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A Place To Find Some Rarer Tunes (Mod, PowerPop, Punk, Ska) ripped from my vinyl collection. If it sounds good I'll post it. The idea being that now you know about them, you can seek them out! If anyone is unhappy about any of these posts please contact me & I will take them off.

Monday 31 May 2010

Axis - Wedding Bell (1982)

b/w and the truth

Ah - not doing too well on the info front here. Once again I know sweet f.a. about this great little mod/powerpop double sider (released may 1982 - thanks to James at worthless trash for that snippet) on the JSO records label (same as the Odds /cocks & lions/ the crack & 123)
If you like a bit of synth with your tunes then this could be something for you.
I tried finding some info on the net about this & kept coming up with "this record is not by the christian rock band Axis" - well give it a listen & you will see that they are correct


Sunday 30 May 2010

Bobby And The Girls Next Door - Now We Know It's Diana (1981)

b/w - Wedding dub
Well unfortunately I know absolutely nothing about this little obscurity - as you can see it's a promo (probably never got to a proper release stage). The label's got a beggars banquet/Andrew Heath credit (which a lot of 79 onward "beggars banquet label" records had - so is it one of their roster under a pseudonym? they were marketed through WEA). What ever it's a enjoyable if not throwaway romp from the "who's gonna marry Charlie" time - both sides can be downloaded below, not that I'm recommending the flip - sometimes dub versions are quite good. This one to my ears isn't!


Saturday 29 May 2010

Purple Hearts - My Life's A Jigsaw (1980)

b/w just to please you/the guy who made her a star

Thought I'd start with the track that I named the blog after!
I' m hoping I can give some info for most of the upcoming but there is no need for me to waste space when I can send you here
Everything you need to know & more + as you will see, they are on tour again. So if you can, get out & support them!!!!

sounds & sleeves below