallace (Flugal Horn)

& according to the sleeve they had a Saturday night residency at the Errigle Inn on Ormeau Rd, Belfast

Al Wallace & Merv Crawford still play together in Apartment B
Joe Hanratty & Jim Sisk also play together in the Illegals
Al Wallace, Merv Crawford & Joe Hanratty play together in "The Soul Foundation"

Sounds & scans below

Tuesday 29 March 2011

Rory Moon - Little Wond'ring Why (1981)

b/w - See her Now

Here is the 2nd time Rory Moon tried for fame & fortune with this beatlesque powerpopper.

(it was originally released in Holland, Germany & Belgium on EMI in 1977, where he was joined by the Silver Stars)

If you want to know if the "mixes" are the same, pop over to Sing Sing & work it out for yourself!

Sounds & Scans below


Monday 28 March 2011

Laslo and the Leopards - I Can Be Your Friend (1983)

b/w - Down On Me

Nice couple of New Wave / powerpop tracks from the pens of Lilley & Rogers & the keyboard of
Patrick Browne
(ex Fraser Nash, also played with Roy Sundholm amongst others)

I'm not sure but this may be just a promo (cat # OAS / 001 S83 CUS 1674) as the 45 seems to have actually came out a year later as Lazlo & The Leopards on Red Bus records (REDBUS91) with a different B side "3Hrs later"(also released as a 3 track 12" with disco mixes by Peter Yellowstone) - I suspect that 45 is very different to what you see here!!

Sounds & scans below


Sunday 27 March 2011

Ron Ellis - Here Comes Summer (1979)

b/w - Hot California Night

(+ extra mystery bonus track in the download)

As it's officially the start of B.S.T. today I thought I'd celebrate! with a cover of Jerry Keller's '59 hit from Mr Ellis (who confesses to giving it a new shuffle arrangement) aided by Sue Glover & Sonny Leslie & Tony Burrows

This 45 was released after his 1978 7" For The Boys On The Dole under the name "Neville Wanker & The Punters" (where he was joined by Bilbo (possibly) & Tim Rose) but was probably recorded sometime earlier (1975?) at the Morgan Studios in London

If you want to know more about Ron's other releases go here or if you want to know more about the man himself go here

Sounds & scans below


Saturday 26 March 2011

Spirit Level - Someone Cares (1981)

b/w - Cigarette World

This is a double A side, but if you ask me Cigarette World is the only track worth listening to (that's if you like the sounds of Chefs , Mo-dettes etc)

I'm pretty sure this was the only release from the Southend-on-sea based bunch.

Helen Willsmer (voc)
Graham Godfrey (guitar)
Bob Lynch (rhythm guitar)
Steve Kemp (bass)
Jim Lynch (drums)

Sounds & scans below


Friday 25 March 2011

Rotjoch - Bad Boy (1981)

b/w - Berry Lover

As promised a couple of posts ago here is the 2nd 45 from these Dutch (Hilversum) powerpoppers
It was released just after their LP (Bad boy is on it but the b-side is exclusive to this 45)

The Band were

Ronald Welgemoed (voc rhythm guitar)
Pim Bilderbeek (lead guitar voc)
Michiel ten Veen (bass voc)
René van den Velden (drums voc)

Whilst you're here pop over to their Myspace page to show support

Sounds & scans below


Wednesday 23 March 2011

The Stockings - (She's A) Devil (1980)

b/w - Tiny Voices

1st 7" from this Perth New wave band who started life in Early '79 as "Rip Torn & The Stockings"
Rip Torn being singer Bernie Lynch [ left in 1980 to form "Living Single" -who became Eurogliders.]

Other band members (1979 - '82)

Pierre Corsage AKA Frank Lee (guitar voc)
Bob "Boris" Garter AKA Bob Fallovic (guitar voc)
Lon Gerae (bass)
Fred A'Snare AKA John Johnson AKA John Bennetts (drums) joined Eurogliders in '82

other stuff

Stockings Ep (5 track 12") -Dada Records MX 191725 (1980) with Bernie Lynch
Good Luck / Makes You Cry 7"- Rough Diamond RDS 3502 (1981)
Red Tango LP - Rough Diamond RDL 8801 (1981)
Limbo / Boy Girls 7" - Rough Diamond RDS 3508 (1982)
Limbo Ep (5 track 12") - Rough Diamond RDM 8803 (1982)

