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Wednesday 2 January 2019

Punkettes - Going Out Wiva Punk (1977)

b/w Polythene

“Punksploitation” - The short-lived practice of putting together a group of Seasoned Session Musicians and asking them to produce a loud and/or crude punk single in order to quickly cash-in on the punk “fad” that was peaking in the late 70s.

Talking of Punksploitation

OK, So this is a Novelty Cash-in 45 [More than Possibly for the Christmas Market, as it was released Nov '77] However it's the B-side that has grown on me over the years.

Both sides are penned by different people - Eileen Ray / Terry Bull

The Lead Vocal is rumoured to be Sue Wilkinson RIP (Yes That Sue)

Useless Info - Terry Bull was a writers pseudonym used by John Lees (Barclay James Harvest)

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