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Sunday 11 May 2014

The Cadillacs - Cadillac Walk (1980)

b/w - Same Old Stuff

Cool New Wave / Pub Rock (Think early Graham Parker  & The Rumour & you won't be far off) Cadillac walk being a Moon Martin cover from his 1978 LP "Shots From A Cold Nightmare"

Lyn Phillips - (Voc, Harmonica)
Graham "Hedley" Williams - (Guitar, Voc)
Pete Hurley - (Bass)
Ray "Alice" Ennis - (Guitar, slide Guitar)
Robert "Dodo" Wilding - (Drums)  later in "The Ambassadors"

In 1978 when South Wales based Racing Cars (1974-78) Split, Williams, Ennis & Wilding were joined by Phillips & Hurley (who had both earlier played with Wilding in Cardiff band "Kimla Taz"

This was the 1st of 2, 45's For Red Eye Records the 2nd being Billy/Who Dat Man EYE3 (1980) 
Thre was also a track "Y Crwydryn A Mi" on the 1981 Various Artists LP "Twrw Tanllyd" (SAIN 1201H) as Meic Stevens a'r Cadillacs
Aparently there was also a Cassette only LP Cider Glier (Tic Toc 002) 1981 (Anyone got this I'd like to hear it)
If You like this there are quite a few Videos on You-Tube - Try here for starters

Useless Info - Artwork for Both 45 sleeves were by Mike Lloyd Jones (one time guitarist for Shaking Stevens & the Sunsets)

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