Sounds & scans below


Tuesday 22 March 2011

Andy Pandemonium - Controlling Factor (1981)

b/w - Lamb Kebab

Nice bit of D.I.Y from Wales (Llanelli) - This is their 2nd 45 (if you want to hear their 1st, it's at Tone & Wave )

- the only recorded piece you're now missing is the track She’s My Digital Alarm Clock which is on the RCA LP "Battle of the Bands" 1982)

The band (1979 - '83) on this 45 were
Roger Forsyth (voc sax)
John Davies (guitar voc)
Gareth Phillips (bass)
Peter Mason (drums)
Paul Nicholas (keyboards)

If you want to know more there is a highly informative website here

Sounds & scans below


Monday 21 March 2011

Refugee - I'm Not Like You (1981)

b/w - When I Was young

Great slice of Mod /punk on the A-side & not a bad track on the flip either.

Penned by M. McRae & produced / arranged by Richard Rushford.

According to Music master it was released in October & was their only vinyl offering.

Sounds & scans below


Sunday 20 March 2011

Rebel - Baby Baby baby (1982)

b/w - No Use Crying

Nice Powerpop from this Dutch (Hilversum) band - It's their only release under this name but they had a couple of 45's & an LP under an earlier incarnation Rotjoch .
The 1st 45 is here & the LP here but I couldn't find their 2nd posted any where (so I may post it soon)

The sleeve shown is from the 2nd time this was issued - there are also scans of the 1st issue in the download (they're both on the Vogue subsidiary label VIP & appear to have been issued only a few months apart - anyone know why?)

The band (1978 - '85) were

Ronald Welgemoed (voc rhythm guitar harmonica)
Pim Bilderbeek (lead guitar and voc)
Michiel ten Veen (bass voc) in Rotjoch & Rebel replaced by
Gert Kuiter (bass voc) Rebel (after this 45)
Minze Koopman (drums), in Rotjoch not Rebel replaced by
René van den Velden (drums voc) in Rotjoch & Rebel replaced by
Willem van den Marel (drums) Rebel (after this 45)

If you want to hear more from them Including some unreleased tracks from their aborted 2nd LP pop over to their myspace

Sounds & scans below


Saturday 19 March 2011

Glass Torpedoes - Tall Stories (1981)

b/w - Call It Music

3rd & final 45 from Liverpool (Kirkby) band Glass Torpedoes (almost as good as the 1st & a darn sight better then the 2nd)

There's not much left of the line-up that released the "Someone Different" ep in 1979 (the Drummer being the only surviving Member)

The boys & girl on this 45 were

Kate Gill (voc)
Paul Reason (guitar) later in Ex post Facto
Bernie Carroll (bass) later in Ex post Facto
Mark Coleridge (drums) later in Ex post Facto & Stiffs amonst others

The sleeve shown is the promo fold over that preceded the "proper" release sleeve (see d/load for scans)

In case you're wondering, the preceding (2nd) 45 also on Leo Sound (Unreal the Real / Running Wild - LEO 1001 -1980) utilized John Milton (guitar voc) & David Maxwell (guitar voc) instead of Kate Gill.

You can find a bit more info here

Sounds & scans below


Friday 18 March 2011

The Reasons - Airport Man (1981)

b/w - Oh Johnny!

Nice Female Vocal New Wave from the pen of M. Bretts - Oh Johnny being by far the better track to these ears! (Nice 60's garage guitar work)

Apart from the 45 being made in France (It was cheaper than using UK plants) I have no more useful information.

Sounds & scans below


Thursday 17 March 2011

Weird Strings - Oscar Automobile (1979)

b/w - Ancient & Square

Cool debut 45 this, on their own label (Velvet Moon records VM1)

The band (1979 -81) hailing from the Kent area were

Paul Roland AKA Paul Sinclair (voc guitar)
Simon Ballestrini (bass)
John Willans AKA John Daniels (drums guitar voc)
Hard On Love (handclaps)

The above Trio + Martin Newton were also Midnight Rags

Their 7" Discography after this 45 reads

Midnight Rags -Public Enemy / Alcatraz / Mamma said (Ace Records ACE 005) 1979
Weird Strings II - Criminal Cage / Millionaire (Ace records ACE 009) 1980
Midnight Rags - The Cars That Ate New York / Oscar Automobile (Velvet Moon records VM.1) 1980

Sounds & scans below


Tuesday 15 March 2011

Tim Roddy - Frankly Fiona (1982)

b/w - Don't Turn The Light Out On Me

Can't tell you much about this 45 apart from the 2 tunes fall into the pop rock / powerpop bracket.

