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Sunday, 13 June 2010

The Odeons - Maybe today (1980)

b/w 8.30 Anthem

Here's the 1st of 2, 45 releases for this 4 piece.

It was their only UK release (the 2nd was a Holland only release on polydor - if you look carefully at deadbeats & no-ones wallpaper you will see the sleeve)

A good slice of mod/punk from:

Mark Adams - Vocals
Will Hill - Guitar
Jon Hayes - Bass (& song writer for all tunes)
Andy "Gypo" Rogers - Drums

sounds & scans below


  1. Thanks for posting this Bristolboy, you're an angel. Unfortunately the link doesn't work for me neither.
    The second Odeons 45 was posted by Deadbeats & No-Ones a few months ago: http://rbkwh.blogspot.com/2010/02/odeons-billys-in-dean-street.html

    Cheers pal

  2. sorry my cock-up (at least you know what's being posted tomorrow)

  3. Great single...I like it! as much as ''Billy's In Dean Street'' Thanks a lot.
    Cheers pal.

  4. Nice post!
    What about The Legendary Luton Kippers ''Fulham Court''?
    Any chance to post it?

  5. Hi Shane - surely that's been posted elsewhere by now? - If I can't locate it I will post it soon.

  6. Oh that's great! Thanks! I'm still trying to find a copy of it. It's really hard to get. I've just listened to ''No Man's Land'' on the Powerpearls comp.

  7. The Odeons right up my alley! Excellent 45, 8:30 rules!!

  8. Thanks a lot for this one, at least I can hear The Odeons (in DeadBeat... there are only the 2nd single covers)

  9. been waiting a long time to hear this ( 30 years ) what a 45 both sides excellent i am now on my 10th straight listen and it justs gets better with each play superb thanks bruce for letting us share your collection i cant afford to buy these records now ( family.house etc ) so would never get to hear them thanks dave

  10. I knew Andy Rogers and the band. We played in different bands and he and I worked together in our local pub. We frequently got hammered together. I went to see The Odeons many times, notably on my stag night in Kingston. They sounded just as great live. I sold shed loads of their first single for them. Great blokes, great band.

    1. Hi Steve, Thanks for the insight. All info is gratefully received. If you can think of anything else to bolster the posts info please drop me a line.