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Wednesday 16 May 2018

Agnes Strange - Can't Make My Mind Up (1977)

b/w - Johnny B Good

Nice blend of Glam/Hard Fuzz, Proto Punk Sounds from this Hard Rock/Blues Southampton based Trio (1972-78).

John Westwood (Guitar, Voc)
Alan Green (Bass)
Dave Rodwell (Drums)


LP Strange Flavour  
[Give Yourself A Chance / Strange Flavour / Alberta /Loved One / Failure // Children Of The Absurd / Odd Man Out / Highway Blues / Granny Don't Like Rock 'n' Roll / Interference] - BirdsNest BRL 9000 (1975)
7" Give Yourself A Chance / Clever Fool - BirdsNest BN-1 (1975)  
7" Can't Make My Mind Up / Johnny B Good - Baal BDN 38048 (1977)
CD Theme For A Dream "Unreleased Masters & Original Demos [1972-1974]" 
[Theme For A Dream / Messin' Around / Graveyard  / Rockin 'In' E / Dust In The Sunlight / The Day Dreamer / Book With No Cover / Failure (Demo) / Motorway Rebel (Demo) / Children Of The Absurd (Demo)/ Clever Fool (Demo) / Strange Flavour (Demo) / Odd Man Out (Demo) / Highway Blues (Demo)] - Rock Fever Music RFM 004 (2000)

Useless Info - The 45 was produced by Jay Shotam of The October Cherries who, along with his brother and Cherries manager; Bal Shotam started Baal Records.

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