I think Mr Roddy was from the Farnham Common neck o the woods.

Sounds & scans below


Monday 14 March 2011

Stilts - Waiting For A Miracle (1981)

b/w - People And Buildings

This 45 doesn't really know what it wants to be (snyth led but with ska / powerpop overtones) anyway I sort of like it!

I couldn't find much info on the (Manchester based?) band (an internet search shows there are plenty of this record for sale)

It's on the Mansfield based Rondelet Music & Records Label.

Both sides were penned by P. Soffe & the bass player was Mike Wellman (creator of Pacru). As to the identity of other 3 - Anyone know? (See Comments!)

Sounds & scans below


Saturday 12 March 2011

Speeds - Today Is Not A Good Day (1980)

b/w / Where I Used To Play

Here's the 2nd 45 from this Portuguese pub rock / New Wave band & it would happily sit on one of the powerpearls volumes.
Their 1st release was She's Gonna Leave Me /The House Is In A Mess (It says Mass on the sleeve & record but I think that's just a typo) - GIRA 1980
Both 45's were produced by Rock in Stock radio broadcaster Luis Filipe Barros

Lisbon band Speeds (1979-81) Were

João Braz (voc)
Luiz Ricardo (guitar) song writer
Pedro Oliveira (rhythm guitar)
João Ejarque (bass)
João José (drums)

Some of the band became Menincos Do Coro (Boy's Choir) who released a 45 in late 1981 (Revolta No Zoo / O Cursinho - Movie Play)

Thanks to Toxicidades for the info & photo

Sounds & scans below


Friday 11 March 2011

Graduate - Mad One (1979)

b/w - Somebody Put Out The Fire

1st 45 from these "Bath" Boys whose biggest hit was Elvis Should Play Ska. Yet they are probably best known for their later incarnation; Tears For Fears

The Band were
Roland Orzabal (voc guitar)
Curt Smith (voc bass)
John Baker (guitar voc keyboards)
Andy Marsden (drums voc)
Steve Buck (keyboards voc)

There are some excellent photos of the band from this period (including the engineer Glen Tommey) Here

The Story goes In July 1979, Graduate spent three days in Bath's Crescent Studios.
From this session, Mad One / Somebody Put Out The Fire was picked for release as a 45 on the small indie label Blue Hat.
They wrote 'Mad One' after being commissioned to do so by Tony Hill, an eccentric man with a successful car number plate business. Mr. Hill offered to pay for the studio time if the band would agree to write and record a song about him. He owned a car with the license plate "MAD 1", hence the title of the song.
Only a few dozen copies of the single were pressed, and those were most likely used to promote Mr. Hill's business.
According to Andy Marsden, the b-side is the only known Graduate recording to feature John Baker on lead vocals & was a track that they started doing back in 1977 (as the Baker Boys).

BTW I'm warning you now this is not their best recorded output (I'm posting it because I've had a request)

other vinyl to lookout for

Elvis Should Play Ska/Julie Julie - Precision PAR 100 (1980)
Elvis Should Play Ska/Sick & Tired - Zafiro (Spain) diff b-side (also French/Aussie/German/Dutch & probably more pressings)
Ever Met A day/Shut Up - Precision PAR 104 (1980)
Ambition/Bad Dreams - Precision PAR 111 (1980)
Shut Up/Ever Met A Day - Precision PAR 117 (1980)
Acting My age/Julie Julie - Zafiro/PRT (Spain) (1981)
Acting My Age - Precision LP (12" & 10")

Sounds & scans below


Thursday 10 March 2011

Johnny DuCann - Where's The Show? (1977)

b/w - Hang Around

Here's the 2nd 45 of 3 that are worth looking for from John Du Cann (guitar, voc)
If you followed the link you'll have seen John Cann has had a long & varied career (The Attack, Andromeda, Atomic Rooster & quite a few others)

Great A-side but Hang around has a little too much "Quo boogie" for my liking - I guess that's what happens when you let Francis Rossi produce your records

His little helpers on the record were
John McCoy (bass)
Peter Kircher (drums)
Andrew Brown (keyboards)
I also read a rumour that a few guitar notes may have came from the producer!

