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Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Singrays - Never Do (1981)

B/w Satellites
this was the follow up to the excellent "countdown" 45
must admit it took me a long time to get my hands on a copy of this (even thinking for a while that it might not exist) but it was worth it. They were/are a Bristol band - Russ Mainwearing being Welsh, may dispute this but hey! -
anyway both sides are winners (even if "never do" does show a slight fascination with Mark Bolan.)

there is a myspace for them

& as it says they have reformed as a 3 piece (I've seen them at the Thunderbolt 3 times - great venue if you're ever in Bristol) & their playing has got tighter every time
check out the c.d. "back across the rubicon" if you can get your hands on it - You will not be disappointed.

sleeves & sounds below



  1. Prefer this to their fist single. Still a bit loud and shaky rip, but there's nothing wrong with a Marc Bolan influence!

  2. thanks for the comments GraemeSTL - I think I've worked out what was wrong so further posts (after the way out post)should sound better