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Sunday 6 February 2022

Funeral Service - Pills (1986)

 b/w - Teenage kicks 

60's Garage / Mod band from Reims, France [1984-88]

Thierry Wippler (Voc)* [84-88]
Antoine Proust (Guitar, Voc)* [84-88]
Didier Doche (Guitar, Voc) [84-87] Dominique Chathuant [87-88]
Matthieu Kaltenbach (Bass)* [84-87] Jean-Marc Wadel [87-88]
Ludovic Hesnault (Drums) [84-87] Hervé [87-88]

*Later in Les Volfonis   
Thierry, Didier, Antoine, Matthieu, Ludovic


1986 7'' - Pills / Teenage Kicks [Black Cat Records - FUN45001]
1988 Demo Cassette  - What Do You Want / She Didn't Forget /A Date With Your Sister / Little Jim [Self Produced]