Here's John With the 1979 chart hit Don't Be A Dummy on Top Of the Pops & the original track on the Lee Cooper Jeans Ad sung by Gary Numan.
while you're at it check out the follow up ad by Lee Cooper with Gary Holton (HMK) singing

If you want to get hold of His unreleased Arista LP (The World's Not Enough) & some other demos pop over to Angel Air Records

Sounds & scans below


Wednesday 9 March 2011

The Four Squares - The Gates Of Hell (1983)

b/w - The Debt

As mentioned in an earlier post The Four Squares were the "dream team" of a band for John Hewlett (ex manager of Sparks / Dickies / Milk & Cookies & earlier in his career bass player for Johns Children (bio in French use google translate)

Band members were

John Hewlett
Adrian Fisher (guitar)
Trevor White (bass voc)
Norman "Dinky" Diamond (drums voc)
Bob Davis AKA Chuck Wagon (keyboards, guitar)

The story goes that in November 1980 Hewlett (with son & wife) & Davis flew into London to met the others & rehearse /demo 5 songs, these were in turn taken back to California.
These tunes were played to Ian Kimmet & Albert Grossman of the now defunct Bearsville Studios (Woodstock, Turtle Creek, N.Y.) who offered them studio time.
By April 1981 Davis had finally quit the Dickies & the 5 of them had 9 tracks finished. A call then comes in from the Dickies asking him to help them out with a few local shows at the Topanga Corral (Topanga) in May. On assurance that he will not be required in the studio, he agrees.
It's after the last of these shows that he goes back to his parents house in the San Fernando Valley & shoots himself in the head. Thus the project ground to a halt & it took until September 1983 for the tunes to get released.

Sounds & scans below


Monday 7 March 2011

Tubeway Patrol - Do Eyes Ever Meet (1981)

b/w - No Time

Sole release from ex members of Slough band Tubeway Army

When Tubeway Army split in 1979 (Gary Numan and Paul Gardiner wandered off into the sunset) Sean Burke and Barry Benn reverted back to their earlier days and formed the Station Boys.
Sean was also briefly leader of "Robert & the Remoulds" (who released a version of Do Eyes Ever Meet as a double A-side with X No1 on Black & White records - 1979).

The Station Boys morphed in to Tubeway Patrol & the 2 started lo look for other members.
On 31st May 1980, With the band being;

Nicky Combes (voc)
Sean Burke
(Guitar, Synth voc)
Billy Holland (bass)
Barry Benn (drums)

They went into Jacob's Studio's, Surrey to record a Demo (Do Eyes Ever Meet / Welcome / No Time / Relay) which secured them a record deal with Video Records [WEA] who booked them into The Music Centre Studios ,Wembley where they mastered “Do eyes ever meet” and “No Time” unfortunately these recordings were never released as the company folded shortly after.

Another Demo was recorded 06/12/80 at Exit studios, Fulham (Only Dreaming / A Death In The City / Computer Failure / Time Square)

Debbie Katz (keyboards) now joins

Soon after, under new management , they went into Abbey Road Studios & mastered the same two tracks again (with Charlie Tumahi - Be-bop Deluxe bassist behind the desk).
With these masters the band secured the record deal with Carrere Records [WEA]. It's released (13th November) with no fanfare or picture sleeve, even with it receiving some radio play it sinks without a trace.

Due to the lack of success the record company took the decision to drop the band.

They then signed to DJM (1982) and the single was re-released in Europe (France / Holland / Germany) with a different mix of "No Time"..... again fame & fortune was not around the corner!!

there's a myspace page
& a Web page

Sounds & scans Below


Sunday 6 March 2011

Trastos - El Poli Te Ve (1980)

b/w - Rockers Del 83

I've just realised I've not posted anything from Spain for ages so here's the 1st 45 from Trastos

Trastos were an attempt by CBS to cash in on the pop / New Wave scene but don't let that put you off !
They began in Madrid in 1978 but didn't release any recorded material until 1980 with this El Poli Te Ve - (The cop sees you)

They were
Miguel Angel Lobato (voc)
Tores Crespo (guitar)
Fernando Crespo (bass
Javier Lobato (drums)
Luis Carlos Esteban

Personally I prefer Rockers Del 83

Their other recordings were;
Te Voy A Buscar / El Botellin - CBS (1980) 7"
Trastos - CBS (1980) LP (all 4 tracks from the 45's are on this)

Sounds & scans below


Saturday 5 March 2011

The Proles - Soft Ground (1979)

b/w - S.M.K.

