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Wednesday 30 November 2011

The Bodgers - Stutter (1982)

b/w - I Hate Phoning Girls

Firstly; I know this has been posted elsewhere but it's a great 45 (admittedly not very PC - but how many records do you know that rhyme sediment with impediment)
Secondly; I'm having trouble uploading to my mediafile account, so for a while I'll be pretty much only posting things that are already there.

The band (Comedy Troupe) were 4 student friends from George Watson's College, Edinburgh & were

They had a sketch show that performed every year (1980-'85) at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival & were then commisioned by BBC Radio 4 for a show (In Other Words....The Bodgers) that became Bodgers, Banks and Sparkes with the addition of Morwenna Banks and John Sparkes.
The team later became more famous for the Channel 4 Television sketch show Absolutely


Sunday 20 November 2011

V/A - Swindon, This Is Swindon EP (1980)

A1 - Narrow Feint :- Saturday Night
A2 - Wheelz :- I Can See Everything
B1 - Bantu :- This Time Around
B2 - The Early Bathers :- Impact Adhesive Man

Interesting EP from 4 (out of apparently around 30 hopefuls) New Wave / Post Punk Swindon Bands. (1000 pressed)

Narrow Feint
Jerome Travis (voc lead guitar) ex Justin Case band
Steve Degutis (guitar voc) ex Le Metro*
Malcolm Thorn (bass)
Anton Henley (drums) ex Justin Case band
Pete Morse (ex Justin Case Band) also helped out on bass but is not on this recording.

* More Le Metro stuff here & here & a great interveiw with Jerome & Steve here

Kevin Packer (voc)
Derek Thomas (lead guitar voc)
Tony Gregg (bass voc)
Danny Archer (drums) now in Built For Comfort
Mike Durrant (synth guitar voc)

Clarry Bean (voc) now
Tony Knill (lead guitar voc)
Leigh Bruin (rhythm guitar)
Steve Long (bass)
Peter O'Driscoll (drums voc) now in The Pignose Band

The Early Bathers
Paul Burgess (voc bass) ex Jelly Tots
Mick Winning (guitars) ex Jelly Tots
with thanks to
Stratofortess (drum machine)
Johnny Stephens later in Meat Beat Manifesto
Kev Read

There's an interveiw with Mick, Paul & Mick (?) here

The tracks were recorded at the 4 Track "Redbrick Studio" [which was built in the basement of the Swindon Town Hall] during January 1980
The EP was produced by Dave James (You can see him being interviewed about the release here) & had its official release on April 1st with all four bands playing at the Brunel Rooms. (each having a 30 minute slot).

Sounds & scans below


Friday 18 November 2011

Dealer - On The Street (1981)

b/w - Give You My love

Nice, if not a little bit whimsical; 60's flavoured powerpop / pop rock from this (I'm guessing) Leeds based band.

Another 45 I know next to nothing about.

Both sides are credited to


were recorded at Leeds Ric Rac Studios & are on the Luggage Label (which to tell the truth is why I picked this up. See here for the reason)

If anyone has some info please leave a comment

Sounds & scans below


Monday 14 November 2011

Ada Wilson And Keeping Dark - Head In The Clouds (1980)

b/w - It Doesn't Have To Be

Great Mod /Powerpop from the Ex frontman of "Strangeways"

The lad from Wakefield was helped out on the record by

Steve Smith (Bass)
Pete Morton AKA Peter "Ringo" Higginbottom (Drums)
Ian Nelson (Alto Sax)

Both Steve & Pete were Ex "Just Frank" Pete also having been in Strangeways with Ada.

The 45 was produced by Gough Snape AKA Mike Switzerland AKA Rob Worby

If you like this, there was an earlier 45 (In The Quiet Of My Room / I'm In Control Here - Ellie Jay [1979] & re-released on Barn records [1980]) - Be warned this 45 is more experimental.

He had also been part of Tattoo Hosts Vision On who released quite an interesting LP in 1980

Head in the Clouds was also included on The Hicks From the Sticks Compilation (1980) - as was Gough Snapes (The Distributors) T.V. Me.

In The Quiet Of My Room was also re-recorded in 1984 & released on Thin Sliced Records

Useless Info - Ada Wilson claims that he inspired 'Brass in pocket' by the Pretenders.

Sounds & scans below

Sorry No Download - I've been "asked" to take it down

Friday 11 November 2011

Oenix - Ils Veulent Coucher Avec Sheila (1980)

b/w -Melodie Qui Sonne

1st of only 2 releases for this Rouen 4 piece.

Anne-Marie Monville (voc)
Richard Alexandre (guitar)
William Foyé
Alain Mercier

This is a cool punk / powerpop tune that was privately released on the Ponce Pilate label & was aledgedly so disgusting that it had to be censored & re-released on Virgin. (both versions are in the download) Depending on what you want to believe this could be true or just a bit of "Branson Hype"

Saying that, if your French is any good you will note that the lyrics are a bit risky for the early 80's

Sounds & scans below


BTW - I'm presuming as the tune has a 60's "ye ye" feel to it that they are refering to the 60's icon Sheila (Bit of A guilty pleasure this song)

Sunday 6 November 2011

Misspent Youth - 17 Forever EP (1979)

A1 - Optimistic
A2 - Ghost Of Peggy Sue
B1 - 17 Forever
B2 - Immortal Teenager

Great DIY Powerpop EP (gotta love those handclaps on Ghost Of Peggy Sue) from this West London based band (1976 -'80).Chis Ransome (Voc Guitar)
Ian "Mog" Hawkridge (Bass)
Bron Buick (Drums)
Dave Baby (Sax Voc)

The bands sole EP was recorded on June 23rd at Mike Kemp's Spaceward studio, Cambridge & released in September on the Sequel Record label.

At the same time, Ian Hawkridge & Dave Baby Along with the producer of this record (Michael Ikon) were also members of Missing Presumed Dead. - Michael Ikon also being in Fish Turned Human.

BTW - There was another band called Misspent Youth operating in the Birmingham area around the same time.

Info added 17/11/2012 - Chris Ransome has been in touch - After this 45 he breifly played with Andy Oppenheimer of Oppenheimer Analysis. He has since relocated to Austrailia (N.S.W.) were he played gypsy fiddle in a duo called Accelerando
BTW he'd like it known that; Michael Ikon: put up the money for the 45, organised the studio, designed the cover, even got it played on John Peel's radio show - For that he is most grateful (my words not his)

Sounds & Scans below


Friday 4 November 2011

The News - Spead The News EP (1978)

A - She's So Square
AA - The Kids Are Dancing

Cool Mod /Powerpop from this Rock Springs, Wyoming 3 peice.

Eddy Delbridge (Voc Guitar).
Mike Fitzgerald (Bass)
Billy Dolence (Drums)

Their other release was a track (Bring On The Night) on the 1981 Compilation LP Declaration Of Independents - This is included in the download.
The band also recorded (but unfortunately it remains unreleased) a 2nd 45 "Trying To Ride The New Wave / Stereo Generation" which utilised the talent of a new drummer Dan Postma.*

"The Kids Are Dancing" can also be found on Powerpearls Vol 1

Various Press Reveiws

Proof positive fanzines are spreading the good news. How else could he have created such promising pop tunes?

Trouser Press
The singing's good and the songs are promising.

New York Rocker
From Rock Springs Wyoming, the nation's most violent municipality, The News deliver an irresistable rocker.

* Thanks to Mr E Delbridge for the extra info

Sounds & scans below