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Sunday, 20 March 2011

Rebel - Baby Baby baby (1982)

b/w - No Use Crying

Nice Powerpop from this Dutch (Hilversum) band - It's their only release under this name but they had a couple of 45's & an LP under an earlier incarnation Rotjoch .
The 1st 45 is here & the LP here but I couldn't find their 2nd posted any where (so I may post it soon)

The sleeve shown is from the 2nd time this was issued - there are also scans of the 1st issue in the download (they're both on the Vogue subsidiary label VIP & appear to have been issued only a few months apart - anyone know why?)

The band (1978 - '85) were

Ronald Welgemoed (voc rhythm guitar harmonica)
Pim Bilderbeek (lead guitar and voc)
Michiel ten Veen (bass voc) in Rotjoch & Rebel replaced by
Gert Kuiter (bass voc) Rebel (after this 45)
Minze Koopman (drums), in Rotjoch not Rebel replaced by
René van den Velden (drums voc) in Rotjoch & Rebel replaced by
Willem van den Marel (drums) Rebel (after this 45)

If you want to hear more from them Including some unreleased tracks from their aborted 2nd LP pop over to their myspace

Sounds & scans below


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