Here's the 2nd (& final) 45 from this Sunderland (Fence Houses) band.
The 1st was a split 45 with the Condemned (they contributed 2 tracks - Stereo Love & Thought Crime)

The Band (1977-80) were

John Black (voc bass)
Kevin Willis (guitar)
Peter Short (guitar voc)
Kevin Wilson (drums)

They reformed around 1994 thanks to Steve Lamacq using SMK on his radio show & played the '96 "Holidays In the Sun" festival.

Sounds & scans below


Friday 4 March 2011

The Cause - Cause EP (1980)

A1 - Metro Police
A2 - When The Bombs Start To Fall
B - False Tears

Here's an EP, courtesy of this Cheshire based band for all of you who prefer their Powerpop on the Punk side.

Nick Swift (voc)
Mark Halford (guitar)
Pete Ravenscroft (bass)
Adam Halford (drums)

It was recorded at Cargo studios & was one of the sleeves that made it on to the reception walls

Metro Police was comped on Teenage Treats vol 5

Sounds & scans below


Thursday 3 March 2011

The Click - Just Another Monday (1983)

b/w - Breaking up

Some great mod / powerpop from the pens of Carson & Murray. Although according to Rich Carson Just Another Monday was originally going to be the B-side to their 1st choice release of Dizzy Spinning Round.

The Woking 4 piece were
Rich Carson (voc, rhythm guitar)
Mash Murray (guitar, voc)
Pete Mills (bass voc)
Will Williams (drums voc)

The Band formed in April '82 & in July '82 entered & won an ABC music competition "New Sounds Of '82". The prize being 2 days recording time at a studio in Shepperton. A track called Touch Too Much was completed & can be found on the Various Artists LP Curious Collection (Street Tunes - 1983)

In Feb '83 the band got themselves a new manager in the shape of John Glover. September saw them approached by LWT to appear in an episode of Me & My Girl for which they were recorded performing Just Another Monday.
The record was produced / engineered by
Gerry Kitchenham & John Hewlett (ex Manager of Sparks, Milk & Cookies & The Dickies)
Who coincidently was the vocalist with some members of the above on the previous New World Records 45 (The Four Squares The Gates Of Hell / The Debt -NEW 2 )
Sounds & scans Below


Thanks to Rich Carson for the extra info.

Wednesday 2 March 2011

Kris Ryder - We're Alive (1979)

b/w - Zoom In On Me

Nice bit of New wave / powerpop from Chis Andrews
(Before Kris Ryder he recorded under the name of Tim Andrews, so as not to be confused with this Chris Andrews)
In 1963, he was a 15 year old Artful Dodger (Steve Marriott similarities anyone), in a production of Oliver in London's West End.
Then (circa 1966) the singer in Les Fleur De Lys & Ruperts People

As Chris / Tim Andrews he has also worked with Paul Korda /Julia Downes / Roger Daltrey & Andy Desmond (As Ryder-Desmond who released a good 45 on DJM records in 1981 Visions/Nobody's Gonna Get My Girl)

If you like this there are other recordings to look out for

Ordinary Girl Ordinary Guy/Zoom In On Me - Decca 1978
We're Alive/Zoom In On Me - Decca (Dutch pressing)1979
Kris Ryder - self titled LP- Decca 1979
Holiday / All In one Night - Decca 1979
Everybody knows / She's a romantic - DJM 1982

Sounds & scans below


Tuesday 1 March 2011

The Tabs - Million Miles (1982)

b/w - Gotta Get Away

Another 45 I'd forgotten about - 2 really good mod powerpop tunes (Gotta Get Away is just waiting to be stuck on a shake some action compilation)

The Band were from Dublin

Conor Barry (voc guitar)
Michael Redmond (guitar voc)
Noel O'Keefe (bass voc)
Paul Hogan (drums)

& had the accolade of being the first release for Scoff records newly born sister label Vixen

Thanks to Irishrock.org for the above info

Michael Redmond now lives in New York & is in "Three of a kind" with John Merjave & John Mullane

Sounds & scans below