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Sunday, 2 December 2012

Paul Shuttleworth & The Latest Craze - Here She Comes Again (1979)

b/w - Just Another Weekend

When the Kursaal Flyers disbanded in late 1977 (their Farewell gig was on November 6th) vocalist Paul Shuttleworth decided to fly solo, recording 3 45's for Epic (The A side's all being cover versions & the B's self penned)

Mixed Up, Shook Up Girl/Take Away Love (28/04/1978)  Mink De Ville cover
It Hurts To Be In Love/Clown To The World (16/03/1979) Gene Pitney Cover
Here She Comes Again/Just Another Weekend (05/10/1979) Starjets Cover 

The Latest Craze
(AKA Black Gold) were

Wendy Roberts (voc) Mike Oldfield Band
Barry Martin (Guitar) Ex Kursaal Flyers now in the Hamsters  
Dave Bronze (Bass) His Session Work is astronomical
Phil Aldridge (Drums) now in the Illegal Eagles
Pete Jacobsen (Keyboard) RIP

Later Paul (amongst other things) recorded with the Reformed Kursaal Flyers & The Ugly Things

There is a CD (Mixed Up, Shook Up Girl) available with these 3 45's & other unreleased tracks available

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