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Friday 12 September 2014

Z-Cars - This Is Z-Cars EP (1980)

A - Is There Someone Out There?
B - Girls Aren't Just Girls

2 great punk-powerpop tracks on the sole release from this Melbourne 4 piece

Russell Street (Voc), I've also read the name Russel Diggins
Trevor Perrin (Guitar, Voc) 
Craig Russell (Bass, Voc) also in Zorros 
Craig Presnell (Drums).

The 45 was released in August 1980 with a pressing run of 500.

It was recorded at Crystal Clear Studio

Engineered by Ken Stephenson & Produced by Dave Douglas & (Melbourne Drummer) Simon Smith who allegedly aided with the drums on the 45 - For his pedigree just look at the other Melbourne based bands he was in -  AEIOU (1980-81) originaly called The Shots, The Dance Set (1981),   The Gas Babies (1985-86), Macho Clowns (1987-89)

The band formed in 1979, Rob Griffiths (The Fiction, Little Murders) gifting them their name (Z-Cars) which as you may expect is after the 60's UK T.V. drama. They played regularly on the same bill as the Zorros (See the Poster below) Calling it quits in late 1980 shortly after some of them, along with Geoff Martyr were in a serious car accident.

Is There Someone Out There? has been comped on Bloodstains Across Australia
Girls Aren't Just Girls was on Teenline no.5 until it changed to 105

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