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Sunday 3 July 2016

20th Century - Mad World (1982)

b/w Show A Little Of My Love

Great New Wave / D.I.Y. on the 2nd 45 release from this Cambridge University Student Band

Richard Bryant (Voc)(1981-82)
Matthew Lefroy (Guitar)(1981-84)
Neil Walker (Bass)(1981-82)
Simon Matthews (Drums)(1979-82)
Glenn Vinnicombe (Keys)(1981-84)

Mark Howell (Sound Desk and Road Crew)(1981-83)

20th Century were more of a collective, having their beginnings sometime in the 1950's producing a number of touring folk and rock groups, a recording company "Reflection" and a number of solo artists and composers.

A Folk Passion LP - Reflection Records (RL305) 1972 
Stand Up & Be Counted / He Is The One - Very Nice Records (NICE 1) 1980
Mad World / Show A Little Of My Love - V.N.R (NICE 2) 1982

As I'm not really interested in the folk/prog side of it, I'll just give you the band members from 1979-82.

Players on "Stand Up & Be Couted"
Mark Allchorn (Voc)(1978-80), Tony Simons (Guitar)(1977-80), Dermot Boyle (Guitar)(1979-80), Mark Hammond (Bass)(1978-81), Simon Matthews (Drums)(1979-82), Graham Gill (Keys)(1979-81)

If you want to read more (I urge you too) visit their Website

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