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Saturday 2 July 2022

Frank Soda - Oversexed And Underfed (1980)

b/w Crazy Girls

Great Pop-Rock/Powerpop on Canadian Frank Soda's sole UK release.
The 45 was also released in Canada but with the sides flipped making Crazy Girls the lead track.

Frank Soda (Voc Guitar) 
Charles Towers (Bass Voc)
John Lechasseur (Drums)

Here's a bit about Frank - You can read his Full Bio here 
Originally from Italy & christened Francesco Soda He grew up in Kitimat, B.C. Canada.
In the mid 1960s he started playing guitar, inspired by British Invasion groups before falling in love with the raw energy of the blues & being influenced by Clapton, Beck, Page, Hendrix, etc.
In 1973, Frank met up with Thor, who needed a band to tour and record. Frank, John and Charles became that band. Thor eventually dubbing them The Imps due to their diminutive size, 
L-R Frank, John, Charles
In late 1975 The Imps parted company with Thor & began to gather a cult following as a band in their own right. Frank began writing songs and one of those, 'TV People' soon became an anthem in the local Toronto clubs. The song was about getting "screwed up" by watching too much television so Frank decided to illustrate this by exploding a TV on his head. He soon added other strange headwear such as the The Smoking Pig on 'High Times' & taking audience photographs with a Gigantic Camera on 'Take My Picture Please'.
In 1979, the Imps were voted the 'Best Canadian Bar Band' and caught the attention of 104.5 CHUM-FM radio. They recorded their first album 'In The Tube' live. After touring throughout Canada, the group came back to Toronto and signed a record deal with Quality Records. Frank Soda And The Imps AKA Soda Pop (Which this 45 is lifted from) was released in 1980, although recorded on a shoestring budget, it enabled the band to play to larger audiences whilst sharing the stage with such bands as Triumph, Deep Purple, Savoy Brown, Ian Hunter and Goddo.
In 1981 the original Imps disbanded.