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Monday, 31 May 2010

Axis - Wedding Bell (1982)

b/w and the truth

Ah - not doing too well on the info front here. Once again I know sweet f.a. about this great little mod/powerpop double sider (released may 1982 - thanks to James at worthless trash for that snippet) on the JSO records label (same as the Odds /cocks & lions/ the crack & 123)
If you like a bit of synth with your tunes then this could be something for you.
I tried finding some info on the net about this & kept coming up with "this record is not by the christian rock band Axis" - well give it a listen & you will see that they are correct



  1. sorry Bristolboy but i can't download your files,i've tried to cut'n'paste them but it doesn't work...cheers

  2. Hmmm - strange, I notice some people have been able to. Is anyone else having problems?

  3. I can download them OK. I do find that the recording levels are very high so that playback seems a bit distorted - a bit too loud - but nevertheless I'm eternally grateful to be able to hear this great rare stuff! Thanx Bruce.

  4. now it works,thank you very much!I'm going to lisyen to this...

  5. Great! Stupidly rare record - where'd they all go??

  6. Thanks for this Bruce. Great record! Now where do I find one cheap?

  7. I've only ever seen this once (when I bought it)so good luck finding it! - hopefully a glut of them will hit e-bay soon.