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Sunday, 20 November 2011

V/A - Swindon, This Is Swindon EP (1980)

A1 - Narrow Feint :- Saturday Night
A2 - Wheelz :- I Can See Everything
B1 - Bantu :- This Time Around
B2 - The Early Bathers :- Impact Adhesive Man

Interesting EP from 4 (out of apparently around 30 hopefuls) New Wave / Post Punk Swindon Bands. (1000 pressed)

Narrow Feint
Jerome Travis (voc lead guitar) ex Justin Case band
Steve Degutis (guitar voc) ex Le Metro*
Malcolm Thorn (bass)
Anton Henley (drums) ex Justin Case band
Pete Morse (ex Justin Case Band) also helped out on bass but is not on this recording.

* More Le Metro stuff here & here & a great interveiw with Jerome & Steve here

Kevin Packer (voc)
Derek Thomas (lead guitar voc)
Tony Gregg (bass voc)
Danny Archer (drums) now in Built For Comfort
Mike Durrant (synth guitar voc)

Clarry Bean (voc) now
Tony Knill (lead guitar voc)
Leigh Bruin (rhythm guitar)
Steve Long (bass)
Peter O'Driscoll (drums voc) now in The Pignose Band

The Early Bathers
Paul Burgess (voc bass) ex Jelly Tots
Mick Winning (guitars) ex Jelly Tots
with thanks to
Stratofortess (drum machine)
Johnny Stephens later in Meat Beat Manifesto
Kev Read

There's an interveiw with Mick, Paul & Mick (?) here

The tracks were recorded at the 4 Track "Redbrick Studio" [which was built in the basement of the Swindon Town Hall] during January 1980
The EP was produced by Dave James (You can see him being interviewed about the release here) & had its official release on April 1st with all four bands playing at the Brunel Rooms. (each having a 30 minute slot).

Sounds & scans below


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  1. Thanks Bruce - love this - but I seem to like all those 'town-centred' records from that era. Do you know anyone with a good rip of the 'Welcome to Norwich' LP? The rip on Mutant Sounds and DIY or DIE is full of digital dropouts, but it sounds like a great LP all the same!