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Sunday 2 August 2020

The Dälex - Juvenile EP (1981)

A1 Juvenile    
B1 Action Man    
B2 Touched   

Great Punky Powerpop 45 from this Luton [Letchworth] 4 peice

Steve Mew (Voc)
Phil Woodman (Guitar Voc)
Jon Hall (Bass Voc)
Mick Ashpool (Drums)

Recorded at The Crypt Sudios, Stevenage & 1000 pressed

Useless Info 1 - It was played by John Peel on 04-03-1981

Useless Info 2 -  Juvenile is on Teenage Treats Vol.8

Useless Info 3 - The 45 Gets quite a good reveiw in Tony Page's "Anoraky In The UK" Treat Yourself  

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